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Chapter 256: Offensive posture

Translator: Tseirp


Opening my eyes after ending my meditation to calm my heart, I saw that the pale white flame in the Sanctuary Barrier had completely burnt the Evil Flower.

While staring that the scene, I was relieved that it was not filled with miasma.

Luckily there was only one such Evil Flower this time as we would probably have to cancel our plan if there were multiples of such monsters.

When I turned my sight to the others, they were already all ready and were watching me.

“It looks like we have safely gotten rid of the Evil Flower so we will now destroy Cloud’s research facility. Let’s go.”


Kefin was the vanguard to search for traps as we walked while I cast purification from behind.

There were a few traps set up but Kefin disarmed them without difficulty.

No monsters appeared so we were quite at ease before I noticed miasma spreading before our eyes.

“It won’t disappear? Perhaps a barrier?”

The miasma did not disappear even after casting Purification Magic.

Observing it closely, the miasma did not leak to our direction too.

“Luciel-sama, I still have the Aura Coat on so I’ll take point.”

Just as I was about to let Kefin go ahead, I recalled the bad feeling I had.

“Kefin, return.”

I transformed the Illusionary Cane into the Illusionary Sword and attempted to destroy the barrier with the Holy Dragon’s power.


Upon doing so, the Holy Dragon easily broke down the barrier that trapped the miasma and flew forth while consuming the miasma.

Just as I was about to stop the Holy Dragon that was created using the Holy Dragon Sword, I saw figures of demons jumping at the Holy Dragon.

As expected. I had a feeling that would happen.

Creating an ambush seems to be their conventional means.

It would have been bad if I had let Kefin go ahead.


I cast Purification Wave to follow after the breaking of the barrier so the miasma swirled and disappeared.

However, perhaps the space was a lot wider than expected or there were multiple Evil Flowers, the miasma filled the room again the moment it was dispelled.


“I could confirm multiple demons inside. I will spread a Sanctuary Barrier so hit anything that comes close.”

I told everyone and knowing that there were multiple demons present, I immediately activated Sanctuary Barrier.

The consumption on my magical power was intense but I felt that it would be bad if I took half-measures there.

Then, I cast Aura Coat and Area Barrier on everyone to complete our battle preparations and waited for the opportunity …

However, the demons I saw disappeared into the miasma and although I could tell that they were there, I could not pin-point cast magic circle at their location.

I was supposed to practice Magic Circle Chant for situations like this but for some reason my trainings always ended up as close combat trainings.

That was totally Shisho’s influence. More importantly, those demons aren’t coming out huh …

Do they really feel the need to rely on gimmicks to fight against us?

Continuing the standoff would increase the risk unnecessarily and even though I only had 20% of my magical power left, it might be better if we are the aggressor …


I switched the Illusionary Sword to Illusionary Cane and started chanting Magic Circle Chant. I aimed at the center of where I could see from the purification. I gathered my magical power and raised my voice.

“If the enemy will not come, we will make them have no choice but to come. I will cast Sanctuary Circle at the center of where I could see just now. Please deal with them if they come attacking. Also, they might not be weakened so do not let your guard down.”

I cast Sanctuary Circle after hearing everyone’s reply.

The sudden appearance of a pale white cylinder of light purified the space that was filled with miasma.

And after echoing screams resounded, I saw demons rushing towards the barrier.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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