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(231) Ichino’s alchemy training chapter 2

Translator: Tseirp

After spending the promised three hours, I returned to the smuggling group’s hideout and called out to Suzuki who was waiting outside.

“Thank god, so you were all right.”

Suzuki said with a relieved look.

All right? … My lips were stolen but I guess that doesn’t really count.

“Were you worried about something?”

“Well, Kusunoki-kun’s presence disappeared once you entered the room so I was worried that something happened.”

“So you have presence detection skill as well huh … you didn’t enter the room right?”

That was careless of me.

With the presence detection skill, it would be clear as day that I was not in the room.

Thankfully I did shut the door to My World behind me.

But judging from how he didn’t say anything when I exited the door, I guess he didn’t open the door?

“You didn’t knock?”

“Yeah, I thought that I would be bothering Kusunoki-kun so I refrained from doing so.”

” … You wouldn’t.”

This guy, just what did he think I was doing inside the room until he hesitated to even knock?

It looks like he does not wish to relinquish his DT Hero nickname. (TL: DT = virgin)

“Then, I won’t knock when you are inside the room even if there is a fire.”

“Yeah, well, I’m confident that I can escape from a fire on my own.”

I was just joking … I too have the confidence in escaping from something like a fire on my own.

Suzuki entered the room.

At the same time, I started hearing rustling noises just behind the door.

Well, this room does not have a lock so he was probably taking out items from his item bag to block the door.

I won’t peek even if he didn’t do something like that … I’m straight after all.

As such, I’ll get some work done in front of the door.

The 500 kg of silver ore that Pionia mined — I’ll convert them into pure silver.

Since I had raised my Alchemist level, that should be an easy thing to achieve.

“All right, I guess I’ll begin.”

Naturally, I did not forget to set my jobs as Apprentice Alchemist Lv37 and Alchemist Lv33.

I held the two lumps of silver ores in both my hands and cast the Alchemy skill.

By using two Alchemy skills at the same time and spending two times the MP, I could smelt two ores simultaneously.

“Hmm, the magical power consumption is a lot more severe compared to when I made iron from iron ores.”

My MP was being consumed ten times the speed as compared to when I was smelting iron from iron ores.

If I did not set my third and fourth jobs as Fire Magician and Water Magician, I would probably collapse from magical power depletion once I created about ten pure silvers. The fact that my magical power was just robbed by Neete just now also contributed to it.

With the MP of a low-level Alchemist, they would be hard-pressed to smelt a single ore in a day.

One of the reasons why silver was expensive might not be because the silver ore reserves were low but because smelting silver was so difficult.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

Hn? Just by smelting two, Apprentice Alchemist reached Lv39 while Alchemist reached Lv34.

The experience value was a lot greater than expected.

I see, so it’s not only the precious metals that give a lot of experience points.

If a regular Alchemist can only smelt two silver ores into pure silver in a day, in just these few minutes, I have finished four hundred days worth of smelting.

Then it’s no wonder that my level rose.

“Does this mean the long-awaited bonus time has come?”

I muttered to myself and smiled.

But I guess I got a little carried away.

I quickly reached a state close to magical power depletion.

“Kuuu, this won’t do. It’s a lot tougher than expected.”

After creating 40 lumps of silver, I felt that I would lose consciousness if I used any more magical power.

However, with the work I just completed, Apprentice Alchemist reached Lv40 counter-stop and Alchemist became Lv48.

The messages that I have accumulated until now went like this.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Apprentice Alchemist skill: 「Instant Alchemy」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Apprentice Alchemist】

【Title: Peak of Apprentice Alchemist acquired】

【Alchemist skill: 「Precious Metal Conversion」acquired】

【Job: Synthesizer is now available】

【Alchemist skill: 「Alchemy II」has skilled up to「Alchemy III」】

【Recipes acquired】

And ah I unlocked a new job.

I didn’t know what a Synthesizer would do exactly but I could tell that it was a job that can combine more than two items into one.

I’ll level it up later and increase the number of my skills.

Instant Alchemy seemed to be a skill used to complete the alchemy work instantly. However, when using Instant Alchemy, I would not receive experience points and it would cost twice the magical power so I’ll be sealing it. I’m not going to use that.

Precious Metal Conversion was apparently a skill to convert base metals such as iron and lead into silver and gold using a catalyst.

I had Precious Metal Conversion recipes but some tool called the Philosopher’s stone was needed to convert lead into gold.

Yeah, it was called that.

… Should I try reaching the Peak of Alchemist?

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