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SL Chapter 74

 Chapter 74: The medicine that the Hero desires

Translator: Tseirp


“In other words, the Devil’s Divine Protection was originally a medicine that manifests the nameless Divine Protection. However, a restriction was added to it, causing the manifestation of the demon Divine Protection and the transfer of Divine Protection levels to it. In its original form, the user’s innate Divine Protection level will not decrease and the demon Divine Protection would not manifest even without curse resistance.”


Godwin concluded his explanation with that.

We were in the midst of listening to Godwin’s thoughts on the Devil’s Divine Protection.


“So the property of suppressing a person’s Divine Protection was retrofitted to it?”

“It’s hard to judge. I think it is also possible that the manifestation of the new nameless Divine Protection suppresses the impulses from the innate Divine Protection even if it does not lower its level. However, the original effect of this medicine was only to create the nameless Divine Protection residing in Ruru-san right now.”

“That means the demon’s explanation to Ruru about how the medicine could increase Divine Protection leveling efficiency by temporarily reducing her innate Divine Protection level was not the original intended purpose of the medicine?”

“Since the Divine Protection levels will not be transferred in the first place, the manifested Divine Protection disappearing after a week and the transferred levels returning to your innate Divine Protection would probably not happen when using the original medicine.”


It was getting stranger by the minute.

The demons who improved on this medicine seemed to have altered the compounding recipe as if wanting to crush the original effect of the medicine.


“What about dependency or drug addiction effects?”


Asked Ruti. She was probably interested in that aspect of the medicine as the person using it.

Even though she could completely invalidate any effects due to her resistances, there was the possibility that she might lose her complete resistance if her Divine Protection level continued to be transferred and lowered by the medicine.


“That depends on the ingredient. Dwarven Black Fire Pepper with high toxicity was used as an ingredient. Even Zoltan has banned it so it was the hardest ingredient to procure. Although Big Hawk-san’s hidden storage has quite a number of them now.”

“Are there no substitutes?”

“I am originally nothing more than an alchemist-wannabe affiliated to the Thieves Guild. Altering a compounding recipe is beyond my ability.”


Godwin used his skill to analyze the medicine and made his conjecture by combining the information he heard from the Contract Demon and from us.

As a Thieves Guild executive working under Big Hawk, Godwin’s alchemist knowledge was definitely not abundant.

I thought to myself after I received from Godwin his note on the results of his analysis skill.


I could not conclude on substituting the ingredient with just this information.

Nonetheless, Ruti’s Healing Hand could completely treat any drug addiction.

Alternatively, there are many high-level Healers in large cities capable of using spells that can treat the side effect of drugs. It would cost quite a sum of money but that would be an insignificant amount when compared to the Hero’s assets.

I guess I’ll ignore it for now. Although I plan to solve it someday.


“Referring back to the slaughtering urges of the Devil’s Divine Protection, what do you think will happen if the nameless Divine Protection level surpasses the innate Divine Protection level?”

“I can’t say for certain but … as the Axe Demon impulses were the cause of that, I believe it is fine to assume that nothing will happen for a Divine Protection with no impulses.”


I held the same opinion too.


“So what is the conclusion?”


Asked Tise.


“Let me see, the risk seems to be small for now. There is a need to be aware to not let your Divine Protection level drop too much but there is little fear that you will develop homicidal urges.”


Ruti’s eyes widened just slightly.

She was probably afraid that I would forbid her from using the Devil’s Divine Protection.


“In the first place, the dangerous aspects were pretty much all added to the original medicine by the demons so I was thinking of trying to alter the recipe back to its original form.”


I didn’t expect my knowledge of medicine to be useful for a situation like this.

I felt a little proud as I watched Ruti make a delighted gesture.


“The next issue would be how Zoltan regards the Devil’s Divine Protection as a dangerous article because of the disturbance caused by it. If we try to procure unique ingredients like the Dwarven Black Fire Pepper, the Zoltan authorities would immediately mark us.”

