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SL Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: My name is Albert

Translator: Tseirp


“Ademi, drink this for now.”


I passed Ademi, who had vacant eyes, a small vial filled with liquid medicine.


“It’s a little bitter.”


Ademi downed the contents of the small vial as he was asked.

His eyes immediately quivered violently until even the whites of his eyes could be seen as he groaned.


“Dis … gustingggg.”

“It is a delicate medicine so I could not put anything in to adjust the flavor.”

“Ah, eh, I somehow feel a little more comfortable …”

“It lowers your skill level for a time, well, it is something like a type of poison. It is apparently medicine created by Wild Elves that can temporarily suppress the impulses from Divine Protections. I’m glad that it seems to be effective on the Devil’s Divine Protection as well.”

“Wild Elf medicine!? How do you know something like that!”


Al and Ademi both gave shocked expressions.


“Suppressing Divine Protections will cause the Holy Church to be angry so it is our secret, okay?”


I said with my index finger on my lips and the two of them nodded multiple times.

Despite the situation we were in, youngsters are tough creatures as they now had slightly excited looks after being part of a secret.


“Now then, according to Lit, he should be around here.”


The investigation Lit was in charge of made tremendous progress these few days.

Apparently, she found an excellent collaborator.

They had magnificently investigated that Big Hawk was confining Ademi, that he was plotting something using Ademi and Al, and even his ultimate goal.


She had certainly found an extremely excellent collaborator.

Although she said that he was a nomadic adventurer …


“She mentioned that he carries a sword kept in a red sheath.”


Most of the South Marsh residents were gathered at Big Hawk’s mansion so the area was quiet.

Speaking of sounds, I could hear the cries of a baby from a house far away, perhaps the baby was kept waiting at home.


“If he asked me to wait here, he should be quite a considerable user of invisibility.”


I could not sense any presence at all.

I surveyed the surroundings while maintaining vigilance.


When my gaze landed on a dilapidated house to my right, a human figure appeared from the shadows.

He was a good-looking youth with darkish skin.

He had an exotic-make long sword kept in a red sheath on his waist.


“You are Red-san, right?”

“So you are the collaborator Lit spoke of? Byuui?”


The youth showed a refreshing smile.

However, Red sensed something from that youth that made him keep his guard up.


“Yes, I am Byuui. I had to spend some time to disperse the nearby spirits that have been sprinkled on Al-kun and Ademi-kun.”

“You sure do a thorough job. Afterward, we’ll proceed as planned.”


“What are you guys talking about?”


Al asked uneasily as he could not understand what Byuui and I were talking about.


“We’re talking about beating Big Hawk’s ass.”


Al’s eyes opened wide in shock after he heard me say that.


“Sorry for leaving you guys out of the loop, we’ll have to include you two as well.”


The two of them had crucial roles to play.

Or rather, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these two would defeat Big Hawk.

At that time,




Byuui gave a short but sharp warning.


“I know. Eleven people huh?”


I sensed the presence of 11 beings approaching us.

Nine of them had pretty good concealment skills. They were probably Stalker Demons.

They were the demons that Lit fought against.


“I’ll take care of half of them.


Byuui drew his sword.

He held his sword with his left hand, lowered his waist and thrust his right hand forward in a stance.

It was a stance I had never seen before but it felt like a technical stance that did not rely purely on skill.

I could probably rely on him … but.


“I’ll hold them back here. Byuui, please bring Al-kun and Ademi-kun to the scheduled location.”

“I don’t mind but are you sure? We still don’t know the combat ability of our opponents.”

“I only plan to stall them. It won’t be a problem.”

” … I guess that is true, all right. I will make sure to deliver the two of them safely.”




“Byuui will explain to you what you should do.”

“Wi-will you be all right? The enemy is coming.”

“Yeah, I’ll definitely be fine. Our victory has already been decided. Now, hurry up and go.”


After signaling to Byuui with my eye, he grabbed hold of their hands.


“Re-red-san! Teach me the sword another time okay!”

“Sure, it’s a promise.”


The two of them left with Byuui in the lead.

Despite that, the enemy presence was still headed directly toward me.


“As expected.”


His armor was slightly heavier on the left side due to the decorations so his footsteps were not uniform and there were slight irregularities.

I knew that footstep rhythm.

Eleven human figures appeared in under a minute.


“Hey, Albert.”

“Address me with ‘san’, D-rank.”


Albert shot a sharp gaze at me with his rounded-tip executioner’s sword already drawn.


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