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SL Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Godwin sheds cold sweat

Translator: Tseirp


I am Tise. Hero Ruti-sama’s friend.

Following Red-san who went on ahead, Lit-san and I finally arrived at the entrance to the ruin.


” … I don’t like this.”


Lit-san said with a stern look when we were about to enter the ruin.


“What’s wrong?”

“I sense human presence in the mountain.”

“Presence huh?”


It seemed that as a 『Spirit Scout』, Lit-san’s presence detection skill was activated in nature-rich environments.

However, adventurers often came here to gather medicinal grass and people from the nearby settlement came here for logging and hunting.


“But such people rarely come this far in.”

“Is the presence nearby?”


I turned to look back.

Lying on the ground there were two Chimeras which we had just slain.

It was certainly true that only those with considerable ability can approach this area.


“Most probably. I don’t know the exact distance though.”

“Perhaps it is the person who summoned the Spirit Drake?”

“Maybe, what about tracks?”


Compared to the 『Spirit Scout』 which could ambiguously sense the presence of their opponent from a long distance away in a natural environment,  as an 『Assassin』, I was skilled in tracking skills that could even track unique footsteps on stone pavements from within a crowd.


“Only three people, Ruti-sama, Godwin, and Red-san entered the ruin. Compared to the time when I was last here, there has only been the addition of Ruti-sama and Red-san’s tracks. Before coming here, within the month, only Red-san and another person’s tracks led into the ruin.”

“Another person?”

“They seemed to have investigated the upper level of the ruin once. They did not visit again after investigating it once.”


It seemed to me that Red-san came to gather certain medicinal grass that grew a little way in from the ruin entrance. There was probably an abundance of mushrooms and moss due to the suitable moisture levels.

Ugeuge-san seemed to love that level of humidity as it peeked its head out from the gap of my bag and its black jewel-like eyes shined.


“There was another adventurer from Zoltan who came to investigate this ruin?”


We started walking into the depths of the ruin.

Lit-san looked like she was pondering about the other person who came here as we walked.




When we reached Godwin’s room, Godwin backed up in fear when he saw Lit-san.


“It’s fine. I certainly did end up getting injured because of you but I don’t resent you and I don’t intend to take revenge.”



Godwin trembled in fear as Lit-san grinned.

Lit-san seemed to have found it interesting as she purposely made it seem like she was about to draw her sword.

This person was surprisingly quite childish.


“Where is Ruru-san?”


We had decided to use aliases when in front of Godwin, I was Tifa while Ruti-sama was Ruru.

Leaving my name aside, Hero Ruti’s name was too famous.


“That personage went somewhere with the apothecary.”

“I see.”


In that case, it seemed that it would be quicker if I followed their footprints.

Thankfully, the footprints were still clearly present. Although if I did not have my skill, I probably would not have been able to distinguish the footprints left on the hard floor surface of the Ancient-Elf ruin.

Just as we were about to leave the room, Lit-san turned back.


“What’s wrong?”


Lit-san opened the item bag on her waist and from within, placed on the floor a magic knife that would emit a darkness that shrouded the surrounding light when the command word was spoken, a chain shirt that was sewn with excellent sound muffling material, smoke sticks that would emit smoke when broken, and thunderstones that would emit sound and light when struck.



“Godwin, although your life means nothing to me, you seem to be an important person here. It is possible that somebody has infiltrated this ruin. That person has equal or greater ability compared to us. You probably won’t be able to win so use these to protect yourself.”

“So-somebody stronger than you guys!? Don’t joke with me, bring me along too!”

“We are busy with our own tasks. We’ll be back soon once we meet up with them.”


In addition, Lit-san also placed a magic potion that contained the invisibility spell.


“I’ll leave this here too but … it’s a mere consolation. It probably won’t work against that level of an opponent.”


Godwin grumbled as he picked up the various items placed on the floor.


“I beg you guys, don’t drag me into a fight between you heroes.”

“Isn’t it better than being executed?”


Godwin shrugged his shoulders when Lit-san said that and he sat on the floor as if having given up.

His appearance seemed so pitiful that I ended up pitying him just a little.

Ugeuge-san also raised its right arm to cheer him up.




If Ares did not stop at the flying ship and entered the mountain directly, he would have seen Red within the mountain and would have probably been able to follow him.

However, without that aid, Ares had to rely on his own magic to circle the mountain and search.


“She should be around this vicinity.”


Ares scratched his arm in frustration as he said that.

Ares was using the spell that used Albert’s blood to point toward Ruti.

The scarlet blood that hung from the disk was drawn toward Ruti as it reacted to Albert’s magical power.

However, the disk was not capable of indicating vertical directions.

Ruti’s current location was within the expansive ancient ruins underneath the mountain.


“Why! Why can’t I find her!”


Ares continued to scream regardless of the blood flowing from his arm from his scratching.

Shisandan was troubled by what to do as he looked at his condition.


Shisandan’s impression of Danan whose appearance Shisandan was copying was that of a human who was not that bright. Although he did not snatch his memories, he had conversed with him multiple times during the time he infiltrated Logavia as Gaius.

Shisandan was convinced that his impression was not wrong given Ares’ attitude.

Shisandan had already anticipated that the Hero Ruti had entered the Ancient-Elf ruin. Ares probably could not find her because she was underground.

But he wondered if it was a good idea to suggest that given he had disguised himself as the idiotic Martial Artist that was Danan.

The man known as Ares was severely cornered. It could be said that he was in a state where his thought process had stopped.


However, the Asura Demon race has fundamentally different values and philosophy compared to humans or Elves or even other demons.

Shisandan has consumed many humans to this day and has seen all their memories but even so, Shisandan still could not understand the thought processes of humans.

When he infiltrated the humans, he only reproduced the actions of the person he mimicked by choosing their actions from past memories according to the situation.

This time, Shisandan did not acquire Danan’s memories. Because of that, he would not speak out unless necessary and only followed behind Ares.


(But if this goes on, we will not move forward.)


Among the countless memories Shisandan had consumed, there were also memories of men who have been cornered just like Ares. Shisandan decided that he would have to act with those memories as a reference.


“Hey, I just remembered but isn’t there an Ancient-Elf ruin in this mountain?”

“And what about it! Stop sprouting useless drivel and help to look for Ruti!”

“No, well, I heard that the ruin extended underground as well.”

” … Why did you not say that earlier!”

“I seemed to have completely forgotten about it.”

“Tch, that’s why I hate incompetent fools. Where is that ruin!”


(Did it go well? I twisted it to give the impression that it wasn’t something that Ares failed to consider but something that Ares was supposed to discover but he forgot about it.)


It seemed that Ares did not have any misgivings.

Shisandan chuckled to himself.


(Moreover, I can use this guy. Not by deceiving him but instead, I might be able to turn him into my ally.)


However, obviously, it would be impossible to persuade him if his identity was revealed now. But after this man gets rejected by the hero and his dream breaks down?

If he finds out that even after all was lost, his wish could still come true by dirtying his hands, would this man be willing to fulfill it by any means necessary?


(It’s a matter of timing. At any rate, I might not be able to win if I choose to antagonize him now.)


Ares’ magical power was the real deal. He might even be able to operate the ‘artifact’ sleeping within the Ancient-Elf ruin if he gets his hands on it.

Shisandan thought about the scheme he had to lay as he walked ahead. To Shisandan, the time spent thinking of ways to ensnare such an opponent was the most enjoyable time. On that note, he was delighted when he tricked Lit in Logavia.

Shisandan secretly revealed an evil smile that Ares was unable to see.


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