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IS B12C263

Chapter 263: Lionel’s back

Translator: Tseirp


I did not detect a single trace of hesitation from Lionel’s declaration to capture the Emperor.

Then, he gave out instructions one after another.

“Luciel-sama, please first gather the dead bodies of the demonized soldiers.”


“Cathy and Kefin, we don’t know if there are still demonized soldiers around so please keep a lookout using presence detection, magical power detection and hearing.”


“Estia, please protect Paula. And please report to me immediately if you detect any concealed abnormalities.”


“Paula … Luciel-sama, do you have a surplus of honey and bread?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then, please give those to Paula. That honey would replenish some of her magical power.”

It’s true that honey would recover slight amounts of magical power but I’m surprised he remembered.

“All right. Then Paula, this and this.”


Paula received the bread and honey from me and immediately dripped the honey on the bread and started nibbling on it.

“Now then, let’s hurry as much as possible. Once the Emperor leaves his bedroom, he would be surrounded by guards.”

“All right.”

Even so, the sight of Lionel giving his instructions was seriously imposing.

Despite that, Lionel’s act to continue to let me take command made me fully aware that he was trying to nurture my ability.


As I collected the corpses of the demonized people like instructed, Lionel spoke to me from behind.

“Luciel-sama, please head to the Emperor’s bedroom right after you are done collecting the bodies. Everyone, this marks the first stage so heighten your vigilance.”


It would definitely not sound as convincing if I said the same words.

I learned one aspect of Lionel in which he was not a player but a leader when he was in the Empire in the past.


” … This is a lot worse compared to the demons I collected below”

I unconsciously let those words slip.

Just how were they reconstructed to reach this stage, as the corpses were like mummies with all their body moisture removed.

Of course, I did not want to touch them so I poked them with my illusionary wand and stored them in my item bag.

There weren’t any demons who pretended to be dead so the collection ended swiftly but I strongly felt that this demonization technique should be taboo … the kind of forbidden techniques.

But, even though I felt that they have crossed the line where humans should never cross, it didn’t feel like the gods had intervened.

” … Perhaps the gods in this world can’t intervene? Or was it not a taboo … either way — ”

I don’t know what circumstances caused the reincarnated individual Alice to be captured and on by Cloud but in the worst case scenario, there’s a possibility that we have to rewrite her memory using the Darkness Spirit.

I finished collecting all the dead bodies with a heavy mind.

That’s when I head Lionel’s voice.


“Luciel-sama, I wish to contact Dolan while we are on the move but are you okay with that?”


I took the magic communication bead out from my item bag and passed it to Lionel.

“Thank you very much. Now, let’s move to the Emperor’s bedroom. I’ll try to contact Dolan during that time. And Luciel-sama, to be safe, please prepare to cast Sanctuary Barrier at any time.”

“I’m fine with that but where do you plan to use it?”

“If the Emperor has been demonized, I absolutely wish that he can be reverted back to human. And if he has the means to perform demonization, I also wish to prevent that at all cost.”

That meant that he did not want to give him the chance to undergo demonization like Cloud. Furthermore, if the Emperor retained his consciousness after demonization like Melfina, he wants to somehow return his to how he was previously.

That was the feeling I got from Lionel.

“Understood. If you have anything else you want me to do, don’t hesitate to instruct me.”

“All right. However, at this moment, Luciel-sama should focus on recovering your own magical power.”


“Everyone, let’s go.”

Lionel nodded and addressed everyone else before leading the way.

Looking at that retreating back, I felt a sense of dependability in a different manner compared to Broad-shisho.


As we advanced down the hall, I saw servants dressed like maids but they all kept close to the walls and lowered their heads after seeing the fully equipped Lionel.

I thought he would just pass them by but Lionel would definitely say something to them.

“Morning, for the sake of the Empire, and for your own sake, please work hard today.”

“Morning. Your complexion is a little bad, don’t push yourself too hard.”

How do I describe it? He seemed extremely gentlemanly.

“Even when he was the General of the Empire, he also called out to them like that nya. Dreaded by his enemies, feared by the soldiers and loved and respected by everyone else, an amazing person nya.”

Comparatively, all the employees looked at Lionel with shocked looks.

That would definitely be because when Cloud paraded himself as Lionel, he probably did not give a single greeting.

Nevertheless, there were also people who replied “Welcome back” with trembling voices.

“Thank you.”

Lionel gave a striking smile whenever he replied to them.

I felt proud that Lionel was not only the Empire’s strongest but also the Empire’s most eminent personality.

I’ve heard that the position mold people but Lionel probably swiftly reached the position of the Empire’s General.

” … I’m lacking in all aspects. But, someday …”

I muttered to myself and chased after Lionel’s back.


After climbing up the stairs to exit from the long hallway, we finally arrived at the bedroom and there were ten soldiers standing by.

“Luciel-sama, Estia, I wish to avoid combat here so please follow my instructions.”

“Sure.” “Yes.”

“Firstly, Luciel-sama, please release a purification wave. Estia, are you able to make the ones suffering lose consciousness?”

“I believe it would work as the opponents are still human. But if they are demons then I have no idea.”

“Then if they do not faint, Luciel-sama, please release another purification wave. Cathy and Kefin, please suppress the soldiers who are suffering after the second purification wave.”


It was an extremely simple plan.

Nevertheless, I trusted Lionel and activated purification wave and confirmed that there were four soldiers who showed signs of suffering when it touched them.

That was when  Estia covered the suffering soldiers with a purple-black haze.

However, that failed to rob them of their consciousness and their gazes shot toward us as if the pain from the purification wave had no effect.

When I activated the second purification wave, the same four showed signs of suffering.

The remaining soldiers realized that they were under attack and faced us but the only thing they saw was probably Lionel.

The soldiers were hit with a dense aura of intimidation.

Cathy and Kefin shortened the distance of 15 meters in an instant and delivered a strong blow to the back and head of the four soldiers before cutting off both their arms.

The remaining soldiers were probably dumbfounded but Lionel approached the soldiers while still maintaining his intimidation.

“I have important matters to speak with His Majesty. I ask that you men watch over these demonized individuals. Understood?”

The six of them looked at each other and a representative spoke.


“General Lionel, these men are people you placed as guards for His Majesty? How will General take responsibility for that? Depending on your answer, we cannot let you pass even if you are the General.”

Even though he was sweating profusely, the soldier grit his teeth and said that.

Lionel smiled happily and released his intimidating aura.

The six soldiers revealed relieved expressions.


“This is a battle for time so there was no other way. I will make it public soon but since my defeat close to two years ago, I have never been in the Empire. And I have just executed the demon who disguised himself as me.”

Lionel openly spoke the truth.

But the soldiers gave troubled expressions.

“Do you have any proof?”

“Yes. The head of the demon who assumed my shape. And a spy who utilized the demon’s power and a magician enslaved by it. Moreover, I have safely secured both His Highness Albert and the former Saint Melfina.”

The representative soldier was still hesitating and he looked over to me.

“Understood. Then these people here?”

“The Sage Luciel-sama, an S-rank Healer who saved my life. And his followers. Although one of them used to be my follower in the past.”

” … I see. It is not something we can decide on. General, I have a favor to ask.”


“We have to capture the demons who invaded the premise. So, could the Empire strongest General defend this place?”

“I see. Leave it to me then. Thank you.”

“What do you have to thank me for? I should be the person thanking you.”

The soldiers pinned down the demons and opened the path for us.


Then, Lionel knocked on the door to the Emperor’s bedroom.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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