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GC V8C241

(241) Emerald turtle

Translator: Tseirp

There was a possibility that Fake Hero was a criminal job so I didn’t want to become that.

Having Opportunistic Thief as a criminal job was more than enough.

As for Cat-user, just thinking about it made me recall that doujinshi reader so it felt like a miss.

Whereas for Cat Maid, who would take a male cat maid!

In that case, does that mean Ghost Buster was the best?

Just as I was thinking that,

“Master, you are mistaken. Copycat are people who excel in imitating, and mimic thought processes, gestures or various other things desu.”

Sheena No. 3 corrected me.

“It’s not a criminal job?”

“No desu.”

I see … mimic various things huh …

Being able to imitate the way of thinking of others might be useful.

Miri would act this way, Daijiro-san would go that way ― I might be able to imitate such thoughts.

Oops, the five minutes is almost up.

I had to decide before it chose one automatically.

【The first Job has been set as Copycat】

All right, I’ll start fishing again.

I stored the dead shark in my item bag. I’ll disassemble it later all at once.

I waited for 30 minutes. Then, I sensed a large catch again.


The shadow of the fish was larger than the one before ― eh? It’s not the shadow of a fish?

It didn’t look like the shape of a fish no matter which angle I looked at it.

That was … no way ―

“A sea turtle?”

A huge sea turtle swam my way and attacked.

It was huge but only about the same size as the shark. It was not a sea turtle that was as large as those that are often depicted in fiction novels that it would be mistaken as an island.

However, there was something strange about the turtle’s back.

“Master, that is an Emerald Turtle desu. It’s back is made of emerald so it can be sold for a high price desu. You have good luck desu.”

Good luck?

Ah, now that I think about it, I switched my jobs to those that had good luck. I guess that was why the Emerald Turtle appeared.

A harpoon would probably bounce off that shell and more importantly, I didn’t want to damage that beautiful shell so I pulled the turtle up.

I used the line strengthening skill.

According to the skill description, the skill would channel magical power through the line and raise the line’s strength by multiple to multiple dozen folds. My magical power would naturally cause it to be raised multiple dozen folds ― it probably won’t break so easily.

“Here I go!”

“Tonight’s dinner is turtle hotpot desu!”

“We’re not eating it!”

I refuted her and pulled the turtle up onto the deck.

“Petit Ice!”

And cast Ice Magic on it.

The turtle was completely frozen ― or rather, it was trapped within the ice.

I recalled that reptiles were not good with cold so I used Ice Magic.

“Have you killed it desu?”

Sheena No. 3 patted the ice with her hands as she asked.

You’re going to get frostbite ― I thought but I guess automata should be fine?

“No, it doesn’t seem like it will die immediately. It would be troublesome if it remains in this state of suspended life too … hmm, what should I do?”

I would not be able to store it inside the item bag while it was in a suspended state.

It would have been better to use Thunder Magic instead if this was going to be the case.

“I see desu ― Kyaaaaa my hand is stuck and I can’t peel it off desu.”

“Sheesh, don’t pull. I’ll apply hot water.”

I used the warm water inside a water canteen that I stored inside my item bag. Sigh, such a troublesome girl.

“My hand can come off now desu.”

“That’s good ― oh, the ice where I poured warm water on has thinned quite a bit.”

But, even so, I won’t be able to reach with a steel sword.

The steel sword I was using before was broken due to Sheena No.3’s trap at the south island so I made the current sword I was using through blacksmithing.

For that reason, the strength of the sword was greater than before but the ice felt as hard as iron so cutting it with a sword was unrealistic. But there was nothing I couldn’t cut.

In that case ―

“Sword Creation.”

I created a sword of light using the skill.

The amazing thing about Sword Creation was that I could freely alter its shape to a certain degree. As long as I limit myself to the shape of a sword. I can’t transform it into an axe or spear ― what about a bayonet then? I thought but it was impossible after all.

The normal form would be the long sword.

Or the short sword which was about half the length.

Then, the dual swords form which was made up of two short swords.

The bastard sword form which was far larger than the long sword.

And the rapier form which specialized in piercing.

I changed the sword into the rapier form and pierced where the ice had thinned.

The surface of the ice cracked and the sword pierced through the middle of the turtle’s forehead.

Three seconds later.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Copy Cat skill: 「Voice Imitation」acquired】

【Copy Cat skill: 「Fake Magic」acquired】

Copy Cat level rose to Lv7.

I couldn’t tell if it was easy to level Copy Cat or that the Emerald Turtle gave a lot of experience.

Hn, both skills probably weren’t what I was aiming for.

Voice Imitation was a skill to imitate the voice of others.

Fake Magic was a skill which could register any spell that I see. However, the effect will be half of the regular spell but consume the same amount of MP.

It could not register the spells I have seen in the past so I could not use Miri’s 【Assassin Marionette】 or the 【Grow Seed】 that I saw in Florence’s labyrinth.

Furthermore, I could only register ten spells.

But it was handy.

“Hn, I’ll test Voice Imitation out.”

I tried clearing my throat once.

“Haurvatat is willing to fight for master with my life.”

And tried imitating Haru’s voice.

Eh? Something felt different. Although my voice had definitely changed.

“That sounds exactly like dog ear-san desu.”


“Yes desu ― I recorded it so I will play it back.”


『Haurvatat is willing to fight for master with my life』

Wow, she even has recording playback function.

I see. I heard that you would find that the recording of your own voice sounds like another person’s voice so I guess this was the opposite of that.

That was interesting.

“Master, what do you plan to do with this Emerald Turtle?”

“Let me see. For now, I will let the ice melt before storing it in my item bag.”

I could exchange it for money at any time.

I was capable of dismantling it but it might be better to not dismantle such monsters poorly.

There were probably many collectors who wish to obtain it as a specimen.

“When shall I start preparation for the turtle hotpot desu?”

“I told you we aren’t eating it. Go eat the turtle-brand scourer there.”

I said with a sigh.

Sheena No.3 was excellent but talking to her for a long time was tiring.

I could understand why Pionia would complain about her.

Well, it was the same with Pionia and Neete too though, that I would feel tired after talking to them for a long time.

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    As for Cat-user, just thinking about it made me recall that doujinshi reader so it felt like a miss.

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    • DaveGilpin

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      Meet a catsyth priest who forcibly changed his job to cat-user.
      Uncle to the young female doujin writer who is into Boy love.

      He’s like a big side character in one of the arks.

    • Cipher

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      • Magnus Chase

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      Don’t eat up that which can be sold for real money.
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