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Chapter 245: Shattered Golem

Translator: Tseirp

The time it took me to fight the Darkness Dragon was short but it was because the Darkness Dragon was weakened to that extent.

The Darkness Dragon was probably the first to fall under the Evil God’s curse. If not, it would be strange how he could visit all the other dragons without issue.

Maybe when the Evil God began his plan, he tried it on the Darkness Dragon to see if his curse would be effective against them.

I thought to myself as I left the labyrinth and saw everyone there.


“I’m back.”

“Luciel-sama! You’re safe.”

Lionel was surprised and the first to be happy to see me. I noticed that he has become a little more hot-blooded after he became younger.

“Yeah, the Darkness Dragon was weakened due to the Evil God’s curse so the fight wasn’t even a proper fight. Nevertheless, it looks like the sun has already set.”

It wasn’t just around sunset time, the sun was already almost about to disappear.

“Yes. We have been fighting continuously since entering the 50th floor so it consumed a significant amount of time and we were just about to have our dinner. What about Luciel-sama?”

“I’m feeling hungry now that you’ve mentioned it. I’ll have some too.”

I followed Kefin’s recommendation and had my dinner.


While eating, we talked about our thoughts on the labyrinth.

“Even though it was a labyrinth with poor visibility, it didn’t really feel like a struggle to conquer but it wouldn’t have been possible before I went to Grandol.”

“That’s right. It’s true that everyone has become stronger in all aspects since then so we were able to conquer the labyrinth in under two days, otherwise, it would have taken many times longer.”

“I think so too. If Whirlwind-sama didn’t teach me the tips to disarm traps, there would have been some that I won’t be able to disarm so that taught me the importance of the order we do things.”

Kefin agreed with Lionel’s reply and nodded. It seemed like everyone also felt the benefit of visiting that labyrinth.

Thinking back, my actions at that time as well as when I lost my Holy Attribute Magic in the past all seem to have a meaning so it felt like I was being rewarded.


“Lionel, your level has gone up so have you regained some of your strength?”

“Yes. It’s a far cry from my heyday but I should be able to manage for fights against other people.”

Lionel was determined to cut down Cloud, someone who was likely to be a reincarnated individual who has been demonized.

“I see. Now then, we can set up camp here or we can also return to Ebiza. Which do you guys prefer?”

I do want a day to prepare for our journey to the Empire but I won’t need any more than that.

It would be hard to decide between leveling up or having mock battles.


Lionel answered after a short pause.

“Luciel-sama, could we enter the labyrinth again?”

“Reason being?”

“We have spent two days of the week we have. It’s a given that the final day would be a rest day but if possible, I do not wish to slowly waste the other days in the mansion.”

“That’s true. What does everyone else think?”

It’s hard to think that the feeling of tension we have now would weaken before the fight with the Empire but I did consider leveling up too.

Furthermore, it might be better for me to think of a way to utilize the Darkness Dragon’s power.

However, opposing opinions came up.

“But won’t the monsters inside become weaker?”

“That’s true nya. I certainly prefer sleeping in a room compared to camping out nya. But I think we can decide after we have a look at the monsters nya.”

“I want to return to Ebiza. There are Empire spies and I don’t believe that everyone will be easily killed but just in case.”

I could understand the opposing opinions put forth by Kefin and Estia while Cathy’s way of thinking has seemed to have changed little-by-little as she didn’t completely agree either.

And I pondered after listening to everyone’s opinion.

Leveling up is certainly important but the time when our levels rise in quick succession has ended so this labyrinth was, to be honest, not very effective.

Furthermore, I decided that it would be all right even if I don’t bring out the dragon powers including the Darkness Dragon’s power this time.

More importantly, like Estia mentioned, if the Flying Ship was targeted, our plan would fail so Lionel will have to yield this time.


“I understand where everyone’s coming from. Lionel, please yield this time. I’ll ask Dolan to construct a place for us to have mock battles. Let’s train there until we depart for the Empire.”

