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GC V8C212

(212) Imprisoned Miri

Translator: Tseirp


Miri woke up in a cabin. There was a small window and she could see that it was already night outside.

Looking down, she could tell that she was in the air and gray clouds illuminated by moonlight slowly passed by.

” … Petite Dark.”

She chanted but her spell didn’t activate.

That was when Miri noticed the foreign object on her wrist.

There was a white bracelet around her wrist. That was something Miri ― no, Famiris‧Raritei once created, a simple item that seals magical power. It was made 500 years ago to confine prisoners capable of using magic but the slave collar was invented soon after so the bracelet was never spread to the world and was locked in the depths of the Demon Lord Castle.

It seemed Daijiro picked it up after they defeated Famiris.

” … Hey, you are there right? Why don’t you just come in already?”

Miri said in the direction of the locked door.

When she did that, the door was unlocked and a brown-haired woman wearing something similar to that of Captain Hook from Peter Pan entered.

“You have grown quite big, Chibi Daijiro.” (TL: Chibi = Small child/Runt)

“You are the one who turned tiny, Famiris‧Raritei.”

Daijiro said that with a smile before she suddenly grinned and asked.

“So, how was it! Your life in Japan! Hey, is it really true that a radio tower twice the height of Tokyo Tower was built!?”

“Yeah, pipe down. I’ll sew your lips if you don’t quiet down.”

Miri held her head seeing how her enthusiasm hasn’t changed even after 13 years.

The battles between Famiris and the Hero Alessio unfolded time and again.

In the midst of that, Famiris found out about Daijiro who helped Alessio many times in his adventures and kidnapped her.

Thereafter, Daijiro found out that Famiris was a former Japanese and was even the person Princess Kaguya was modeled after which made her befriend her instantly.

Incidentally, Famiris heard from Daijiro that her parents had thought of boy and girl names before she was born. At that time, Daijiro which was meant to be the name for a son was left as her sacred name. Then, when she was reincarnated in this world, her sacred name Daijiro was taken as her official name in this world.

“Daijiro … thank you for waiting.”

“Did you say your goodbyes?”

“I never intended to say them. Onii would definitely oppose it after all. In the first place, I came here not for Onii’s sake but for my own sake.”

” … You’re not being honest with yourself, Famiris. Isn’t it better to just be honest? You came to this world so that you could spend your whole life with your favorite Onii-chan. But it’s really ironic. The Demon Lord died in order to protect the world. Outwitting the whole Church, keeping it a secret from your favorite Onii-chan ―”

“I’ll kill you if you say anymore.”

“Fufu, but can you?”

Sparks flew from Miri’s bracelet when Daijiro asked that.

“Do you think such a second-hand magic tool is capable of sealing my magical power?”

The next instant, smoke rose from the bracelet and it fell off.

That bracelet would overheat and break once it receives more magical power than it can withstand … or that should have been the case.

” … Eh?”

The bracelet was destroyed. However, there was another bracelet below it and that bracelet was still wrapped around Miri’s wrist.

“Have you forgotten that I am a Magic Tool Engineer? I have long since improved on such a defect.”

Daijiro proudly claimed.

“Great job, Pinky.”

“Don’t call me Pinky. My name is Daijiro.”

“Ara? I like it. Your name, Pinky, written as ‘One’ and ‘Key’. Even though I feel that nobody could ever read that.”

Satou Pinky was Dairijo’s original name. (TL: 佐藤(さとう)一鍵(ピンキー))

She really hated that name and longed for an ordinary name.

That was why she was overjoyed when her name was Daijiro when she came to this world. To the extent that she didn’t mind even though that was a boy’s name.

“So, who knows that I am here?”

“Excluding your Onii-san’s party and the Goddesses, probably Alessio and gang as well as the Pope. Ah, and also the current Demon Lord and group.”

“Current Demon Lord? Ah, right, there were such people around. Although I have already taken down some small fry called Valf.”

“Who is that?”

“Should be some subordinate. It seemed like he was planning various schemes. He apparently used to be my subordinate but I totally don’t recall.”

“Please manage your subordinate properly.”

Just as Daijiro said that, a loud explosion echoed out.

They were wondering what happened when,


“Oh my god, Elize! The pot exploded!”

“Oh my god, Jofre! It’s a huge explosion!”

“This is a great chance to make popcorn! Elize, have you heard of popcorn?”

“Yup, dried corn that would explode when exposed to fire right! Now that I think about it, the feed for the pigs in the flying ship ranch is also dried corn!”

“That’s it, Elize! Let’s quickly get a pot that can heat up and make popcorn!”


Such idiotic voices could be heard.

“Please manage your subordinate properly.”

” … Sheesh. I shouldn’t have brought those people even if I was lacking the manpower!”

Daijiro said as she left the room. Naturally, she locked the door after she left.

Miri looked out the window and sighed softly.

“I won’t try to escape even if you don’t lock the door or put this bracelet on me.”


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    • The Butt Wizard

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      choose “Demon Lord” job ->
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          He might get the ability to “choose” it if he wants, eventually. ESPECIALLY if he’s filled with rage after Miri was taken like that.

          I really can’t help but feel that they made a horrific mistake by doing that to Miri, lol. They just have yet to realize it. XD

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      Plus, if talking to people can solve most problems, then why doesn’t the RL do it?

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        They actually do.

        I don’t know what are you talking about. In RL, actual problems are practically non-existent. Even the most extreme and rare soul-crushing events in RL aren’t exactly “problems”. They are mostly unsolvable, even with communication (ie illness, accidents).

        In fact, RL is extremely safe and sane. If a persons choice to not communicate leads to even slight inconvenience for others, they are practically despised for that. RL is boring and RL is predictable.

        Now, I am not saying, that LNs should model events on RL, however out of all possible sources of plot development, Deus Ex Machina and Keeping Your Mouth Shut (Shitty Foreshadowing) are 2 ways that are easiest to write and coincidentally are the most boring and overused.

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