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IS B12C257

Chapter 257: Cloud

Translator: Tseirp


In order to escape from the Sanctuary Circle and to kill the caster, me, the demons approached the touched the Sanctuary Barrier and there was an instantaneous 『Bachi―n』sound like that when you touch something with high voltage current.

Sanctuary Barrier has the same characteristics as Sanctuary Circle.

That’s why Demons who touch it would suffer damage as well.

If that’s the case, we could fight using that development that was advantageous to us.

This time’s goal would be to buy time as we fought in an advantageous position.

I went about doing so light-heartedly.


However, the body parts that the demons use to touch the Sanctuary Barrier would combust.

As if the miasma was serving as fuel for the combustion.

“It had the properties to prevent intrusion as well when we fought the Evil God but it has been strengthened considerably.”

” … Luciel-sama, are you planning to purify everything?”

” … If this goes on, it seems like we would win just by standing here.”

“Are you going to annihilate them?”

” … I’ll cast Purification Wave and we can rush in once I am certain that our chances are absolute. Lionel would face Cloud while everyone will fight their own demon. Is that fine?”

“As a warrior, I will cut down the person who sold his soul to the demon. More so given how he has used my name.”

“What about everyone else?”

“I want to fight too nya.”

“I will follow Luciel-sama’s decision.”

“They might know about the slave merchant or about the ancestral spirit so I wish to fight too.”

“I will protect Luciel.”

It seems like everyone is ready to fight against demons.

If that’s the case, I don’t have to hold them back.


“Kefin, please focus on finding traps.”


“Cathy and Estia will perform hit and run tactics while defending Kefin.”


“Paula, prepare the Giant Golem.”


“Lionel, cut out the root of evil.”


After hearing Lionel’s reply, I cast Purification Wave and everyone dashed out together.

The pale white flame from the Purification Wave consumed the demons in an instant and they dispersed along with the pale white flame.

Lionel and the others stopped right before the barrier.

Then, they turned back to look at me.

“Luciel-sama …”

Lionel muttered that but everyone else also looked at me with a speechless expression.

” ? What’s wrong?”

I had to approach the barrier where everyone was at before I could understand the situation.

There were five Evil Flowers burning vigorously while the demons had all completely disappeared.

” …… Did I overdo it?”

” … You did.”

I moved to enter the barrier while feeling apologetic towards Lionel who seemed disappointed.

But Kefin stopped me.

“Luciel-sama, the interior is a large pitfall. Please wait until I disarm it.”

Kefin said before he began investigating the surroundings.

“Do you think Cloud was inside here?”

“No, I don’t think he was. And I believe the door there leads to the Demon Research Center.”

“Probably. I can’t tell if they are demons but I can sense three presences.”

“Yes. Luciel-sama, could I lend the magic tool that amplifies voice?”

“Sure, but what do you intend to do?”

I asked as I passed the magic tool over but Lionel laughed as he began shouting towards the door of the research center.

“Gladis, I know you are there. Cease your futile resistance and come out. And I heard he is called Cloud, I am here to slaughter the bastard who acted as me. If you don’t come out, I will destroy the research center.”

He addressed somebody called Gladis but I didn’t know who that was.

However, it seemed like Lionel was confident about it.


“Despite finally successfully poisoning you when I had prepared myself to die after you crushed all my troops and turning you into a slave, the fact that you are still alive shows how much of a monster you are, father.”

“The person there is the natural enemy of our country, the S-rank Healer right? Accompanied by rising rumors of being a reincarnated individual. How about it, we should be friendly since we’re from the same homeland.”

” …… ”

After Lionel’s announcement, three humans appeared after less than a minute passed.

The shocking thing was that the man Lionel called Gladis referred to Lionel as father.

And the man that should be Cloud tried to establish friendship and pull me over with my identity as a reincarnated individual.

The last person was the most shocking.

That’s because that person was Mr. Bazak who should have been with us up until now.


I felt sorry for Lionel but I had to prioritize the questions I had.

“Cloud-dono, firstly, I know that there are reincarnated individuals. I also have the experience of fighting them. So, what was the reason for your reincarnation?”

” … You’ve fought before, I see. … I have not been asked that since I was reincarnated but let’s see … to leave my name in this world. I already have the Empire in my hands. I have obtained money, position, fame, and even women, I have obtained everything. I have received such powers from the Gods.”

” … Gods huh? You also put in the effort right? Since you wandered through various countries and mastered the magic that allows you to mimic the appearances of others. But, why do you accrue misdeeds while borrowing the identity of others? Won’t doing so prove that your own identity is a nobody?”

“I didn’t only build up my strength, I also used my head. I can now create demons and can dominate this continent.”

“Using the technique you stole from the Principality right? In the end, that just means you own nothing? That’s why you didn’t undergo the demonization on yourself? Imposter-san who wears other people’s skin.”

” … Bastard, don’t anger me. I don’t need to undergo demonization. I have the power to manipulate after all.”

Cloud said as he crushed a magic stone-like item on the ground which formed a magic circle that spawned demons.


” … Can I ask one last thing?”

“What is it? You want to become my subordinate?”

” … I understand the part where you were sent from the Principality and made Lionel retire. Why did you dabble in demonization? That is inhumane.”

“This world has much lower levels of civilization compared to where I came from. And no matter if it’s a magical beast or a demon, the value of a life is completely different. That’s why I need to dominate this continent even if I have to dirty my own hands.”

“That’s enough. Lionel, he is your son? Do you have anything you want to say?”

” … Why did you betray the Empire? I can forgive you for poisoning me. But why did you need to poison me during the war?”

” … You knew.”

“I am General Sen’Oni. I have always been positioned in the Imperial Capital so I can at least grasp the movements of my subordinates. Although I never did anything a father should have …”

” … ”

The words Lionel spilled out seemed to have impacted Gladis.

Naturally, I was also shocked.

Lionel’s son was the perpetrator of Lionel’s assassination.

Of course, Cloud was also an accomplice but the human relationship is a lot more complex than expected.

Well, the Emperor who punished Lionel still stands as the worst offender but Lionel never told me anything regarding that.


I prepared to cast Sanctuary Barrier as I listened to their conversation.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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