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GC V8C211

(211) Ship that transcends space

Translator: Tseirp


“Are you really … Famiris-sama?”

Haurvatat posed that question to Miri while enduring the pain.

“Yeah, in my previous life. Since that’s the case, should I talk about things only Haruva and I know about? We planted Hairo seeds in the garden. But you cried the next day because crows dug it up.”

” … It’s true, you are … Famiris-sama. Why … did it turn out this way …”

“That’s obviously because I have to give you hell for snatching Onii from me.”

Miri said and laughed.

“You see I love Onii. I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii I love Onii … and Haruva and the others snatched Onii from me.”

“That’s not true! Master has always been worried about Miri-san!”

“That’s probably true. But that inversely makes it even more painful. I can never stand beside Onii. No matter how much money I earn, no matter how much evil I defeat, no matter how much I dance in front of him, I will always be a younger sister that Onii has to protect. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I work — he will never know. Unlike I who can only be spoiled by Onii to be protected by him, you girls have chosen the position to be protected by Onii.”

Anger filled Miri’s eyes as a pitch black aura rose from her.

“That’s not true — we chose these collars to protect Master and to serve as a tie to Master — ”

“Doesn’t that just mean you do not trust Onii? That you fear you will be discarded by Onii if you were not a slave? That you would not be able to accompany him? If you truly wanted to stand beside Onii, if you truly wanted to protect Onii, Haruva should have discarded the slave title a long time ago.”

“That —”

That was a truth that Haurvatat had always been avoiding.

Haurvatat was uneasy. As Ichinojo continued growing, just how much was her own strength needed?

With fighting as her only ability, she wondered if she would no longer be needed.

However, it was different now.

“I want to stand beside Master. I want to protect Master. I traveled here for that sake!”

Haurvatat was filled with regret when Ichinojo suddenly disappeared after the transfer circle.

Regret towards her own existence that was unable to protect Ichinojo even when she was with him.

She did not want to experience that regret a second time.

“Talk is cheap, you can say anything you want! With how you can’t do anything after knowing that I am actually Famiris‧Raritei, how could you protect Onii ―”

“No, I will protect Master ― absolutely will.”

Haurvatat bared her fangs and said as she used her claws to grab the Dark Sword stabbed in her chest.

“You bare your fangs at me? Me, your Demon Lord. Was your loyalty to me a lie?”

“My loyalty to Famiris-sama was true. I even thought that it was fine to die for your sake.”

“I see, then die for me!”

Miri created another Dark Sword with magic and thrust it at Haru’s heart to deal the finishing blow.

That was when it happened.


A single Wind Arrow pierced into the Dark Sword Miri created and they both shattered.

Marina was able to balance herself on the rampaging Fenrir such that she wouldn’t fall off and released the Wind Arrow. Furthermore, the distance was well over 300 meters. The ability to hit the Dark Sword from such a distance while on a moving platform was an exquisite skill that only Marina could pull off with her mastery of Street Performer.

“Ichinojo’s younger sister, you shouldn’t look down on Haru. Moreover ―”

Miri’s attention was on Marina so she reacted late to the sound of hooves approaching her from behind.

Carol, who should have escaped, controlled Fuyun and slammed into Miri.

“Haru-san, are you all right?”

“Thank you very much, Carol.”

Haurvatat stood up, pulled out the Dark Sword that was pierced in her chest and held it in her hand.

The blood flowing from her chest reacted to the Beast Blood skill and glowed red.


Then, the next instant, the positions were reversed.

Haurvatat pushed Miri down and pressed the blade of that Dark Sword to Miri’s neck.

“Release me, Haruva.”

“I can’t do that. I only have one master, Ichinojo-sama. As long as there is the possibility that you will injure me, Carol or Marina, I can’t let you move freely. Please do not use magic ― I do not wish to hurt you. As it would sadden Master.”

“I see … Onii is more important to you compared to me ― Haruva, that is the truth right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I actually wanted to hurt you more but my magical power is all dried up. Since that’s the case ― protect Onii no matter what happens.”

Said Miri with a smile.


The scenery changed the next instant.

Miri, who should have been pressed down by Haurvatat, appeared standing at a position away from Haurvatat.

Norn and Kanon who should be far away were standing close to Haurvatat and the others while Fenrir and Fuyun were grazing a distance away like nothing has happened.

“What happened exactly ―”

Haurvatat looked at her own chest. Not only was there no wound, her clothes weren’t even torn.

“All of us were watching an illusion?”

Said Marina.

“Yeah, that’s right. The highest-grade spell from Darkness Magic 「Bewitching Theater」. A spell that would drag the people inside the space into an illusion. Only Kanon noticed it though. What you guys saw and felt was all an illusion.”

Said Miri as she took out a small box, pushed the switch within it and tossed it away. 「Bewitching Theater」uses a large amount of magical power just to display an illusion and the user even had to aim for a gap in the opponent’s mind to display an effect so 「Sleep」 was a lot more usable in battle.

She successfully cast the spell during the split second gap when they defended against her Dark Thousand Swords attack.

“That was my limit after using all my magical power ― it’s seriously pitiful.”

Said Miri as she sat down on the spot.


