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SL Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Trampled Slow Life

Translator: Tseirp


Zoltan Downtown. Ares and Shisandan arrived in front of Red & Lit Apothecary.

Naturally, Red locked the shop before he left.

However, to Ares, breaking down the door with magic without making a single sound, not even the click of a regular lock unlocking, was a simple task.

Ares unreservedly entered the shop in which Red and Lit lived in.


There was nobody in the shop.

Ares broke into the house thinking that they might be hiding in a secret room but it was clear that nobody was at home from the lack of presence.

However, the tableware that Red and Lit bought together, the two beds which used to be placed slightly apart that were now snugly fit next to each other in the bedroom, Red’s notes on the trends in Zoltan’s diseases in order to prevent serious illnesses due to the lack of medicine, the compounding tools that made countless medicine, the kitchen where the food that Lit and Ruti praised to be delicious was made, and the storefront where plenty of medicine was sold to Zoltan’s residents …

Ares flipped them over without hesitation, strewn them across the floor, destroyed them, trampled on them and, feeling irritated at the lack of any results despite all that, stomped around the house.


“Damn it!”


Shisandan smirked as he looked at his condition.


“So, in the end, after vandalizing the entire place, you realize that there is no information here at all.”

“Shut up!”


Ares shouted. Shisandan shrugged off his threatening attitude.


“Perhaps Gideon is on his way to Hero-sama?”

“What’s the basis to your claim …”

“There’s no need for any evidence. You think that Hero-sama came to Zoltan because she realized that Red was Gideon, right? Then shouldn’t you consider the possibility that Hero-sama and Gideon are acting together?”

” … Hmph.”


Ares kicked the door violently and went outside.

Shisandan took a look around the interior of the shop before following him out.


The medicine cabinet was broken open roughly and the medicine inside was scattered across the floor. The angel statue inside the cabinet had fallen over and its wing had broken off.

It was a terrible sight. Even though Red and Lit experienced plenty of laughter here and were enjoying their life here in Zoltan.

This place was the symbol of their slow life.




What would Gideon do once he sees this?


“Humans are interesting creatures.”


Furthermore, taking into consideration that Ares, who trashed this place this much, was once a companion who traveled together with Gideon, the Asura Demon Shisandan felt his interest in the human species increase even further.




“Shisandan is alive?”


Red unintentionally asked again to confirm.

The two people were running on the highway that passes through the marsh.


“Yeah, the being that tore off my right arm to consume was without a doubt the Asura Demon Shisandan that we fought in Logavia.”

“But we were certain that we defeated that guy.”


And we even beheaded him.

Even though we did not have the leeway to retrieve his body, I was sure Lit brought his head back to Logavia to present it to the king as proof of having taken vengeance for Gaius.

After that, I heard that it was put on display for others to see before it was buried in a mound.


“Are you sure it was not a sibling from the same race?”

“No, I will never forget a foe that I have fought against. That figure and sword technique without a doubt belonged to Shisandan.”


Danan was convinced that the person who attacked him was Shisandan.

It was probably true if Danan was so insistent.


“Yeah, there are still plenty of unknowns regarding the Dark Continent and the Demon Divine Protection but … are they capable of resuscitating the dead?”

“There’s no way I would know if you don’t know about it. Well, don’t worry about it. It’s nothing major. I’ll just keep killing him whenever he revives.”


Danan said as he laughed loudly.

There were guards riding horses in front of us. We avoided them and ran past right beside them. We were far ahead by the time the guards were in a flurry trying to soothe the horses that reared up in shock.

Despite that, I was actually slowing my speed down considerably to match Danan.


“I see that Danan has acquired the fatigue resistance skill too.”

“It’s one of the Martial Artist skill though.”


The fatigue resistance from the Common Skills that could not be acquired without first raising it to mastery could easily be obtained directly through the Unique Skills.

Unique Skills were strong after all.

We continued to run in a sprint which would cause ordinary people to immediately run out of breath.



“What is it?”

“At this pace, we should have already caught up to Lit and Tise so did she use some kind of Spirit Magic to strengthen and heal the running drake while it ran?”


I didn’t think there was a need to rush to that extent but … we should hurry.


“Hey, Gideon!”

” …. !”


At that moment, we felt an oppressive feeling from the sky.

We quickly laid prone underwater in the marsh and looked up at the sky.

Far up in the sky was the figure of a flying dragon.


“That’s a Spirit Drake?”

“If it’s a Spirit Drake, who summoned it?”

“I don’t believe there’s a Divine Protection holder in Zoltan capable of higher magic that can summon drakes.”


Drake Summoning was a higher magic that stood at the very apex of summoning magic.

Even the large cities in the central region won’t have individuals capable of it, not to mention in Zoltan.


“The direction … oi, is that toward the mountain which you said Hero-sama was heading toward?”

“Yeah, it might be. Just who might it be?”


The opponent was traveling by air.

Even if our destination was the same, traveling by air in a straight line meant that the distance to cover was very different when compared to the undulating road through the marsh which we were taking.


“Gideon, don’t worry about me, go ahead at full speed. I’ll catch up as quickly as possible.”


“Be careful, it’s dangerous to think that there’s nobody capable of fighting with us in the remote region. Somehow the back of my neck is tingling. It feels like that right before I fight a strong foe.”


I touched the hilt of the copper sword I had on my waist.


“I’m weak so I don’t hold such thoughts.”


The things the poor quality copper sword could cut through did not amount to much.


“I will only do what I am capable of. I’ll hide if there’s a strong foe so Danan should catch up quickly.”


I said with a smile before I put my full strength into my feet and ran.

In the blink of the eye, Danan’s figure became a spot in the distance and soon disappeared.


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