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GC V8C210

(210) The moment they find out Miri’s real identity

Translator: Tseirp


Kanon was the first to notice the abnormality. And then Haurvatat took action almost simultaneously as well.

Kanon erected standing barriers in front of Malina while Haurvatat hugged Carol.

The next instant, countless dark swords rained down upon Malina, Haurvatat and Carol.

The dark swords pierced into Kanon’s barrier. And Haurvatat evaded the dark swords with keen reflexes while embracing Carol.

The barrier made by Kanon shattered with the sound of breaking glass the same time the dark swords ran out.

Haurvatat looked in the direction where the swords flew from.

“Who’s there!?”

She then realized the moment she shouted.

The person who was standing there.

“Miri … sama? Just why …”

Haurvatat saw Miri, Ichinojo’s younger sister.

Unlike the facial expressions she had when she was with Ichinojo, Miri had a cold-hearted expression when looking at Haurvatat and the others.

“I thought I would have been able to kill at least one. You’re a nuisance, Kanon.”

Miri glared at Kanon.

Kanon stuck out her tongue and playfully laughed. However, her eyes showed that she was serious.

“Eheh, Miri-sama. Malina is my friend so I would like it if you don’t kill her.”

“I see. And?”

“Er — please assign me to face another child.”

” … Understood. Kanon, make sure Norn doesn’t interfere.”

The black collar on Kanon’s neck sparkled after Miri said that.

At the same time, Kanon decided that there was no longer any need to hide anymore as she manifested her horn and wings.

“Kanon-san … those are — devil horns and wings?”

Carol who was in the embrace of Haurvatat saw that and commented.

“That’s right. I have said it to Malina before that I am a devil — haha and I am the faithful servant of Miri-sama.”

Malina was not surprised by the horn and wings because she knew that Kanon was a devil.

However, she was shocked to find out that she was Miri’s servant.

“Well then, Norn, let’s go.”

Said Kanon.

“Eh!? Kanon-san!? Kyaaaaaa!”

Kanon grabbed Norn and flew far off into the distance.

Before that,

“Malina, do your best.”

She encouraged Malina.


They could not catch up to the circumstances.

Neither Haurvatat nor Carol nor Malina understood what was happening.

Miri who was standing in front of them was Ichinojo’s younger sister and should not be their enemy. That should be the case but they could not understand why she was attacking them.

But only she was different.

“Masters, ponder about it later! She holds hostility towards all of you!”

Pionia asserted and transformed her arms into rope.

“We should capture her first!”

The ropes transformed from Pionia’s arms approached Miri — but, the next moment, those ropes became round slices in an instant.

“Pionia-san, I will not let you interfere.”

“Sheena-san. You huh?”

There was a pair of swords formed on Sheena’s arms.

“Homunculus and Automata. So this will be a match to see which is the stronger one.”

“I have no interest in winning nor losing. I only aim to buy time so that Grandmaster recognizes me and rewards me with paid holiday.”

Complaints started seeping out from Sheena from all the time she had to put up with Miri.

The fight between Sheena and Pionia began and their battleground slowly shifted away.


“Now then, the three of you will have to face me. Well, I had planned for that from the very beginning —”

“Pl-please wait! Why are you doing this?”

“Isn’t it obvious! Because you guys are being spoiled by Onii!”

Miri said and cast her magic.


“「Assassin Marionette」”


The dark thread that extended from Miri’s body coiled around her own body.

“Assassin Marionette!?”

Haurvatat raised her voice.

Malina put on her mask and asked while readying her wind bow.

“Assassin Marionette … what kind of spell is it?”

“A spell to control another person with your will — it was once the specialty of Demon Lord-sama.”

“Eh? But she used it on herself.”

Carol asked.

“By using it on herself, she can utilize movements beyond the capabilities of her physical body — of course, that would place quite a considerable burden on her body but —”

“「Dark Sword」”

Miri chanted and this time dark swords materialized on both her hands.

Miri was not a Swordsman so she could not use sword skills. However, the power of the Dark Swords materialized by Miri using the peak of Darkness Magic surpass that of Swordsman skills.

“「Dark Slash」”

When Miri swung her sword, a visible black-stained shockwave approached Haurvatat.

Haurvatat dodged to the side while hugging Carol but as she had to protect Carol, she could not utilize her specialty of dodging by a paper-thin difference. Naturally, evading the attack with large movements left gaps for exploitation.

Miri appeared in front of Haurvatat in a blink of the eye.

Her sword came slashing down onto Haurvatat.

With the sword quickly approaching her, Haurvatat apologized to Carol.

She dropped Carol on the ground and drew her Flame Dragon Tooth and short sword to parry the dark sword.


Then, Haurvatat saw it.

Marina was aiming at Miri from behind with her wind arrow.

Marina’s act of aiming at Miri’s dead angle was cowardly but she believed that it would at least stop her movements.

The next instant, Fenrir’s enormous body slammed into Marina. Seeing her Wind Bow fly off her hands,


Haurvatat cried out.

However, Marina was unscathed. She somehow clung to Fenrir’s body and climbed onto its back.

“I am fine, focus on the enemy before you!”

Said Marina as she clung to Fenrir who was bucking like a runaway horse.

But she would be swung off in a matter of time if it was moving so violently.

“Miri-chan, I don’t know what your aims are but tell me one thing —  is master all right?”

“Yes, I will never hurt Onii. Onii sent me off with a smile when I said I would be having a girls talk.”

“I see — I’m glad to hear that.”

Haurvatat’s eyes dyed red when she said that.

She activated a skill.

Beast Blood — A skill that would dramatically raise her physical attack and speed in ten minutes. However, the demerit was that she would not be able to move for a minute after the ten minutes was up.

” … I will end this swiftly —”

Shadows extended from Miri’s feet just as Haurvatat was about to focus her strength.

(That’s bad!)

Haurvatat realized that it was aimed at Carol so she used her greatly risen speed to grab her and run.

“Sorry, Haru-san. I only serve to be a burden.”

“Do not mind it — Master and I are always thankful for Carol’s knowledge. The right person for a right place.”

Haurvatat said as she escaped towards a white horse — Fuyun.

“Fuyun, please take care of Carol! Please run as far as possible!”

Fuyun neighed and galloped away after Carol was on him.

And then, after evading another shadow that was stretched towards her, Haurvatat approached Miri.

“You’ve become stronger, Haruva.”

“It is all thanks to Ichinojo-sama.”

“If you are that strong, why do you still remain as a slave for Onii?”

Miri said as she clad her body in dark armor.

When she saw that figure, Haurvatat’s heart thumped loudly.

Miri’s fighting style and her way of calling her Haruva.

More importantly, that presence she felt when they were together.

“No way … you are …”

“No matter how strong your body becomes, your heart is still weak!”

Miri said and swept at Haurvatat’s feet.

With her posture broken, Miri’s sword pierced into Haurvatat’s shoulder.

” … You are, Famiris-sama … ?”

“Yeah, I remember you very well. You wet the bed while sleeping with me and we went to apologize to your father. In reverse, your father prostrated and apologized instead.”

“No … way …”

“If you still swear loyalty to me, commit to that loyalty and die for me, Haruwa.”

Said Miri as she twisted the sword that was pierced into Haurvatat.


Haurvatat’s scream resounded throughout My World.



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