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There was a slight mis-translation in the previous chapter:

The Emperor’s final sentence was supposed to be ‘I kept waiting for the opportunity to appear but it never came. Until a person showed up claiming to be a reincarnated individual.’, instead of ‘I kept waiting for the opportunity to appear but it never came. For a person to claim that they are a reincarnated individual.’

Chapter 265: Throwing cold water

Translator: Tseirp


Surely the Emperor … the Emperor certainly did say the words ‘reincarnated individual’.


In other words, he removed Lionel because reincarnated individuals appeared.

I have not spoken to Alice the reincarnated individual before so I’ll omit her and focus on Cloud.

Was he able to approach the Emperor because he could use the Mixed Magic Transformation (Equipment Swap)? Even if he did approach the Emperor, was he involved in Lionel’s assassination?


“Reincarnated individuals … are you referring to that person named Cloud? Or the one named Alice?”

Lionel had questions too as he asked about the two reincarnated individuals.


“Ho. So you found out that those two were reincarnated individuals. In that case, you knew about those two’s abilities?”

“Yes. However, I cannot imagine why Your Majesty would simply aim for my life once you obtain those two as chess pieces.”

He naturally claimed that he knew about the two reincarnated individual’s abilities without mentioning them and instead asked for information from the Emperor … Lionel was acting calm as usual.


“Yeah, you are this Empire’s strongest. That was why it wouldn’t have mattered even if there were or weren’t any reincarnated individuals …”

Was this where the mastermind comes into the picture …?

I listened carefully to the Emperor’s words.


“I had Alice 「Appraise」 everyone who approached me. Then, one day, that guy appeared in front of me and said. ‘I will give you the power of the conqueror to control the continent.’.”

Well, that was serious boasting … I’m hoping that that was not the third reincarnated individual in the Empire.


“But would Your Majesty believe the words of such a dubious person?”

I could tell that Lionel could not believe it at all from his words


However, the Emperor replied as if to ridicule that.

“I believed it. After all, that guy was the Demon Lord.”


Kefin and the others had finished restraining the demonized soldiers and were also astonished by the words spoken by the Emperor.

Of course, I was included as well.


The revival of the Demon Lord was only supposed to happen another dozen of years later.

Why would it happen in this age … no, more importantly, how did he escape from his seal at the Darkness Continent made by Sir Rainstar? Questions were rising one after the other.


However, even after all that, Lionel still asked the Emperor calmly.

“How did you conclude that the being was the Demon Lord? I don’t believe you would do so just because he named himself so?”

“Yes, that was because he was served by a reincarnated individual with a rare ability as well.”

“Rare ability?”

“Yes. The Space-Time Attribute that only Heroes can possess … or to be precise, the godchild ability that only transferred and reincarnated individuals can possess. That person used that reincarnated individual’s Space-Time Transfer to appear in this castle.”

A being that named itself the Demon Lord and a reincarnated individual who can manipulate Space-Time Attribute … I wanted it to be a joke but that atmosphere was not one to joke about and I was sure that the Emperor did not have a humorous personality.

If there was a reincarnated individual capable of Transfer on the Demon Lord side, the peace could be broken at any time.


I felt it too for the reincarnated individual named Alice but to acquire 「Appraisal」 or 「Space-Time Attribute」, they would have had to pour all their starting SP (Skill Points) into them.

I could never match views with reincarnated individuals with such bold personalities to actually go ahead with that option and I don’t ever want to be involved with them … but, someone here would definitely get involved so I would have to gather as much information as possible for Lionel’s sake.

Even so, that reincarnated individual, even if he acquired the Space-Time Attribute skill with the SP he gained by leveling up, he shouldn’t be able to freely use it numerous times like Heal.

Thinking about it from that aspect, utilizing Space-Time Attribute should require magical power, hard work and time.


If I calculated from when I first met Lionel and the others and from the full five years since I came to this world, that person has had that ability for a full four years.

I’m unsure how much skill level he would have to raise to transfer together with multiple people but why was he able to use the Space-Time Attribute that was said to be a legend?

If it was said to be a legend, how would the reincarnated individual know the chant for the Space-Time Attribute?

Even Nelldal did not have any description of such matters in their documents so that doubt was left unresolved.


As I was lost in thought, Lionel continued his conversation with the Emperor.

“I see, so you believed it because the reincarnated individual could manipulate the legendary attribute … to think that Your Majesty would believe such matters, have Your Majesty turned foolish?”

“Hmph. If I’m foolish then what about you who fell into my schemes and lost your position. Wouldn’t that mean that you are even below my foolishness?”

“That is true. However, that was most likely fate. I am still grateful for that time as the heavens have led me to find the person I should truly follow.”

“I laughed when I heard the man who could climb up to the ranks of the Empire’s General pledge loyalty to a Healer that was just slightly more excellent than his peers but seeing how you have been revived even after poison coursed through your body, I might have been slightly wrong about that Healer …”

The Emperor finally turn away from Lionel … but, Lionel immediately moved back into the Emperor’s line of sight.


Lionel was truly reliable. He was giving me time to finish thinking.

In the first place, where did that reincarnated individual meet the Demon Lord? I don’t know much now but I doubt his ability was only limited to transferring to and fro the Darkness Continent.

It would not be strange to hear rumors of a skilled user like that from Adventurers but I never once heard of such rumors.

As expected, regarding the words spoken by the Emperor or by that Demon Lord, there was no proof at all that they were speaking the complete truth.


There would be no meaning in thinking about it there any further so I raised my concentration to be able to use Sanctuary Barrier, Purification and Healing Magic as usual.

“Your Majesty, this is the final advice from a former Empire General to his former lord. Before the dignity of the Empire is lowered any further, please abdicate the seat to His Highness Albert. At this rate, the Empire will be taken over.”

“Abdicate? Taken over? Kukuku. What are you talking about? I will continue to reign over this Empire, conquer the continent and even obtain the Darkness Continent in the end.”

The Emperor claimed without any hesitation in his words.


” … Those people were probably the pawns of the Principality of Blange. Recently that country’s hero and reincarnated individuals have acquired the power of demonization. At this rate, the Empire and the Imperial Citizens would suffer before anyone realizes it.”

“Kukuku. I have noticed that since the start. That is why their power will become mine … what is that door?”

At that time, at a seriously bad timing, a Hermit’s Coffin flew out from my item bag and the encased His Highness Albert exited.

Coming out at a time like this was seriously a bad timing.

This time in particular.

“Here is? O!? Your Majesty!? And Sensei, so the plan was a success.”

His Highness Albert said joyously but the Emperor replied with words we all had guessed.

“That put a damper on the joy. If you want me to speak any more, show me your ability to kill me, Lionel. Today, I will finally achieve my long-cherished wish and form the first cornerstone for the unification of the continent.”

“Luciel-sama, sorry but please allow me to have a one-to-one duel to the death.”

Lionel completely shifted his sight from the Emperor and lowered his head to me.


“I do not want to be scolded by Naria so you are not permitted to die and I will not allow you to. I allow it as long as you are prepared to live.”

“Thank you very much. Your Majesty, where would you like to duel?”

“Isn’t it a given?”

That instant, the Emperor appeared behind Lionel.

“Of course it would be here. First, give me your power.”

As the Emperor said that, Dark magical power like miasma coiled around his hand as he stretched his hand toward Lionel’s head.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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