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GC V8C240

(240) Leveling up with fishing

Translator: Tseirp

Leaving the navigation completely to Sheena No.3, I planned to join her when the ship arrived at Genova.

During that time, I changed my second job to Farmer and helped with harvesting the fields.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Job: Fisherman is now available】

Because of that, I just fished and killed time.

However, fishing was not all fun and games.

After I killed the large shark that I first fished up,

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Samurai skill: 「Clear and Serene」acquired】

I raised the levels of my other jobs other than Fisherman. That was the result of changing my Fisherman job into Samurai after fishing the sharp up.

I see, so fishing could turn into experience points too.

When I was fishing with Suzuki, I only fished up small fishes apart from the Kraken so I was not able to raise my Fisherman level.

Suzuki defeated the Kraken so I didn’t get any experience points but if I could aim for large catches, fishing could be a good chance to level up.

For that reason, I was raising my lower level jobs.

As I prefer to not kill animals that are harmless to humans, I hesitate to kill animals apart from the monsters that actively attack humans but I have no resistance toward killing fishes.

I am the type of person who would think the school of sardine look tasty when I enter an aquarium.

Incidentally, Clear and Serene seemed to be a skill meant to raise concentration so I’ll give it a go.

I prepared a realistic bait that the big fishes were likely to bite using 【Blacksmithing】 from Blacksmith. Raised my concentration using Samurai’s 【Clear and Serene】, and detected fish schools using Hunter’s 【Presence Detection】. I aimed for the spot to toss my bait using the Commoner’s 【Toss】 and reeled the fish in using the Fisherman’s 【Reel】 and 【Line Manipulation】. Freely switching between the skills from five different jobs, Blacksmith, Samurai, Hunter, Commoner, and Fisherman — there was no way I would fail at catching anything.

As such, I aimed to reel in fishes that were as big as possible.

“I caught it!”

I completely hooked the fish by simultaneously using the Fisherman’s 【Rhythm Match】 skill. All that was left was to reel it in.

Oof, it’s a big one. However, perhaps it was an effect of the Fisherman’s 【Reel】 skill, I was clearly able to tell the timing to slacken the line and to tighten it. Thanks to that, I was able to reel the fish in without snapping the carbon line.

“It’s a big catch!”

I could see the shadow of the fish which reached about 4 meters long.

That was when I raised my voice.

“All right, it’s a big catch!”

I’m not sure if that shout reached the fish. But my skill effect activated without a doubt.

I could see the fin. It was a shark.

As the final blow, I threw a silver harpoon made through the blacksmith skill at the shark.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Fisherman skill: 「Strengthen line」acquired】

【Musician skill: 「Rhythm Sense UP」acquired】

【Farmer skill: 「Plant Regeneration」acquired】

【Job: Whip-user is now available】

【Job: Harvester is now available】

【Knight skill: 「Horse riding」acquired】

All right, I acquired quite a bit.

I planned to do whatever I could through fishing to level up my lower level jobs as much as possible until we arrived at Genova.

I was quickly able to see the results of that as Farmer reached Lv15 and unlocked the Harvester and Whip-user jobs. And after Farmer reached Lv20,


I found something strange as I reeled the shark in.

“What is the matter, master?”

“No, well, I heard that Whip-user and Harvester would be unlocked at Farmer Lv5 but I only unlocked them at Lv15.”

I heard about Harvester from Haru and Whip-user from Carol so I doubt they would be wrong but what was going on then?

“I believe Master has too many jobs-desu. There have been records stating that for people who have reached the peak for all kinds of jobs, their jobs would be unlocked slower-desu.”

“Does that mean my job column is on the verge of bursting?”

“Master was able to unlock jobs immediately when you defeated the initiation boss and when you became a quasi-noble so I don’t think it is that serious-desu.”

“With such a setting, I guess unlocking jobs would become harder.”

“There are still many things we do not know about jobs-desu. There are also jobs that are easier or harder for males or females to unlock-desu.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Thinking about it, there were jobs that only beastmen could unlock so it was natural that males and females had differences in jobs as well.

“Incidentally, what are the jobs that are easier for males to change job to?”

“Pugilist, Himo, Axe-user, Hammer-user and others-desu.”

“Don’t just slip in Himo nonchalantly.”

Or rather, since a Himo refers to a male lover who doesn’t work and is financially dependent on the woman, obviously, only males could get the job. I wonder just what kind of job unlock criteria does it have?

But thinking about it, I recall that the Amazoness job appeared in the changeable jobs after I used the Job Seeking skill. If I could change jobs to jobs limited to women using such a backdoor method, perhaps there were backdoor methods where women could become Himo as well.

Although I could only level up my first job if I use the Job Seeking skill, in exchange, I would be able to acquire skills that I would not be able to acquire through regular means.

Perhaps I would be able to job change to unique jobs such as Malina’s Street Performer or Carol’s Temptress or race-specific jobs such as Haru’s Beast Warrior.

It was a large gamble but since I could choose from a choice of five, I might be able to find a job that I want.

Basically, I was looking for a job that specialized in tracking people.

Before parting, I tried asking Carol if there were any jobs specialized in tracking people and she gave me two candidates.

【Detective】 and 【Information Broker】.

Both of them were unique jobs like those held by Carol, Malina, and Daijiro-san so I had no clue as to what their job change requirements were or their specific skills. There have apparently only been records of them in documents.

Also, there was also a criminal job called 【Stalker】 which could track and gather information on a specific person. I heard that a Hunter, the further job of Archer, would become Stalker once they become a criminal.

Well, hitting on girls during the mid-showa period was called girl hunt and going too far would be stalking ― so that was probably the theory behind that job switch as Hunters are proficient in tracking which fit a Stalker perfectly.

At any rate, I didn’t understand why the job change sequence was Hunter(狩人) → Archer→ Hunter(ハンター) even though Hunter (ハンター) and Hunter (狩人) had similar meanings.

Anyway, Detective and Information Broker ― I wanted the job skills of both those jobs.

For that sake, I had no choice but to gamble on the Job Seeking skill.

I switched to jobs that had as much luck as possible such as Philanderer and Hunter and tried my luck.

Please choose the job you wish to switch into.

(If no selection is made, one will automatically be selected randomly after five minutes)

Cat-user: Lv1

Cat Maid: Lv1

Ghost Buster: Lv1

Fake Hero: Lv1

Copycat: Lv1

“Terrible! I didn’t expect to get three cat jobs!”

The only job I was familiar with was Cat-user. If I recalled correctly, the man who purchased the doujinshi in the border town at the northern edge of Dakyat had the Cat-user job.

What about Cat Maid? A cat-ear maid? It seemed like it had race-specific skills but it was terrifying.

Ghost Buster might be a suspicious job in Japan but in this world there exist ghosts that were visible to the eye. If I assume that the job would give skills that counter ghosts, then it would be the best job among the five choices that I had.

I had no clue about the Fake Hero job. I wasn’t even sure if it was a criminal job.

And, lastly.

“Copycat refers to a copycat criminal right? As expected, a criminal job was mixed in the choices as well …”

I sighed loudly.

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