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SL Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The assassin gets a new job

Translator: Tseirp


We properly manned the shop from the afternoon.

Lit took care of the storefront while I went to compound medicine in the workshop. Today I was making antidotes.

The production of the Devil’s Divine Protection had stopped but it was doubtful if the authorities had seized all the remaining drugs.

Furthermore, from then on, we would have to treat the withdrawal symptoms of the drug.

I guess there was a need for a medicine to reduce the withdrawal symptoms too.


“I might as well mass produce Cure Poison Potions.”


Drug poisoning was treated as the effect of magically-induced poisoning.

If Cure Poison was used, it would immediately treat not only the mental addiction but even the addiction symptoms in the body.

However, the difficulty was that Cure Poison Potions were extremely expensive at 300 Peryl a bottle so it was a medicine that only rich adventurers, merchants or aristocrats could lay their hands on.


“Hopefully the symptoms can be coped with using antidotes made from brewed medicinal grass.”


Cure Poison Potions were Magic Potions made by containing spells in them. It was not something I, who can’t use magic, could make.

However, the antidotes made using medicinal grass could only ease the symptoms a little. In apothecary, drug addiction was different from poison.

Although I could sell them at a cheap price by using the Multiplying Potion to convert one potion into five potions …


“If only I had a tight-lipped, trustworthy cooperator who has the authority to distribute it.”


My acquaintances in Zoltan tend to be middle to lower-class citizens in Downtown.

My connections were non-existent.


“Well, I’ll discuss it with Lit and I guess I’ll give up if that is no good too.”


People probably won’t die even if they don’t have the Cure Poison Potions.

However, the problem was that the Holy Church would question their blasphemous act of taking the Devil’s Divine Protection so the church that normally treats and isolates drug addicts would not actively do so for this incident.

There was a need for a partner to nurse the patients suffering from withdrawal symptoms until they can be off the medications. Zoltan had multiple clinics but they did not have the capacity for treatment of hospitalized patients.

At most they could mainly treat the patients who come to the clinic and only give them a short hospitalization duration before they are sent home to recover.


“Regardless, they are all problems that are too large for me to handle.”


I ended up having a lot of thoughts but it wasn’t a problem that I could draw any conclusions.

I’ll just do my best within the realm of my apothecary.




In the evening, after I finished compounding, I dropped by the shop to check and found Lit greeting customers with a smile.

It seemed that the shop was quite busy.


“Due to the riots at South Marsh, medicines for emergencies … like the hemostatic agents are selling very well. Also, the Guards bought quite a number of hangover medications. I sold quite a few Cure Potions too.”


The Cure Potions I was selling in the shop were from the requests I put up to the Downtown adventurers to cooperate to contain spells inside the potions I made. The total hours spent working on it plus the part-time wage adds up to 13 Peryl.

To the fledgling adventurers, the total working hours were long but it was an easy request where they could earn money just by using magic so it was a popular request.


“Ooo, that’s amazing, isn’t this a record high sales?”

“I think it should rank number one or two. Even though the shop was closed until the afternoon. Moreover, various clinics apparently don’t have enough medicine so I believe the orders will come in from tomorrow onwards.”


Lit passed me a note of today’s sales.

I took a quick look at it and we certainly did sell a great deal.


“In this case, I better compound more medicine. Furthermore, at this rate, I would run out of the medicinal grass I use as materials. I’ll head to the mountains to gather medicinal grass tomorrow so I guess I’ll put in more work to compound a little more today.”

“It might be better if we leave the shop open until the customer traffic recedes too.”

“We’ll be working a little overtime though. Can I leave it to you?”

“Sure! It seems that there have been customers that don’t normally buy medicine from us so it’s the time to let them know of the high-quality medicine sold at Red & Lit’s Apothecary.”


I wonder if they could be deemed as high-quality but I was confident that there were no failing-grade medicines.

There have not been any claims from customers and even though there was no chance of winning against the value of medicine sold by shops where the medicines were made using the Intermediate Compounding skill or by shop owners who possess Divine Protections that can use magic, the people who use medicine are not those who would seek such high-quality goods.


“Could I have this cold medicine please!”


A young Half-Elf girl paid 10 common copper coins and asked with a lively voice.

It was a medicine made using ginger that would raise the body’s metabolism and was not a medicine that would show immediate effects unlike medicine made using skills but … this kind of medicine was needed too.


“Be careful not to drop it okay.”


Lit smiled gently and passed her the bottle with the medicine in it.


“Thank you very much! Mother looked like she was suffering from the cold!”

“I think your mother will definitely be happy.”


The young girl lowered her head and left the shop with light footsteps.




My name is Tise. I am an Assassin but now I am probably a flying ship pilot.


“At this rate, we should reach by tomorrow.”


Night had fallen so we landed in a forest a distance away from the highway in order for me to rest.

I was currently explaining the route to Hero-sama with a map spread open.


“I see.”


Hero-sama silently listened to my words as I traced the route on the map.

She occasionally looked in my direction and twitched her cheek but I end up getting startled thinking I did something to anger her.

Ugeuge-san was tapping my shoulder telling me it was all right and cheering me on.

Yup, I will do my best.

Hii!? Hero-sama twitched her cheek again! She keeps staring in my direction!!

It’s fine, keep calm, keep calm …


“Tomorrow, land at this point.”


Hero-sama pointed at the map.

It was close to a mountain about a day’s walk from Zoltan.


“Here? That would be quite a distance from Zoltan though?”

“The flying ship would stand out. In Zoltan, I wish to hide the fact that I am the Hero. You should treat me as a regular traveler too.”


Ehhhhhh? No way no way no way!!

No, I didn’t mind landing the flying ship at a distant location and neither did I mind walking from there!


But it’s impossibly impossible for Hero-sama to pretend to be an ordinary person!


After all, I break out in cold sweat just by standing beside her! And my back becomes all drenched! And I have to wash my underwear every night!

A person who emits such overwhelmingly strong aura can only be either the Hero or the Demon Lord!

Although I have never met the Demon Lord before.


“Is that so? Sorry for being rude but Hero-sama isn’t really familiar with being an ordinary traveler.”

“You are right. I have always lived as a Hero. That’s why, if I can’t pretend to be a traveler well, I hope that you could cover for me.”


Seriously ―


“I do not know if I can serve as Hero-sama’s guide. I am nothing more than a vile Assassin.”

“That does not matter. Even now, you have pointed out that I am not familiar with being a traveler.”


So I was evaluated on that point huh … but I feel that anybody could have pointed that out …

But I was afraid to object any more so I guess I have no choice but to give up. It is the job of an Assassin to answer to the wishes of their employer as much as possible.

I have received training to blend into the crowd and if Hero-sama … it’s probably impossible. But I can’t say that. For now, I’ll just nod and survive today.

It is also an important ability of Assassin to survive difficult situations.


“Well then, that’s all for tomorrow’s plan. You can get some rest. I will act as the lookout.”


Hero-sama said as she went out on to the deck.


I am Tise. Assassin and Flying ship Pilot but now I act as the cover for Hero-sama dressed as a traveler.

I would never have thought that I would end up like this when I was still an Assassin.


It’s true.




In the middle of the night, as a person was washing their sweaty underwear, she detected the presence of Hero-sama pacing about as if looking for something for some reason.

She tried to listen carefully.


” … Not here.”


She heard a somewhat disappointed voice.

Not here? Of course, we are the only people on the flying ship so obviously nobody else would be around.

What was she doing?




Ugeuge-san also tilted its head in doubt.


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