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(232) Exposed true identity

Translator: Tseirp

The recipes I learned from Alchemist were the usual creating metals from their ores or creating alloys so there was nothing new.

It seemed that I still could not process mithril ores into mithril metal.

I will process silver again tomorrow so maybe I will be able to process mithril after I level up?

That will be a task for tomorrow.

I said to myself as I stored the pure silver lumps into my item bag when I noticed a presence approach the door just as I was holding the last piece.

“Great-sensei, are you in?”

The smuggling crew leader — it was Kuso if I remembered correctly? —entered without knocking.

When Kuso saw the silver lump I was holding, he raised his eyebrows for an instant and then showed a smile.

“Hn? Oo, that is an amazingly high purity silver. What do you intend to do with it?”

“You can tell?”

“Yeah, even though I am like this now, I used to be a peddler after all so I at least possess an appraiser’s eye … that is a splendid item. If you wish, may I purchase it from you? I’ll give you a good deal considering it is from Great-sensei.”

“Sorry but I already have a previous agreement for this item. I do not intend to sell it.”

“I see, that’s a pity.”

“By the way, didn’t you come here for some matter?”

“Ah, yes. Actually, the business partner is coming over.”

“Hn? Didn’t you mention that the deal would not happen here?”

“I’m guessing the other party has their own circumstances as well. Is Suzuki-sensei not around?”

“Ah, Suzuki is — ”

When I looked toward the door, I heard rattling sounds from behind the door.

Then —

“Thanks for waiting — I was able to relax.”

Out came Suzuki with sweat on his forehead and a refreshed smile.

He looked like a nice young man who had just finished jogging for a couple of kilometers but naturally, he was probably not doing sports inside the room so I couldn’t even give a wry smile.

“Let’s go then.”

Under Kuso’s lead, we headed to the back of the cave.

Along the way, Suzuki asked with a soft voice.

“(It looks like it will be a bad idea to defeat all the members here.)”

“(Yeah. We have to investigate the hideout of the other business party as well. The person coming over will probably not be the leader either.)”

“(In that case, I guess we will stick to our bodyguarding task here.)”

And the whispers had to end there.

Death Warrior-sensei joined us and lined up beside me.

That was perfect since I was planning to make him faint the moment the fighting started.

There was apparently a separate exit at the back of the cave and a single man dressed in black stood there. He was probably an executive from the other party.

The goods had already been packed onto carts. But there were unknown giants pulling the cart. They were likely to be people from the other business party.

In other words, only the three of us and Kuso will be entering the other party’s headquarter.

I see, so that’s why there was a need for bodyguards.

Although the two of us among those bodyguards were the enemy as well.

“Thank you for waiting, Yaro-dono. Shall we set off?”

“Please wait, Kuso-dono. These three are?”

“They are my bodyguards. Three more should be fine right?”

“But I recall the other day when I asked, you mentioned that you would only be bringing a single Dark Knight called Suzuki?”

“The two of them were strong as well so I quickly hired them. This is Death Warrior-sensei while this is the Pirate Ichonojo-san, a Swordsman with amazing skill that defeated Death Warrior-sensei in a single blow.

“I see, but I received strange rumors. I heard that spies had slipped into your guard.”

…… !?

Have I been exposed!?

No, that’s not right.

Only Suzuki, me and his party knows about me slipping in using Job Forgery II.

In that case, he was referring to Suzuki.

Suzuki’s actual employer knew about Suzuki sneaking into the crew. It won’t be strange that information leaked from that side.

“I don’t think it is possible but shall we investigate?”

Yaro said and took out a job-seeing gem.

This is bad! This is bad!

Schreyl who performed the status forgery was in a port town on the far western continent. The status forgery effect has already worn off and now I was back to Jobless.

If I don’t do anything —

“Please go ahead, Ichinojo-san.”

Yaro passed me the gem.

Shit, since it has come to this, it is sink or swim!

I resolved myself and used a certain skill.

The result was —

“Red … it is.”

That’s right, as Yaro said, the gem glowed red — in other words, the indicator for a criminal.

“I apologize for doubting you.”

“No, don’t worry about it. Let’s quickly end this farce.”

I replied.

I-I’m saved …

The skill I used in a hurry was the Job Seeking skill.

The Job Seeking skill was a skill that allows me to choose a job from a choice of five to convert my first job into it for 24 hours.

Incidentally, the jobs displayed by the Job Seeking skill were.

‧Please choose the job to change job into

(If not chosen in five minutes, one will be selected at random)

Female Ninja Lv1

Battle Master Lv1

Opportunistic Thief Lv1

Dragon Rider Lv1

Sage Lv1

Unlike the previous time, this time the line-up was a lot more presentable, or actually a lot more luxurious.

It was so pitiful that I had to choose Opportunistic Thief from such a luxurious line-up.

Nevertheless, Jobless became a criminal job so I weathered through this crisis.

I have safely weathered through the crisis so don’t look at me with that expression, Suzuki.

I’ll explain to you later … although I will be keeping the method I obtained the Job Seeking skill a secret.

“Next will be Death Warrior-sensei, please go ahead.”

I said and prompted Death Warrior-sensei.

That was when Death Warrior-sensei acted in a manner outside my expectations.

He suddenly drew his sword.

“Subdue him!”

Yarou shouted and the two giants held down Death Warrior-sensei.

And then they forcefully made him hold the gem.

Upon doing so, the gem changed color.

But the color wasn’t red. Nor did it indicate green for a Peddler.

It shone gold.

“Gold … the color to indicate a Quasi-noble or a noble. As suspected, a dog of Earl Paul snuck in.”

Yarou smiled faintly.

I didn’t expect Death Warrior-sensei to actually be a person from our side.

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