” … I guess that is the most constructive choice. I understand. Then, let’s return .”


Lionel immediately folded once he heard he could have mock battles so after we finished our meal, we set off to return to Ebiza.

Nothing happened along the journey back to Ebiza but I noticed that, unlike before, I still could see in the dark.

Perhaps my affinity towards the Darkness attribute has become stronger thanks to the Darkness Spirit and Darkness Dragon? I pondered as Fornoir galloped but I was cautioned by Fornoir through mental communication so I focused on my horse-riding.


It happened when we finally reached Ebiza.

『Dooon』 I heard the sound of an explosion which reverberated within me.

“Let’s hurry.”

More importantly, that explosion sounded like it came from Mr. Bazak’s mansion so I urged Fornoir forward.


When I returned to the mansion, I saw smoke rising from the Flying Ship with a scene of what looked like debris from Paula’s golem strewn around the area.

I wondered if a strong demon had appeared. I hurriedly searched for presence and magical power but I could not sense the unique presence and magical power of a demon or monster.


“Ah, Luciel-sama, everyone else too, welcome back.”

“Luciel-sama, please stop them. The garden will be ruined.”

Nadia and Lydia came out to welcome us.

Listening to them talk, it seemed like the situation was different from what I had imagined so I dismounted from Fornoir and verified what happened.


“I’m back. Well, just to confirm, it’s not a demon attack right?”

“Yes. Everyone is working on the magical cannon prototype and they are ascertaining its power and accuracy as they adjust it.”

“I have told them that the sun has already set and it would inconvenience the people nearby but …”

I regretted leaving Dolan and the others behind since yesterday after hearing that.

After all, I never expected them to create the magic cannon …

“Ha~ I never imagined that they would already have a working prototype … looks like I underestimated Dolan and the others. All right. Let’s go.”

While feeling relieved that it wasn’t an attack by demons, I set off to warn Dolan and the others.


“Dolan, everyone has returned.”

“Ooh, Luciel-sama, I have finally constructed the magic cannon.”

Dolan happily announced to me as he showed me the magic cannon and three of them were attached to the Flying Ship.


“Yeah. I could hear the roar even from the town entrance. Nevertheless, why did you attach three cannons?”

“The center magic cannon has one-hit-certain-kill destructive force while the ones attached to the left and right sides have lower power but are capable of shooting consecutively. It was Ryina’s idea.”

Ryina seemed to have lost her vitality when I turned to look at her. She has probably pulled an all-nighter.


“But why did you rush to build it so fast?”

“I guessed that we could use them to restraint the Winged Dragons when we plunge into the Empire.”

“We could certainly use the cannons to restrain them but I don’t think we need that much power, capable of even shattering Paula’s golem?”

“That shot just now was with suppressed firepower. If not, the flying ship will not be able to maintain its flight trajectory.”

I wonder just what exactly are they aiming to destroy? Perhaps I should make my point clear.

“The only time we’ll use the magic cannon is when the Flying Ship is about to be shot down or to target facilities. I will not use it against people and I do not want it made to demolish the entire Empire.”


” Of course I know that. I didn’t make this to involve and slaughter innocent bystanders.”

I was unexpectedly yelled at.

Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I looked over, it was Paula.

“Grandfather assumed that it would be used against the Evil God. He always mentioned that it was our job to defend and support you.”

Those words from Paula caused happiness to well-up in me from the concern they showed me and I thought that my promise with the Darkness Dragon can be fulfilled if such a virtuous cycle could be spread.

Furthermore, these talented followers are seriously too good for me but I should restrain their spirit of sacrificing themselves for the goal.

“I see, Dolan, sorry. Thank you everyone. I look forward to your help in the future too. Nevertheless, the sun has set and it is already night time so please stop the test firing of the magic cannon. The children might not be able to sleep properly if we continue to cause those explosive roars.”

“All right then.”

“Ah, I have something I want to request of Dolan so would you mind if I discuss something with you?”

“Sure, of course.”

Thus, the night wore on.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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