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Well guys, the day we have been dreading has finally come. With this chapter release, I have officially caught up to the author. Thank you everyone for all the great comments and support for this series! I will update this series again once the author releases new chapters.

In the mean time, if you guys are interested, please do take a look at the other series I am translating, Slow Life Frontier. If you are into good writing, an interesting twist to the divine protection concept and diabetes-inducing romance, I guarantee you won’t regret it. 🙂

(227) Onward to the great ocean

Translator: Tseirp

All the members boarded the ship without saying a word so we boarded as well.

There was a large amount of meat placed on the ship and Pavlov was eating that alone.

Just moments ago they treated him as an outcast so why was he the only person eating now?


There were even more confusing scenes.

It was abnormal to find a ship underground but I was more shocked to find that there was no water.

It was the same as when Pionia constructed a ship in My World.

But in Pionia’s case, I had magic capable of bringing it out but … hn?


“Are we moving the ship to the sea using transfer magic?”

“Ooo! As expected of Great Master, you caught on quick. That’s right.”


The leader man praised me exaggeratedly.

Although that was all I could come up with.

I figured that there wasn’t an elevator capable of carrying the ship in this world.


“My acquaintance is capable of using Warp after all.”


I replied appropriately with an ambiguous answer.

Suzuki tilted his head after hearing my reply.


“But according to my knowledge, transfer magic expends greater MP the further the distance and the heavier the mass. It shouldn’t be possible to transfer a giant object like a ship.”

“That’s completely correct, Master Suzuki. But there is a man capable of doing that — it is Pavlov who is eating his fill there.”




“Yes, when Pavlov was 20 years old, he changed to a job called Saver and discovered a unique skill called 《Magical Power Savings》.”

“Magical Power Savings?”

“Yes. All humans possess MP. MP will be consumed when using magic or skills that will naturally recover after that but it is impossible to recover over a person’s maximum MP. However, for the owner of Magical Power Savings, when they reach their maximum MP, they can save up to a hundred times of their original MP by generating three percent of their natural MP recovery amount — in other words, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Pavlov has a hundred times the magical power of an ordinary person.”

“A hundred times … that’s amazing. So there was a skill like that.”


That was a skill that all magic-users would covet.

If I had that, I could probably continuously cast Boost Ancient Nova against the Leviathan.


“Of course, there are drawbacks as well. Once he saved up to 10 times his MP, he would face MP Excess — the opposite condition of MP Depletion, disabilities would appear in the brain once he saves up to 20 times his MP while various bodily functions would be affected when he saves up to 50 times his MP. Furthermore, the saved magical power would still continue to affect him even if he switches his job to Commoner so it is extremely dangerous.”

” … So Pavlov now — ”

“Yeah, currently he possesses over 60 times his maximum MP. Only with that is it possible to transfer the entire ship to the ocean with transfer magic.”


Is that so?

Pavlov is just a Commoner and only Level 8.

His MP shouldn’t be that high. Even with 60 times that MP, would it be possible to transfer the ship?

Even Miri mentioned that with me tagging along, she could not transfer that far.


“Is Pavlov a Magician?”

“No, he is just a Commoner. Originally I wanted to feed him experience points to change job to Apprentice Magician and it would be easier but people who switch job to Apprentice Magicians are scrutinized by the police who register Magicians.”


Hoh, so there are such drawbacks to changing job to Apprentice Magicians normally.

I didn’t change job through the legal means so I didn’t know that.


“And so, I made him drink magical power enhancing medicine — drinking it would increase his maximum MP. Well, it was an inferior product so there seem to be various side effects.”


This guy actually made him drink such dangerous medicine.

What a guy.


“Are you thinking that I am a bad guy? But to Pavlov, I am his savior. When I found him, he had been discarded by the slave dealers. He was in the state of having accumulated 100 times of his MP, he couldn’t even walk. That was natural. As a Commoner, he didn’t have any means to consume MP. If I didn’t make full use of my wiles and obtained a magic stone to use Warp magic, he would not have a means to expend MP and would have died.”


I could not deny that.

If everything he said was the truth, then he would probably not have been able to survive.


“Nevertheless, I still treat him courteously, no? He is an indispensable man after all. That’s why, before he uses transfer magic, I provide him with the best food so that he doesn’t have an empty stomach.”

” … That’s true, it seems as tasty as the food I ate.”


The person who said that was — Death Warrior Great Master. It seemed that he was not fired.

Apparently his contract fee was paid in advance so it would have been a waste to fire him then and there.

Nevertheless, this Great Master, he speaks with ‘sessha’ and ends with ‘degozaru’ huh? (TL: Sessha and degozaru were generally used in the past, mostly by samurai)

What era did this man come from … or was my translation function malfunctioning?

Suzuki also had a wry smile after hearing Death Warrior’s words so it didn’t look like I was the only person.


“And so, Great Master Ichinojo and Master Suzuki. We will be departing shortly. Some people may experience transfer sickness so please refrain from eating until we complete the transfer.”


… Then was it alright for Pavlov to eat?

Well, just like how the driver was the least likely to be carsick, I guess it would be fine.

It took another five minutes before the smuggling crew finished preparing the ship.


Without any instructions, the ship we were on suddenly appeared in the middle of the ocean.

However, in front of our eyes was —


“A squid?”

“Isn’t it an octopus?”


While Suzuki and I were tilting our heads in confusion, the ship crew all pointed at the giant squid? octopus?.


“”””Kr …. Kr …. Kraken!””””


After seeing the Kraken that appeared in front of the ship, the smuggling crew all started fleeing.

A person even jumped off the ship to flee (I could vaguely see land but it didn’t seem like a distance that was swimmable so he probably lost himself) but the Kraken wrapped him up in an instant.


“It’s an octopus then since it is a Kraken.”


I remembered because Carol talked about it before.


“I see, what do we do?”

“Naturally, it would be troubling if the ship sinks — so it shall be an octopus grill party tonight!”


I exclaimed as I drew my sword.


Author’s note:

The Kraken in this world are Octopus.


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