“Just what was the reason for that?”

Carol asked Miri who had collapsed from fatigue.

Norn answered instead of Miri.

“Miri-chan probably wanted to ascertain all your resolution. Maybe Miri-chan, as the younger sister, wanted to make sure that all of you were not just taking advantage of Onii-san and are actually prepared to live and survive together with Onii-san?”

“Norn is seriously optimistic. And seriously stupid. I merely wanted to hurt them out of spite.”

Miri said with exasperation.

That was when it happened.


The ground started shaking.

The shaking was so intense that Carol and Norn fell onto all fours.

Kanon spread her wings and carried Malina while Pionia and Sheena saved the plates and cups from shattering as they fell from the table.

“An earthquake!?”

Malina who was hoisted up by Kanon shouted.

“There’s no way there can be an earthquake. This is a world that Master created and I have complete control over everything, including volcanic activity.”

Said Pionia as she looked up at the sky.

“Somebody is destroying the space and trying to enter.”

“So they actually can come all the way here ―”

Miri said as if she had given up and passed a bottle of medicine to Haurvatat.

“Pass this to Onii. And tell him to not involve himself with the Church. Also … to forget about me. That applies to all of you and to Onii as well. If you wish to protect Onii then you must do so.”

Said Miri as she showed a wide smile.


“Famiris-sama, what ―”

Haurvatat couldn’t finish her question.

The next instant, a chain flew over from the sky and wrapped around Miri’s body before hoisting her small body up.

A distortion in space could be seen from where the chain extended from and a ship flying in the sky like an airship appeared.

“No way, is that an Airship!?”

Marina raised her voice.

Just who was it and for what reason did they do this?

Haurvatat drew her sword.



Two human shadows appeared on the deck of the Airship.

Seeing Haru and the others, those shadows,

“Oo, Haru and Carol, it’s been a long time! Jo is not around?”

“Norn and Kanon as well, it’s been a long time. Is everyone healthy? Jo is not around?”

Raised idiotic voices.

Haurvatat and the others, as well as Norn, has met those two countless times ― Jofre and Elize.


“Jofre-san … Eliza-san … just why are you two there?”


Looking carefully, it wasn’t just Jofre and Elize. Julio, Sutchino, Milky, and Centaur were also on the deck of the Airship.

And also ―


“Ey! This is the scene of my appearance! Random crew keep quiet!”


A woman roared angrily so Jofre and the others respectfully replied with ‘Yes, Captain!’ and disappeared.

In exchange, a brown-haired woman with a single eye-patch on and a wide brim pirate hat appeared.


“Do not be alarmed! According to the old covenant, I shall be taking custody of the person named Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei!”


She said as she wrapped the chain and showed them an unconscious Miri.


“That eye-patch … Mu, you are not a simple person! State your name.”

Shouted Malina as she showed rivalry for a strange reason.

At that time,


“What the heck is this!?”


Ichinojo appeared.




“What the heck is this!?”

Just as I returned to My World after thinking that it was about time Miri’s talk ended, there was a huge ship floating in the air and an unfamiliar female pirate-like woman standing on the deck of that ship. In addition, next to that woman was a wrapped up Miri.”

“What are you doing! Return Miri!”

“Sheesh, so noisy. I will be taking custody of Famiris. I’ll be leaving now.”

The woman said that but there’s no way I would let you do so!

I’ll shoot down the ship and save Miri before the crash.

My magical power had not recovered completely but I can do that much!

“「Boost Fire」!”

I shouted and released Fire Magic.

The huge Fireball was about to crash into the front of the ship.

However ―


The woman shouted and a semi-transparent glass-like material appeared around the flying ship and defended against my Boost Fire.

At the same time, the glass-like material shattered as well.

“Hou, you could break the High-performance Barrier I made ― you’re not simple. State your name.”

“I am Kusunoki Ichinojo. Miri’s brother!”

“I see, brother huh? No wonder … kukuku.”

The woman laughed like she was having fun.

“Listen here, Ichinojo, this is the ending Famiris desired.”

She said as she turned her back.

The flying ship turned around and left after breaking through the space.

I won’t let you get away!

“Eat this, Boost …”

My body was assaulted by a terrible sense of lethargy as just as I chanted the spell.

Magical power depletion … damn it.


I cried towards the disappearing flying ship.

“Just what the heck is this ― who was that? Haru, what happened?”

I called out without knowing anything.

Haru looked up at the sky and said.

“Master … she is ― that personage is ―”

She announced the mysterious woman’s name with vacant eyes.


“That personage is Daijiro-sama ― one of the companions of the hero who once fought Famiris-sama.”


… What!?

That person was Daijiro-san … !?


My confusion increased even more from the continuous stream of sudden events.


“You finally showed yourself, Metias!”


Goddess Torerul-sama suddenly appeared and further increased my confusion.



Author’s note:

Daijiro = female has been decided since the beginning. That’s why Haru and Miri and those who know her have never said ‘him’. (TL: Not sure I caught that, unfortunately, English doesn’t have a common non-gender specific term other than ‘them’ which I don’t think I used for Daijiro.)

With the appearance of a new character (?), this arc would end shortly.


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