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GC V8C238

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(238) It seems I can’t quit even after becoming a Baron

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Baron? Noble?

The topic was way too sudden and astounding that I couldn’t catch up.

It was quite a large leap to switch from Jobless to Noble.

That’s right, I must not become a noble in the first place. After all, I must not change my first job.

Once I change Jobless into another job, I would not be able to return to Jobless again.

Furthermore, there would be all kinds of restrictions once I become a noble. For example, I would have to participate if a war ever broke out.

A coward such as myself who still dreams of the bandit and thieves that I killed will not be able to kill others in a war … or even worse, if I appeared in war and thoughtlessly wielded my overpowered status with a weak mind, it might even result in the death of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people.

I don’t want something like that to happen.

I will have to politely refuse.

It’s a bitter decision but I have no choice.

“Erm … I will have to politely —”

“If you become a Baron, you will be able to travel to the port town of Genova that has been blockaded. Furthermore, originally if the main house who bestows the rank gives an order, in this case, me, you have the duty to attend but I will exempt you from that. This is the greatest gift of appreciation I can present to you for being this island’s benefactor.”

He suddenly started giving concessions!?

I couldn’t show it on my face but I was taken aback by Earl Paul’s words.

Guh, in that case, I can’t refuse him on the basis that I don’t wish to participate in wars.

Furthermore, I could travel to the port town of Genova … I could also use it as a pretense to rescue Miri.

I have been cornered quite considerably.

Does that mean I could no longer refuse?

Suzuki spoke while I was troubled.

“Kusunoki-kun, you might be concerned that your status would decrease if your job changes but Baron is not a noble rank but one that serves nobles … in other words, it is treated as a quasi-noble and will not change your job.”

“Eh? Really?”

Now that I think about it, only royalty or the pope can bestow nobility.

It seemed that I had jumped to conclusions.

“Yup, you would be confused as a citizen though. Moreover, as I mentioned yesterday, the Church Headquarters will definitely engage Kusunoki-kun to become a noble if they knew about your heaven’s blessing but if you become a baron under Earl Paul, you could use it as an excuse to refuse them.”

In that case, there aren’t any issues at all?

I no longer had any reason to refuse.

“How about it, Ichinojo-dono.”

“I will humbly receive it.”

I said and knelt on the ground.

Earl Paul nodded while looking satisfied.

“Then, I shall bestow peerage to you. Firstly, I will follow the order and bestow to you the rank of Knight. ‘Peerage conferment: Ichinojo’.”

” …… ”

Eh? It’s done?

Nothing happened though.

I thought to myself.

“Hn? It seemed to have failed.”

I didn’t expect it to fail.

“Is your name not Ichinojo?”

“It is Ichinojou.”

“Oo, I see. Sorry, then — ”

Earl Paul repeated the ceremony — it wasn’t as grand as it sounded though — once again.

“Peerage conferment: Ichinojou.”

Immediately after his sentence ended,

【Title: Knighthood acquired】

【Title: Quasi-noble acquired】

【Job: Knight is now available】

Oo, I unknowingly unlocked a cool job.

If I raise that to Lv50 and become a noble, will I be able to become a Holy Knight?

Well, I will not become a noble but if I could acquire the noble job with the Job Seeking skill for a day, I might be able to unlock the Holy Knight job.

It sounds a little weird to be a single day noble though.

“Following that, ‘Raise peerage: Ichinojou’.”

Earl Paul continued.


【Title: Baron acquired】

This time, I only received a title.

“That would mark the end of the ceremony. From now on, I will guarantee Ichinojou’s identity as a Baron with my authority as an Earl. In addition, quasi-nobles will be able to enjoy various privileges. I trust that Ichinojou-dono who has Suzuki-dono’s trust will not misuse them.”

Earl Paul said and handed to me a brooch that proves my identity as a Baron as well as, perhaps he heard from Suzuki, a letter addressed to Marquis Yutings who is the governor of the port town of Genova.

Was my current position Suzuki’s past position?

But I was grateful.

With that, I could travel to Genova.

As for a ship, I still had the ship built by Pionia so I could probably travel using that.

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GC V8C239


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