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GC V8C239

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(239) Starting the journey

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I only heard of it after becoming a Baron but apparently, we apprehended all the smugglers who were operating on this island.

Those with heavier crimes were given the death sentence while the others were made into criminal slaves.

On that note, Suzuki and I appealed for Pavlov so although he was not completely let off the hook and would be put under observation, he was not pushed into slavery.

One of the major reason for that was because the fake Death Warrior-sensei, who was actually a Knight — his name was Nelson if I remembered correctly —was completely unharmed.

After all, if Pavlov was not around, he probably would have been killed.

Under Nelson’s testimony, some speculated if we were in actual fact criminals but the job-seeing crystal was able to clearly prove that we were not criminals.

We told them that the red light seen at that time was through the trick of a skill and they easily believed us.

Since Earl Paul heard from Suzuki that he used Status Forgery to enter the smuggling crew, they probably assumed that I was the one who had that skill.

Suzuki and I parted ways on that day.

I set off to chase after Miri.

Every minute and every second was crucial right now.

“I see, so you are leaving already. Are you really sure regarding the reward from the smuggling crew?”

Half of the amount received from the sales of the smugglers as slaves.

And all the treasures they possessed belonged to Suzuki and me.

However, as it would take time to convert them into money, I refused it.

It would take way too long. I was told that it would take a month just to assess them.

I did not have the time to wait for them.

I tossed all the waiting and minor details to Suzuki — of course, it was not for free.

“Yeah, help to deposit 40% of the assessed value into Haru’s guild account in Florence’s Adventurers Guild.”

“All right.”

When Haru registered with the Adventurers Guild, an account to deposit money was set up for her and money could be deposited and transferred from any Adventurers Guild branch.

However, there was quite a considerable fee when transferring money so I had never used it until now since I had an item bag.

All the more so when it would take some time to withdraw the money from other towns. The Adventurer Guilds do possess communication magic tools so it was not as though I would have to wait for months though.

“What ship will you use for transport?”

“I have something in mind.”

“I see. If you don’t mind, I was wondering if you would like to ride Pochi instead? Although you would have to wait for about a week.”

“Sorry. I don’t want to see your three important companions who travel with you show unpleasant faces.”

“I don’t think they would though.”

This refreshingly handsome man. Does he not understand that it would be distasteful for a non-handsome man to enter a group with a handsome man in it?

At least it could be fun to have a double date if Haru and the others were around — although I don’t know if I could call it that when the number of girls was overwhelmingly larger —but I don’t intend to mingle in another man’s harem.

Furthermore, I had too many aspects that I could not show Suzuki.


Eh? The thin book that Suzuki hid?

It seemed that Nelson found it.

I don’t know what negotiations went through between Nelson and Suzuki but it became Nelson’s family treasure.

That’s not something that should be preserved for your descendants.




In the port town of Deijima, I immediately utilized my Baron’s authority to negotiate with the fishermen — and got them to send me to a nearby uninhabited island.

Of course, I gave them an adequate reward. After all, I received 10 holy silver coins from Earl Paul, 10 million sense. Ah, Suzuki taught me that not only were holy silver coins unusable in regular shops, but there was also a need for staff with the Counterfeit Appraisal skill to verify it before it could be used for exchange in the guilds so it was extremely hard to use and so I had all of them exchanged into gold coins.

Seeing 1000 pieces of gold coins lined up was quite a spectacle and really gave me the feeling that I had become rich. Of course, gold coins were similarly hard to use as well so I further exchanged two gold coins into silver coins.

In essence, I was not worried about money and although it was only a short two-hour voyage, I passed to the fishermen a gold coin … that would be way too much so I paid them 30 silver coins instead.

“Thank you very much, Baron-sama. So when should we come back to receive you?”

“It is all right. I will return with the Home Return spell if I wish to return.”

“Ooo, as expected of a noble. You are capable of using Space-time Magic. Farewell, please feel free to contact us whenever you have anything else in mind.”

 The old men fishermen said with lowered heads as they left.

I was neither a noble nor was it Space-Time Magic but I did not have to correct them.

Then, when I was alone on the uninhabited island, I returned to My World.


“Master, I have been waiting for your return.”

Pionia quickly came to greet me.

She would always greet me whenever I enter My World.

Just how does she know the time I would enter?

“Pionia, have you completed the task I mentioned that time.”

“Affirmative. I have prepared it.”

Pionia said and guided me to the shipyard.


Docked there was a smaller-scale sailboat compared to the one I gave to the pirates in the past.

However, the preparations I asked for was not that boat.

“Were you able to properly beat it into her?”

“Affirmative. I have firmly beat the art of seafaring into her. There are no issues.”

Pionia looked up at the deck.

There was a single young girl wearing a straw hat there.

“I will become the pirate king-desu!”

An idiot — originally known as Sheena No.3, said while wearing a straw hat.

It seemed that she was influenced by the comic 『Nyapiece』 that she was holding in her hands.

She wasn’t even a Pirate so she probably can’t become a pirate king.

” … I feel like Sheena No.3 has become even more of an idiot than before though … is it really okay?”

“Affirmative. I assure you of her technique.”

“I see … no issues huh.”

I guess it was all right if Pionia said it was.

Since she could recite the phrase in the comic, it meant that she was now able to understand Japanese which was quite amazing.

Nevertheless, I still felt slightly uneasy that I would be entrusting everything to her for this voyage.


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