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IS B12C258

Chapter 258: Father and Son

Translator: Tseirp


I found out that Lionel’s son was the person who poisoned him.

Lionel’s son, Gladis, clearly had a look of dismay when that was announced.


” … Why did you drink the alcohol that had poison in it without hesitation if you already noticed it?”

Gladis was looking down as he tried to come up with the words to say.

The impression he gave was as if a small kid whose mischief was discovered and was waiting for his punishment.


Lionel looked at Gladis for a while before he sighed and started speaking.

“The punishment for the crime of assassinating a leader of the country is the death penalty. Furthermore, as long as it is not something significant, poisons are not effective against me. If it was not effective, it would not be an assassination but just a sip of alcohol together with my son.”

“For just ― for just that reason … You were the Empire’s greatest general. You should have considered a worst-case scenario. Despite that ― ”

Lionel stopped Gladis with his hand.

“Because it was Mitos’ final wish. She hoped that we would have a proper drink together if you ever come by to offer alcohol to me.”

” … Mother.”

Gladis collapsed to the floor as he never imagined that there would be such a reason.

It was the same for Shisho but I still had a lot I didn’t know about Lionel.

In the first place, Lionel was an aristocrat so it would be strange if he wasn’t married … so enviable.

I had already finished weaving my magic circle chant so I remained vigilant towards the movements of Cloud and the demons as I listened to their conversation.

Hn? I felt that Lionel looked in my direction for a split second.

But maybe that was my imagination as Lionel’s gaze was directed at Gladis.

I could not read Lionel’s intentions but perhaps it would soon become a fight.


“Gladis. I have already left the Empire. I no longer have any relation to the Empire.”

“No relation … You have no intentions of returning to the Empire?”

“Yeah. That’s why you should not worry about it anymore. I will say it again. I don’t intend to return to the Empire … but, I will not allow this demonization to happen using my name.”

“If you are the former great general of the Empire, you should know the condition of the current Empire. With this power, unifying the continent is possible.”

“Gladis. I have already left the Empire. If the Emperor has fallen to madness, I must correct the Empire.”

Gladis’ body trembled as Lionel readied his sword.

“Yes yes. I’m sorry to interrupt but I would be troubled if the true Lionel returns to this country now.”

“Wha!? Bastard, what are you doing?”

Cloud moved to Gladis’ back and thrust a dagger to his neck.

“I would hate it if you betray me after meeting your father face-to-face. You are still alive precisely because you are General Sen’Oni’s son. At the very least, be useful to me in the end and die.”

After Cloud said that, Gladis’ eyes became vacant and he staggered towards Lionel.

He was completely being controlled …

I wanted to immediately cast Dispel but I wasn’t able to.

The floor suddenly started rising and sharp icicles started raining down from the ceiling.

I understood that this was the real Mr. Bazak.

But that was not all as the demons also started moving as well.

I instantaneously cast Sanctuary Barrier.

I heard multiple sounds of things being repelled from in front of me.

They probably touched the Sanctuary Barrier.

While finding it really troublesome, I cast Purification Wave before applying Dispel on Gladis.

“Lionel, the slave crest should be dispelled. But don’t let your guard down.”

“Thank you very much.”

I heard Lionel’s firm reply.


I didn’t believe that he could instantly attack from above and below without chanting.

I was afraid that the Sanctuary Barrier would crumble because the surface was raised but it somehow maintained itself.

And the attacks from the ceiling … were stopped by Paula’s Golem.


And Kefin, Cathy, and Estia charged at the demons before I had to instruct them.

The weaker demons were annihilated by the Purification Wave.

By nature, the magic circle summoned demons so I didn’t see any demonized people.

It was a fierce attack.

The number of demons summoned by Cloud dropped in an instant.


I judged that Mr. Bazak was also being manipulated so I cast Dispel.

Since I believed that he was following instructions to cast Offensive Magic at us without saying a word.

However, maybe he understood that his slave crest had disappeared as he started chanting.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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