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SL Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Asura and Sage

Translator: Tseirp


Ares took off the equipment he had on his body and staggered as he tossed himself onto the bed.




Actually, he wished to not spare a single moment to chase after Ruti but after using magic continuously for days and nights, he was severely exhausted.


(I don’t know the true identity of the wicked scheme that is hindering my dream but my victory is certain.)


The proof of that was his ability to realize the miracle that was capable of finding the Hero in this vast world.

Ares’ lips twisted into a smile.


【Don Don】 Somebody knocked on the door.


“Who is it?”


Ares reluctantly dragged his body up.


“I said, who is it? I wish to rest.”

“It’s me.”


Ares remembered that voice.

But the owner of that voice wasn’t supposed to be there.

Ares stood up cautiously and kept his right hand free in order to be able to cast spells at any time as he slowly approached the room door.


“Are you sure you got the correct room?”


Ares deliberately tried to feign ignorance.


“Yes, I came here to see the Sage Ares. I’m Danan.”


Ares slowly opened the door.

A large man wrapped in thick muscles stood in front of him.


“It’s been a long time.”


The man grinned as he hugged the bag of candied fruits with 『both』 his hands.




“Here, this candied orange is great.”

” ……… ”


After entering the room, Danan offered the bag’s contents to Ares.


“You look very tired. At times like these, candied fruits are the best.”


Ares made a sign with his left hand. He cast a spell for detecting poison and verified that the contents of the bag did not have any traces of poison.


“So cautious.”


Danan smiled bitterly but he didn’t seem to mind.

Ares took one of the candied oranges and put it into his mouth.




Ares realized how much sweet things soothed a tired body.

However, due to his animosity toward Danan, Ares retained his sullen expression.


Danan smiled bitterly at Ares’ expression.


“Looks like you liked it.”

“Danan, why are you here?”

“Me? Naturally, it is to look for Gideon. I found information that Gideon is here. On the contrary, I want to know what Ares is doing in such a remote region, moreover, on your own. Is Hero-sama in a separate inn?”

“Gideon is here?”

“Yeah, he is apparently running an apothecary.”


Was this perhaps a scheme by Gideon? That line of thought crossed Ares’ mind for an instant.

He immediately denied it as foolish. Gideon’s incompetent Divine Protection had no ability to plot such conspiracies.

However, emotionally, his hatred boiled as Gideon seemed to be hindering him once again.

Danan narrowed his eyes when he saw that reaction.


“So where is Hero-sama.”

” … She’s not here.”

“What’s the meaning of that.”

“I don’t need to explain it to you.”

“However, Gideon is here. I have to report that to Hero-sama.”


The edge of Ares’ mouth convulsed like he was sensitive to the topic.

Danan placed his hand on his chin and groaned.


“Hey, tell me what happened. I’m not exactly your enemy. Depending on the situation, I can opt to not report Gideon’s location to Hero-sama.”

” … Why did you switch your stance?”

“Our goal is to defeat the Demon Lord. Not to reunite Hero-sama and Gideon. Furthermore, Gideon plans to settle down here. He no longer thinks about subjugating the Demon Lord. Hey, do you remember Lislet of Logavia? He’s living in this town with that princess-sama.”

“Hah, as expected, Gideon is such a person. Even though I’m continuing to fight, he fled to live a carefree peaceful life and aim to marry into nobility! What a dirty guy!”


Ares hysterically shouted.

Danan was exasperated. Such unreasonable words even though he was the one who chased him away.

Well, that was the reason why he made contact with this guy. Asura, who took the form of Danan, laughed within himself.


“So, it will be a waste of time for Hero-sama to remain here to convince Gideon to come back. I do not wish to waste time as well. I too do not wish that Hero-sama will stop here in a bid to persuade Gideon.”

“I see … that’s very perceptive coming from you.”

“I am the type to say whatever emotion that comes to mind on the spot. I’m a different person altogether when I take it easy to think about my words and use my head.”

“Hmph, sounds very much like you.”


Ares laughed as if making a fool of him.

Danan was inferior to himself after all. Ares secretly felt superior over the man who can’t control his emotions.


“Well, that’s how it is. So why is Hero-sama here? Is it possible that Hero-sama found out about Gideon’s location?”

” …… ”

“What’s wrong?”


Ares seemed to be hesitating whether to say it.


(Has this guy ever failed in anything? I’m reluctant to talk about my own failure.)


Danan was amazed at his foolishness even though it won’t help him to hide the facts as he switched the way he asked the question.


“Well, anyway, we should act while we still have the chance. Gideon is using the alias Red here but he is quite well known in Zoltan.”

“Hmph, so that guy still wish to hold the pretense of being a hero in such a low-level place.”


In actual fact, Red was famous for living together with the Hero Lit but Danan did not have to correct every misconception he had.


“Either way, there’s a high chance Hero-sama will notice that Red and Gideon are the same people. If you have any business in Zoltan, you should get it done as soon as possible. Given how I’ve been to Zoltan first, I know a bit about the place so I can help you.”


Danan … that was Shisandan in disguise, suggested to Ares.

His goal was to discover the 『certain object』 the Wood-Elves sealed prior to their destruction and to bring it back.

Even his choice to risk the danger and make contact with Ares was to ascertain his goal and if it was not related to that 『certain object』, he would make them leave Zoltan even if he had to lend them a hand.


Shisandan had two concerns.

The first was the possibility of the Hero strengthening her combat ability through the Devil’s Divine Protection. In particular, the situation where the humans realize that demon hearts are not needed for it. However, due to its nature that denies Divine Protection, the Holy Church will oppose it; and as long as their Divine Protection still remain even if it is weakened, it will probably not be like the era of Ancient-Elves.

The other concern was if the Hero acquired the 『certain object』that Shisandan was searching for. It would be a blunder that would pale in comparison to having the flying ship snatched from him.


Shisandan may be a key general figure but he was evaluated as being particularly excellent at hiding and working in enemy territories.

That was the reason why he was entrusted to the important task this time.


” … That’s right!”


Ares raised his voice without noticing Shisandan’s thoughts.


“Ruti realized that Gideon and Red were the same people from that demon’s words. That’s why she took the flying ship to this place!”


(Hmph, regardless if this guy’s conjecture is right, the Hero left her companions to come to Zoltan huh? It looks like it has no relation to my mission.)


“Danan! Where is Gideon’s shop!?”

“Of course I know where it is but what do you plan to do?”

“Ruti is currently not in Zoltan but in a mountain far away. I will take this chance to meet Gideon and order him to disappear from Ruti’s sight.”


“That guy is now an ordinary person who has left the party. Shouldn’t he obey my orders!?”

“Sigh, I don’t think he will obediently obey them.”

“I’ll make him obey even if I have to use my power! Now tell me where that guy’s shop is!”


(This guy is so frustrated just because the Hero left him behind huh? If I remember correctly, I heard when I was in Logavia that this guy’s goal was to rebuild his house. He probably can’t leave the Hero party … maybe I can use him for something.)


Shisandan’s mouth bent into a grin. If Red was there, just by seeing that expression, he would probably notice that was not an expression Danan would make.


“Well, fine. I’ll lead you there.”


And if Ares had his usual composure, he would have noticed that Danan who was close to Gideon would not obediently guide him to the shop going by the flow of the conversation. However.


“Ku, kuku, damn Gideon, just how far must you hinder me …”


Ares smiled as if he was convulsing and pale white blood vessels surfaced on his clenched fists.

Ares’ mind was only filled with hatred toward Gideon who was hindering him.


TLN: The author is really going all out to make Ares hated.


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