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GC V8C214

Author’s Note: I’ll delve a little into Jofre & Elize’s story from the past before moving on to the next arc.

(214) Side Story Garrison’s Adventure Diary 1

Translator: Tseirp


The Adventurers Guild was rowdy as usual. Most of that hustle and bustle revolved around foul languages and the like which were meaningless to listen to but within the noise hid some information that might determine your life or death in the future. For that sake, I always had my ears open. That was the correct way to go as an adventurer.


“Oi, where’s my grilled meat! Bring it over now! Useless Garrison!”

“Ale for me! Didn’t I tell you I need a top up of Ale! Are you deaf, Garrison!”

“Hurry up and clean the table! What are your hands there for, Garrison you fool!”


“Pipe down, can’t you see I’m currently busy!”

I was bombarded with abuse from people of the same profession as I shouted and placed a chickpea potage on the table.

Damn it, looking down on me like a joke.

“Garrison-san, everyone is a customer unlike you so please treat them courteously.”

A fox-eared girl 18 years of age, in other words, the same age as me, said with her usual lovely smile.

She was Katyusha of the Brown Fox race, a receptionist for the Adventurers Guild and the idol to us adventurers who belong to this guild. There were only six Goddesses in this world but if a seventh Goddess was ever to be born, she will definitely be from this Adventurers Guild.

“Yeah, I got it, Katyusha-san!”

I said as I waved my hand and carried the dishes while humming.

At the same time, another order came in from the neighboring seats.

“Garrison, I’d like roast meat and ale!”

“Garrison, I’d like roast meat and ale!”

Hearing that pair of male and female voices, I replied with vigor,

“Coming up!”

I cried out but then I remembered those voices ― or rather, I realized that I have been hearing those voices all the time until this morning.

I turned around hoping that it was a lie but the owners of those voices were there after all.

“What are you two doing!”

A 17-year-old boy with idiotic red hair and a similarly 17-year-old girl with idiotic blue hair.

They would pass off as a pair of beautiful man and woman if they didn’t speak and their proud appearance could only be seen as first-rate Swordsman and Whip-user but idiots will always be idiots as they spoke.

“By the way, what kind of meat is roasted meat, Jofre?”

“See here, Elize. If they say meat ― what meat is it?”

“Fish meat … I guess not? They would call it fish meat if it was meat from a fish.”

“Wait, Elize. Then, meat from a cow would be called beef and meat from a pig would be called pork.”

“Then that means it is neither cow-san meat or pig-san meat.”

Our roast meat was unquestionably pork but I no longer wanted to involve myself with them.

In the first place, whose fault was it that I had to work in a place like this.

Wait, that’s right.

Why are they even here in the first place?

“Answer my question! You two, what about your work? Jofre should be working at the quarry and Elize should be working at the Sewing Guild!”


“”They told us that we can go home.””


They can go home? But it has not even been three hours since they started work.

I can’t imagine these two finishing a day’s work in just three hours.


“”They told us to never come back.””


In other words, they were fired huh?

… They were fired in three hours … looks like it was my fault to think that Jofre with nothing but his idiotic strength could work in the rocky mountains while Elize with nothing but her dexterity with her hands could work at the Sewing Guild.

“Hey, Garrison! As adventurers, we belong in dungeons so let’s go to a dungeon! A dungeon in the only place to show my true ability!”

“Me too, I can show my Monster-User true ability too, Garrison!”

Idiots were saying idiotic words.

Incidentally, these two were saying they were Swordsman and Monster-user but that was a lie.

Jofre was an Apprentice Swordsman and Elize was a Whip-user.

“There’s no way we can go to a dungeon. Just whose fault do you think it is that we have to do this?”

“”Garrison’s fault?””

“It’s both your faults!”


Jofre, Elize and myself, instead of childhood friends, I would say it is more like an undesirable but inseparable relationship since we were kids.

I was the son of a rancher and Jofre and Elize sometimes snuck into the ranch to drink milk without permission while they also occasionally helped with the milking.

One day, Jofre and Elize said that they wanted to become adventurers and given that I always had an interest towards adventurers for a long time, I followed them to the church and changed job to Apprentice Spearman a month ago.

From that day on, I did spear practices every day and I reached level 3.

We had a discussion that it was about time we challenged a beginner dungeon so the three of us had a small party.


“I told you two before. The barn was scheduled to kill an old goat tomorrow so we can have roast meat party after that. Why did you guys kill father’s favorite sheep! And you even told everyone! It was my fault to think that you two could distinguish between a goat and a sheep.”

“See, it was Garrison’s fault after all.”

“See, it was Garrison’s fault.”


Thanks to them, I was scolded severely by my father and had to compensate for the sheep.

The price for a sheep was 4000 sense. The remaining sheep meat and wool could sell for 3500 sense so until I paid the remaining 500 sense (about 5 days worth of pay for an Adventurers Guild staff or a week worth of my part-time job pay), he would not return my spear.

In other words, we could not go to the dungeon.


“Don’t worry about that, Garrison! I prepared your weapon for you.”

“I also prepared!”


Said the two of them as they placed them on my hand.


“You two …”


I looked at the things Jofre and Elize took out.


“What’s this?”

I asked Jofre first.

“Can’t you tell just by looking? I got it instead of my salary from the quarry.”

“I can tell from looking! It’s a pickaxe! What I’m asking is why are you giving a Spearman like myself a pickaxe as a weapon. Moreover, Elize, this isn’t even a weapon!”

“Ehehe, I got it from the Sewing Guild. It is the same as it pierces!”

“The size is completely different! Tell me, how am I supposed to fight with a sewing needle!”


Maybe this is a message from them asking me to sew their mouths shut with this sewing needle?

If that was the case, I would prefer if she prepared thread as well but there was no thread in sight. The thread in my patience had already been worn out and could no longer be used.

“Garrison, let’s go to the dungeon! If we get our hands on a Rare Medal, we can settle your debts right?”

“That’s right, Garrison. A pickaxe is more than enough for a Beginner’s Dungeon. I heard that Margaret-san from the clothes store could crush a Goblin King’s head with his bare hands.”

“Well, of course, it is Margaret-san after all.”


That person called Margaret was a muscular uncle working at the clothes store.

It was said that he might have been a remarkable mercenary or perhaps an adventurer in the past but I have no idea.

“Leaving that aside, entering the dungeon with this kind of equipment is kind of ― ―”

“Eh? Garrison-san is heading to the Beginner’s Dungeon?”

It was Katyusha-chan who asked.

“No, I ― ―”

“If you’re going to the dungeon, there’s a request for Goblin Swords so it would help if you bring any that you find to us.”

“Leave it to me, Katyusha-san! If it is for Katyusha-san’s sake, I will gather one or two Goblin Swords in a jiffy!”


I said to Katyusha-chan as I snatched the pickaxe from Jofre and left the shop.



Author’s note:

Garrison is a reverse imported character from the Growth Cheat Light Novel.

For some reason, he became a regular character.

He participated fully from Book 1 to Book 4.

In Book 5, with Miri, he actually …



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