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Chapter 254: Short-tempered

Translator: Tseirp

As we went down the stair into the miasma-filled floor, I could tell that the miasma was gradually getting more concentrated.

And by the time we reached the bottom of the stairs, the miasma was so thick that there wasn’t even decent visibility.


I could detect enemies through their magical power and presence but it would be dangerous if they attacked with magic or projectile weapons.

Furthermore, the previous time His Highness Albert fell into Cloud’s trap during his coup d’etat was apparently in an underground path too.

Even though Kefin should be able to detect and remove traps if there are any, I’m sure it would be best if he had better visibility.


“With this much miasma filling the air, it would be bad if the aura coat got dispelled in the heat of battle or something …”

It might become better if I use Purification Wave but it would remove our element of surprise and there would be a high chance that we get ambushed instead …

“If this was set up with that in mind, this miasma might be a little troublesome.”

Lionel thought about the worst case scenario I brought up.

Should we remove this miasma or not alert the enemy … I couldn’t decide which was better.


“Cathy, did the enemy seem strong?”

“I’m not sure, to be honest nya. But I don’t think we will lose nya.”

She maintained her attitude to recover from her failure and replied enthusiastically.

“What about you, Kefin?”

“I agree with Cathy. We will crush any opponent we meet.”

Kefin felt that there won’t be any issues either.

“Lionel, will you be able to overwhelm the opponent in a straight match without the element of surprise?”

“No matter how strong the opponent is, I will definitely accomplish what I have to do.”

An extraordinary aura of intimidation leaked from Lionel.

In that case, I decided on our next mode of action.


” … I guess that’s true. Estia will continue to carry Mr. Bazak. Paula, please make sure the underground path don’t collapse during our battle.”

“Yes.” “All right.”

I thought to myself that they sure are reliable as I cast Purification Wave.

The miasma disappeared in an instant. I extracted a magical power potion from my item bag and gave out orders.

“I’ll cast Purification Wave consecutively so defeat the demons in that time frame.”



The Purification Wave dispelled the miasma but perhaps its effective range was small as miasma flooded back in after dozens of seconds.

“It will never end like this. I’ll purify while advancing slowly so I’ll leave the combat and traps to you guys.”

I cast Purification wave as I drank magical power potion and advanced.

The magical power potion filled my stomach and I didn’t have much stock but I still advanced while maintaining 60% of my magical power.


“They’re here.”

At the same time Lionel called out to warn us, multiple shadows appeared within the miasma in front of us and they suddenly started attacking.

There were five demons in total and all of them had wings on their back.

Thankfully they were not capable of using magic as they resorted to physical attacks.

I released a Purification Wave roughly about the same time Lionel called out so a Holy Attribute ripple spread out and caused the demons to suffer.

Just a split second pause in their movements sealed their fate.


Taking advantage of the split second the demons paused, three shadows flew out from our side and the demons’ four limbs were all sliced off.

They were Cathy, Kefin and Estia.

I looked behind in shock and saw Mr. Bazak who Estia was carrying just now being held in Paula’s golem’s hand.

The five demons were incapacitated even before they had a chance to attack us.

I asked without a moment’s delay.

“Do you wish to return to human?”

However, they seemed like crazed warriors with no consciousness as I couldn’t communicate with them.

Just as I was troubled with how to deal with the unresponsive demons, Lionel killed the five demonized crazed warriors.

I was quite shocked that Lionel cut them down without saying anything despite having asked me to save as many as possible.


” … Are you sure that’s the right choice?”

“Yes. We can’t stay here for long. Luciel-sama’s magical power is limited too so there’s a need to draw a line. Let’s hurry on ahead.”

Lionel’s face became grimmer so he most likely wanted to save them too.

He couldn’t do so because he was worried about my magical power.

It would have been better if I told everyone about my magical power reserve but he had to make such a decision because I neglected to do so.

I was seriously disappointed with myself.

If we absolutely could not afford to fail in this operation, I should have made more plans … I was regretting it now.

I can’t let Lionel and the others take responsibility to make decisions any longer.

I apologized to Lionel in my heart and nodded to Lionel’s words.

” … Yeah, all right. Let’s continue.”

We moved further into the underground path while feeling the miasma gradually grow thicker.

Then, the third time I cast Purification Wave after the battle, we entered a space reminiscent of a stadium and there was a monster in the air which was the root cause of the miasma as well as other demons present.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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