“Why don’t we just grow the ingredients on this mountain?”


Lit said as it came to her mind.


“It is easier said than done as growing a plant imported from another land is extremely difficult. Well, there is value in trying though.”

“I see.”

“I’ll investigate the possibility of substituting the ingredient as well. It might be possible that the demons intentionally used ingredients with toxic properties.”


According to Ruti’s story, the demons seem to have devout faith in Demis. It is shocking but also natural that the demons, who faithfully live according to their Divine Protection’s wishes, become devotees of the Supreme God Demis.

Those demons held onto the compounding technique for the medicine that creates a new Divine Protection which opposed the Supreme God Demis’ will. Regardless if it about the effect of the Devil’s Divine Protection or that they tried to keep the possibility that it could promote the growth of a person’s innate Divine Protection a secret, the demons also tried their best to remove the element from the Devil’s Divine Protection which went against the Supreme God Demis’ will.

Perhaps their choice to use high toxicity ingredients and rare materials were also to prevent the unintentional spread of this medicine?

Since it had toxicity, apart from those capable of advanced magic, it would have a fatal impact on ordinary people.


Even so, to think that the demons worship Demis.

I want to have a good long discussion with Ruti someday again. When I was in the Hero party, I used to discuss late into the night with Ruti, since she didn’t need any sleep, various facts regarding this world which we discovered during our journey. Since it has been a long time, maybe I’ll talk to Ruti until I feel sleepy after we return.

I’m looking forward to that.


“Onii-chan, is something the matter?”


Ruti noticed my gaze and tilted her head.

I said it was nothing with a smile.


“I see.”


She nodded slightly.


“Something is here!”


Suddenly, Tise exclaimed quietly but sharply in a manner that only we could hear.

Apart from Godwin, all of us quickly drew our weapons and concentrated our nerves. Godwin withdrew back in fear after seeing my cue to him to fall back.


“I-I believe I’m safe if you guys are here.”


Godwin said uneasily.

Ruti showed no sign of noticing Godwin’s comment as she slowly approached the door.

With the 『Hero』 Divine Protection’s extra-sensory skill, Ruti’s five senses such as vibration, temperature, smell and others possess the same perceptual ability as her vision.

It was inferior to Tise’s 『Assassin』wide-range perception ability but in close-range, Ruti’s skill which could even see behind the wall was superior.


“Iron Snake.”


Ruti muttered softly.

Something small shot out from the dark entranceway. However, Ruti’s sword swung down in front of the Iron Snake the instant it shot out and it was split in half before it even had the chance to use its fangs.


“Iron Snake? Why are they here?”


Ruti’s expression became clouded.

Iron Snake was a type of golem made by magic and alchemy.

It was an Iron Golem that imitates a small snake about 30 cm in length so it had no power but its selling point was its excellent capability in sneaking around and in infiltrating through small gaps.

Furthermore, using magic, it had the ability to map the area and convey the information that it viewed through its eyes to the user. It was a golem used for gathering information in enemy territories.


“It is a separate kind of artificial golem compared to the clockwork golem seen in Ancient-Elf ruins. There have been no records of encountering Iron Snakes in Ancient-Elf ruins.”

“It seems that somebody has infiltrated the ruins. They may have eliminated their presence with magic but I can still feel slight presence if I concentrate.”


Said Tise. Ugeuge-san popped out from her bag and conveyed something to Tise.


“Ugeuge-san said that two people apart from the Iron Snake stepped on the web it spread out.”


Ugeuge-san nodded to indicate that was true.

Ugeuge-san, who traveled together with Tise and raised its Divine Protection level, could apparently grasp the size and shape of the people through the movements of its web when they touch it.


“Two people huh?”


It was probably a party of two who summoned the Spirit Drake.

It was questionable if they saw us from that brief moment but the opponent has likely obtained information that their Iron Snake was destroyed.

We had completely no clue who the opponents were.


” … Maybe it is Shisandan.”


Lit muttered with an expression mixed with dark anticipation and unease.


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