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GC V8C217

(217) Side Story Garrison’s Adventure Diary 4

Translator: Tseirp


The bottom of the pitfall was a slope which I slid down.

I imagined spikes under the pitfall which would impale the victims but that didn’t seem to be the case. If the intention was to kill then there wouldn’t be a need for such a long slope.


“Damn it.”


I tried to brace myself but there was very little friction with the slope. It wasn’t just a slope. Even when I pushed against the wall with my gloved palms, even the walls were also slippery. I had no idea how such smooth walls were made but at any rate, I had no choice other than to allow my body to slide along.

After sliding for quite a distance, I saw a pitfall leading downwards. I fell into the hole without any means to resist. At least I’ll aim to properly mitigate my fall and stand ready.

Then, I fell from a height of about two and a half meters. I can’t say that my landing was perfect but at least I didn’t suffer any external injuries.

Then, situated there was —




Or not — it was the Goddess statue for Koshmar-sama.

Why is it here?

No, don’t tell me ―


(This is the Goddess Statue room!?)


Are you kidding me? Did we reach the Goddess Statue room without even defeating the boss?


(No, I’ve heard of it before … some labyrinths have secret passageways that lead straight to the Goddess Statue room — so this labyrinth is one of them huh?)


Well now, I’m likely to receive special remuneration if I inform the guild of this place.

For now, since I reached this place, let’s devote a prayer to the Goddess Statue.


【Title: Labyrinth Conqueror acquired】

【Clear Reward skill: Labyrinth Tool Transmutation acquired】


— !?

Labyrinth Tool Transmutation?

Serious!? It felt like I struck the lottery.

Labyrinth Tool Transmutation was a skill that allowed a person to transmute items that can be used in a labyrinth. It was an extremely rare skill and if I went to the Church, I could even get the same treatment as a Priest just by having that skill.

My life was looking to become rose-colored!


Just as I looked to the heavens, those two came falling down.


“What are you doing there, Garrison?”

“Whatchu doing there, Garrison?”


Jofre and Elize asked even though it was obvious just by looking as they were sitting on my back.


“I was crushed by you guys, just hurry up and move!”


Jofre and Elize didn’t stand up despite my angry outburst as they continued with their thoughts.


“At any rate, that was an amazingly slippery slope — by the way, it felt like I would experience that again but how about you, Elize?”

“I too felt something similar, Jofre. It must be one of those Déjà vu.”

“Hey hey, Elize. If it hasn’t happened then it can’t be Déjà vu. That was a precognitive dream.”

“Precognitive dream? Then was that a dream, Jofre?”

“I see, so it was a dream! No wonder it didn’t hurt even when I fell!”


“You guys didn’t feel any pain because I cushioned you! Get off now and go pray to the Goddess-sama or something!”


Jofre and Elize finally realized that there was a Goddess Statue in front of them and they prayed to it.

Upon doing so, a small gem-like rock fell in front of Jofre and a spear fell in front of Elize.


“Woah, you guys are lucky too. A skill book and a magic spear.”


The skill book was the small rock that you can learn a skill from.

It was unknown what skill you would learn unless you appraise it. But it was an item that can be traded for at least a gold coin.

A magic spear was as its name implied a spear that you could channel magic into.

Well, both of those can’t beat the skill I acquired but they were under the win category.


“We did it, Elize. Quickly, give it a try now.”

“It’s all right, it belongs to Jofre so Jofre should use it.”

“You guys, leave that for later. More importantly, let’s hurry up and go back.”


I pushed against the door behind me — and realized.

The door was locked.


“We’re trapped?”


Now that I think about it, the door to the back of the boss room won’t open unless you defeat the boss.

In other words, we won’t be able to exit until somebody clears this labyrinth?

But lately, the number of people challenging the labyrinth has decreased. People do periodically exterminate the monsters at the upper floors but it might take weeks until an adventurer comes all the way to this floor.


” … Is there some other way to exit?”


There was a keyhole-like slot but naturally I did not have the key and neither did I know lock picking techniques. Even if I could, the door was special so I would probably not be able to open it.

I finally got my hands on a rare skill so I would rather not die of hunger here … hn?


Rare skill huh — I wonder what kind of tools can I transmute?

I tried checking.



Level 1: Labyrinth Key | Required materials: Wire


Labyrinth Key? Oi oi, is this a dream? Prophetic dream?

To think it’s actually possible to create the key ― lucky.

But it’s still impossible … if I think about it, there’s no wire anywhere ― hn?


Speaking of which, I remembered and took it out.

The weapon Elize gave me ― the sewing needle.

This is made of metal too so it should be the perfect wire right? (TL: In Japanese wire can be translated loosely as needle metal which explains his logic.)


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