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GC V8C230

(230) The Homunculus’ name and Sheena No.3’s new character

Translator: Tseirp


Just as I was lost in thought, that homunculus (naked) suddenly came forward to kiss me.

A kiss? Just what was this homunculus (naked) thinking? Suddenly coming forward to kiss me!?

“Suddenly kissing me, do you not have any shame! What are you thinking?”

I shouted at the homunculus (naked) after I was finally released.

“Shame? But providing magical power is the master’s duty?”

“Eh? Providing magical power?”

Now that she mentioned it, I noticed that I have been robbed of quite some strength.

Nevertheless —

“In that case, we can just use your back. The back with plenty of sweat glands is more than sufficient to transfer magical power right!?”

“Eeh, but that is quite inefficient. It would be done in just a few seconds with a kiss but doing it via the back will have to take dozens of minutes.”

“Wha-what a girl.”

Could there be such contrasting personalities even though they were both homunculi?

“Master, do you have any kind of string to tie my hair with?”

“Ah, I have those that my younger sister used.”

I took out a rubber hair tie from my item bag and passed it to her.

“Thank you~”

She said as she took the rubber hair tie, held it in her lips and started arranging her hair.

She was tying a ponytail.

“Or rather, Pionia! Hurry up and prepare some clothes for her.”

“Aren’t you enjoying the view?”

“Just hurry up and do it!”

I turned around and starting chanting a sutra.

However, unlike Miri who could do everything, I did not memorize most of the sutra and could only intently chant ‘Namo Amitabha’.

After a while,

“Master, I have finished changing.”

I heard a voice call me. She had finished changing but it seemed that she would need a longer time to set her hair. She seemed to be struggling quite a bit with it.

“Okay … wait, don’t you have any other clothes!? I’m surprised you even have such clothes.”

Homunculus (naked) became homunculus (maid). Yeah, she was wearing a maid outfit. Moreover, Pionia was thorough with her work and was wearing a maid outfit as well. I wondered just what kind of shop were we running.

And naturally, they were not the regular maid outfits of this world — they were the maid outfits you would commonly see at Akihabara. As if to match their hair colors, Pionia’s maid outfit was yellow while the other was a green maid outfit.

“Master Malina sketched the design for me previously so I made them.”

“Hah, that girl … seriously.”

Saku Malina seriously loves cosplay after all. I only recently found out that even her regular elegant magic-user outfit was actually not because of Marina’s wishes but Saku Malina’s wish instead.

“So, master, what would be my name? Could I receive a name just like elder sister Pionia did?”

Homunculus (maid) said after she finished tying her hair.

“There’s no way I can think of a name so suddenly.”

I had to think pretty hard when I was considering Pionia’s name.

“It’s okay, you have to go with your intuition for something like this. Things like the origin of the name or the word strokes are all the parent’s ego after all. Rather than such a name, I want a name that I can call my own.”

“You — have a very manly personality.”

I looked at her clothes, hairstyle and hair color as I pondered.

I thought for up to a minute. I realized that after taking this long to think, it could no longer be considered intuition. Furthermore, the expectation hurdle would raise even further the longer I pondered so I chose that name from the couple candidates I had.

“Are you fine with Neete?”

“Neete? That sounds good. So, what meaning does it have?”

“Didn’t you say you won’t want to know what meaning the name has?”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t ask. I said it so that you would not be bothered by it. I like the name. I will accept this name even if this name is the name of master’s ex-lover.”

“I won’t do something like that, as if naming a gal game character after a crush. The reason is that.”

I pointed at Neete, or more specifically, at her hair.

“It’s a po(nyta)il so … Neete.”

“I see, it certainly is a novel name.”

She replied and was actually not angry as she laughed happily.

I instantly knew that she was a lot easier going compared to Pionia

Hmm, it might be a little strange since she looked like a cute girl but if I think of her as a male friend, she’ll probably be a person I could get along with very well.

“Ah, master, I have one question.”

“Hn? What is it Neete?”

“When are you going to do lewd things to me?”

“Like hell I would!?”

I snapped at Neete’s question.

I take back my previous words, this girl is a mess.


For now, Neete would be in charge of the newly created mine and the fields.

Well, there were various issues but that seemed to safely resolve the issue of the lack of manpower.


“Master, because of the shock from your knock on my head just now, the ending of my sentences has become strange desu. Could I consider this as having acquired a new character desu?”

Sheena No.3 said something idiotic but, yeah, something this degree shouldn’t be an issue.

The person (machine?) looked like she was happy after all.


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    Thanks as always for the work put in this, you’re awesome!

    • SpinelesS

      For a start I thought it was Neete that was using desu (From a Baka Chop from MC) but it was Sheena No.3 (Not Neete or Piona)

      I’m guessing MC Baka Chopped Sheena No.3 because of her screw up in the mine as she does say “Master, because of the shock from YOUR knock on my head JUST NOW,” Though it’s odd that other than this sentence, it’s not mentioned…

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    • kiwanuka

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