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SL Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The flash of the Hero

Translator: Tseirp

Assistant: Piggy.C

“I-I will not die hereeeee!!!”

Godwin suddenly started running away. There was a distinct look of fear on his face.

“This does not involve me! You heroes should keep your fights between heroes!!”

Godwin’s mental spirit probably couldn’t withstand the fight which threatened to explode out of control with a single touch.

He ran toward the exit with desperation showing on his face.

“Wait! Don’t move on your own!”

I hurriedly shouted after him but the panic-driven Godwin did not register my warning.


Ares cast his magic with a smile.

When Godwin reached the exit, magical power gathered in front of his eyes and formed a large shadow.


Godwin screamed upon seeing the green scaled-drake appear in front of his eyes and fell on his rear.

The Spirit Drake summoned through Ares’ magic bore its uniform row of razor-sharp fangs as it opened its mouth wide and approached Godwin.

He was in danger but if I moved to help, Lit would be cornered by Shisandan so I could not move!


However, Godwin did not fall prey to the Spirit Drake.

A throwing knife pierced the drake’s right eye and it twisted its body as it howled.

“Staying beside us is the safest so please remain nearby.”

It was Tise who threw the knife.

She stood between the drake and Godwin without any change in her expression.

“Wi-will you be okay? Your opponent is a drake you know!?”

Godwin could only see the stark difference in physique between the young girl smaller in size compared to himself and the colossal drake in front of his eyes.

Godwin commented uneasily.

“My Divine Protection is certainly not suited for these circumstances.”


“I will have to take about a minute.”

Naturally, Tise would never be defeated by something like a Spirit Drake.

The only difference was that she would have to spend the longest time among the Heroes assembled here excluding Godwin to defeat the Spirit Drake. The Assassin Divine Protection had many skills that worked better in favorable conditions. They did not excel in circumstances when they have to fight while protecting somebody.

Nevertheless, Tise’s ability was above that of a Spirit Beast summoned through the strongest spell.

Tise’s words held a strong power. Godwin did not say anything more and could only stare in blank amazement at Tise’s back as he remained on the ground, having lost the strength in his waist and couldn’t stand up.


(It has proceeded as planned so far … !)

Just as Ares planned, Ruti was fighting on her own.

Ruti had pulled away from her companions and was dealing with Ares on her own.

The feeling of Ruti’s hostility directed at only himself made Ares feel terror that shook him to his bones but at the same time, a strange feeling of exhilaration.

(Even though Ruti was this helpless with that Alchemist man around, he moved toward the exit along with Tise. Continuing to defend against my spells in this spread out formation will be too large a burden even for the Hero. In that case, she should choose to perform a quick attack with her sword. I will be able to use magic on Gideon before she is able to reach me but I would not be able to protect myself if I do so. Ruti will move with the assumption that I will protect myself.)

Ares touched the Sacred Avenger on his waist with his right hand.

(That is my true aim. According to Shisandan, as long as I draw this sword and touch any part of Ruti’s body with it, the Hero Divine Protection will be strengthened. Ruti will be incapacitated in this fight once she returns to being the Hero. Because if one considers efficiency, partnering with me should be the best choice. As a Hero, she should not hold any hostility toward me!)

All the others were small fry as long as Ruti didn’t act. Ares would be wary if it was Danan, Theodora or Yarandorara but the members here were just the Hero party dropouts Gideon and Lit as well as Tise who was a fill-in.

Ares was confident of his victory.


Lit and I struck Shisandan from the front and back.

(This guy is stronger than when we fought him previously.)

Shisandan fluidly redirected Lit and my consecutive collaborative strikes despite us holding the advantage from the pincer maneuver.

He was not an opponent that we could defeat quickly. But we could not take our time either.


Even though I was in the midst of fighting with Shisandan, I was still concerned about Ruti.

At that moment, Ruti was dealing with Ares on her own.

Given normal circumstances, Ares should not have any chances of winning. But Ares should be well aware of that fact.

However, given how he did not escape toward Shisandan or toward the Spirit Drake in that situation, he probably had some kind of a plan.

“Shisandan, what is the sword both you and Ares have on your waists?”

“Ho, as expected of Gideon, so you noticed.”

Shisandan said with admiration.

“You will know very soon.”

A large grin appeared on Shisandan’s face.

The next instant, Shisandan and I, and most likely every member present there felt the fear of death.

For a brief moment, we unconsciously forgot about our battle and looked back to watch Ruti standing in the center of the room.

“Martial Arts: Great Whirlwind”

Ruti wielded her herculean strength granted by her Divine Protection and powerfully and swiftly swung her sword as if drawing a circle.

A shockwave pulsed through the air. Leaving deep scars in the sturdy walls of the ruins.

Perhaps it was an ability of the Hero Divine Protection but the slash from Ruti’s weapon did not affect us at all.

But her opponents will be mercilessly battered by the whirlwinds formed from her sword slash.

“Hii, hiiiii.”

That sound came from Godwin.

The head of the Spirit Drake rolled onto the ground in front of his eyes and released light as it disappeared.

“Power of this extent …”

The next voice came from Shisandan.

All six of the Wood-Elf swords he used for defense were completely crushed. Furthermore, blood flowed from his two lower arms and they dangled weakly by his side.

“Ah, ah …”

The last voice came from Ares.

He seemed to have used the sword he had on his waist to defend himself on the spur of the moment so he was unharmed.

However, the body of the sword was miserably crushed and was ruined.


Ares trembled in fear.

I guess that was a trump card meant to deal with Ruti?

Shisandan, who had been sporting a complacent expression all this time, showed a stiff expression as well.

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