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SL Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: This is a story about saving the hero

Translator: Tseirp


Ruti-sama stared at the ceiling after she finished her story.

Her red cheeks were likely not because she was soaking in a hot bath.


“So Ruti was like that too.”


Lit-san also looked at the ceiling.

She looked like she was recalling something as well.


“I fell into despair after Shisandan murdered my mentor as well as the Imperial Guards and Adventurers who I trusted and partied with. Especially after a heated argument with you guys on how we would protect our country with our own bodies. At that time, I felt that it would have been better if I hadn’t survived. That it happened because of me.”

“I see.”

“Red saved me during that time. He arrived before Ruti and the others and rushed to face Shisandan in battle for my sake. He encouraged me to slaughter my enemies rather than wallow in regret.”


It sounded like the disturbance in the Principality of Logavia.

The Principality of Logavia, which held immense military might, had been fighting small skirmishes with its neighboring country over the right to use a river that stretched along their border and had also continually been fighting against the Demon Lord army on their own even before the invasion started.

However, the Demon Lord army led by the Asura Demon Shisandan attacked and caused devastating damages to the mountain residents who supplied large amounts of fuel that supported the strength of Logavia’s military, cutting off their supplies.

The strength of Logavia’s soldiers came from their high-quality equipment. Large amounts of fuel were needed to operate the production factories for the production of such equipment.


Logavia’s army lost their momentum and their castle was surrounded.

There was a reason why Shisandan performed secret maneuvers behind the scenes to assassinate the Imperial Captain Gaius which the Logavia King held great trust in.

Even after Shisandan was defeated by Hero Ruti, the surrounding Demon Lord army did not retreat and continued to surround Logavia despite no longer proactively going on the offensive. Shisandan’s secret maneuvers had already cornered Logavia to the point that they could no longer counterattack.


It was then that the Hero Ruti, accompanied by Lit, broke through the encirclement by utilizing a route through the Forest of Deceit which was thought to be impossible to escape from, took command of a reinforcement squad comprising of a hundred elite running drake cavalry, and trampled on the Demon Lord army which had lost its chain of command which was Shisandan.


“I believe Ruti saw it too, how much I despaired within the Forest of Deceit. I felt that we were running around in circles and it went on for a week … I feared that Logavia was already defeated and that everyone had been killed.”


Lit’s expression was still bright even though it was a dark story.

It might be a painful memory but at the same time, it was probably also the memory of her first encounter with Gideon-san.


“But Red was there. He fought with me. He said that we would save Logavia. I was glad that Red was there in the dark Forest of Deceit where even the sun rays could not penetrate. That was the first time I felt such feelings.”


Lit hugged her knees and hid her smile behind them.


I see, so Gideon-san was such a person.

After stacking so much experience, it was no wonder that Ruti-sama and Lit-san both love Gideon-san.


Ruti-sama scooped up hot water with both her hands.

The hot water that spilled out from her palms splashed back into the hot tub.


“To me, baths no longer feel as good as they used to.”


“The pleasure of entering a bath was from heating up the body, increasing blood circulation and healing tired muscles.”


Ruti-sama scooped up hot water again. The sounds of splashing echoed in the bathroom.


“I possess all kinds of resistance in my body. No matter if it is extreme cold or intense heat, my body temperature will never change. That applies to the warmth from the bath as well, I can only gain information that this is hot water.”




“I don’t fall sick and I don’t tire. My body condition is always at its peak.”




“It is the same for meals too. I can never feel hungry. Neither do I need water. I can taste food but my body does not require nutrients.”




“I think that entering a bath feels good because I recall that entering a bath feels good. I am only recreating my emotions from my memories.”




“When I was a child, the honeyed milk that Onii-chan made for me was extremely delicious. It was sweet and smooth and I thought that I could drink any number of it. But, the honeyed milk I drank today, even though it should taste even better than before, I could no longer taste the deliciousness from the past. Despite that, I can still recall the delicious taste of Onii-chan’s honeyed milk.”


I see … so that made matters worse.


Ruti-sama is humanity’s strongest.

I, Ares-sama, Danan-sama, Theodora-sama, and even Gideon-san probably are all strong enough to stand at the pinnacle of humanity.

However, we are not the strongest. Even if we all team up against Hero-sama, we would not win. Ruti-sama will likely never experience being saved by anybody ever again.

Her emotions can’t surface as much as it used to. Since Ruti-sama’s Divine Protection denies all harmful emotions.

That was why Ruti-sama had no choice but to yearn for her past.


( … So Ruti-sama only has Gideon-san huh?)


Lit-san said something while looking taken aback.


This was … the Hero’s Divine Protection huh? The Hope of Mankind, the Hero chosen by God, the World’s Strongest Power.


“I, in truth, hated Lit-san when I was cooperating with you in Logavia.”

“You felt like I was relying fully on you as the Hero, right?”


Lit-san smiled wryly.


“Wrong. I was jealous. Having the freedom to laugh, to be angry, to cry … to fall in love. I was jealous, so jealous of Lit-san gradually shrinking the distance with Onii-chan … ”


There were soft sounds of droplets falling into the water.

It was the sound of small droplets falling from both of Ruti-sama’s eyes into the bath.


“I was really jealous … so I hated you. So when Onii-chan and Ares recommended that you should be added to the party, I did not invite you.”

” … Ruti.”

“Lit-san, Tise … this is who I am.”


Ruti-sama smiled clear enough for even I and Lit-san to notice.


“This is the Hero Ruti … Lit-san, I did not want to become a Hero, I wanted to become you.”


I was wrong. This is impossible for me.

I worried about needless matters and could not understand the true issue.

I shouldn’t be in this place, it should have been Gideon-san.

Gideon-san is the only person who can surely save Ruti-sama.


Ruti-sama’s smiling visage seemed so sad that I wanted to turn my eyes away.




*Tap tap* A small arm tapped my shoulder.

When I looked around, I saw Ugeuge-san.


“Eh, I’m mistaken?”


Ugeuge-san raised both its arms.

If Ugeuge-san could produce sound, it would probably be shouting right now.


(Nothing is impossible, it is only beginning!!)


Ugeuge-san cried out.

That’s right, it’s just as Ugeuge-san says.

The Princess imprisoned by her Divine Protection that denies even her own free will.

The hero Gideon-san who can save the Princess.

In that case, am I the magician who ‘guides’ the hero?


I suddenly sensed somebody looking at me.

Lit-san was looking in my direction. Our gazes intersected.

Lit-san’s gaze contained strong will as she nodded slightly. It might have been a short time but Lit-san was also a companion who adventured together with Hero-sama.

There are two humans and one insect magicians who will guide the hero.


These would be the cast for the story. We have come to understand the development which caused the captured Princess’ sufferings.

In that case, the next action will be to guide the hero and for the hero to fight the evil Dragon that captured the Princess and rescue her.


I don’t know what I should do to save Ruti-sama.

However, Ugeuge-san and I are Ruti-sama’s friends.

So it begins here even if we can’t see the goal!


The story to save Hero-sama, a story where everyone smiles in the end!


Author’s note:

I have reached the cumulative 100 placing which I never imagined I would be able to reach.

This is all thanks to all of you who enjoy this work with me. I am truly thankful.

This year has been a wonderful year. I wrote two works and both have many readers who enjoy it.


I wish everyone had a good year. I am in your care next year as well!


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