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GC V8C242

(242) Let’s try rearing monsters

Translator: Tseirp

After that, I resumed fishing and further raised Copycat level.

My haul was 12 shark-like fishes, 7 skipjack tuna-like fishes, 4 bluefin tuna-like fishes, a ton of giant squid-like squid, and I fished up a dolphin-like mammal but I released it. It seemed cute after all.

I fished up a ton of small fishes as well but killing those didn’t give much experience.

In addition, I defeated a subspecies of the Emerald Turtle, a Ruby Turtle (Its shell was made of ruby) and Copycat reached Lv17.

“Log Playback.”

After saying that, I could confirm the fishing haul until now ― or rather the level up status.

My level went up as follow.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Copycat skill: 「Fake Attack」acquired】

【Copycat skill: 「Handwriting Imitation」acquired】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Copycat skill: 「Thought Trace」acquired】

【Copycat skill: 「Counterfeit Creation」acquired】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Ichinojo leveled up】

Something like that.

The number of level up entries was little because my level jumped by three when I defeated the Ruby Turtle. As expected, my level increased easily when defeating the jewel turtles.

In contrast, my level didn’t really rise with the other fishes.

I checked my skills in detail.

I got my hands on the Thought Trace skill that I was hoping for but it could not tell me the thoughts of the other party concretely but instead only copied the person’s emotions. I might be able to use it as a lie detector but I couldn’t find Miri’s current location with it.

Fake Attack was the physical attack version of Fake Magic.

Handwriting Imitation was literally a skill to mimic handwriting.

Counterfeit Creation seemed to be a skill to create fake art and antiques.

Both Handwriting Imitation and Counterfeit Creation felt very much like criminal skills but they were handy.

Because of the Common Language Understanding skill I have, I could understand and write the letters in this world. However, even if I could write the letters, they were written in subpar handwriting. My letters would seem like earthworms to the people of this world who have written them for many years. However, with this Handwriting Imitation skill, I could mimic pretty letters and not have to feel unnecessary shame when writing.

As for Counterfeit Creation, it might turn people away when they are told that the item is fake but it is a skill that would come in handy when I need to create a large number of the same items.

For example, silversmithing ― I have made silver earrings in large quantities using the skill but even though I was making the same items, there were still some slight differences between each item. There were some that I was satisfied with while there were also some that I felt were not good enough. However, if I used Counterfeit Creation, I could probably aim to only make earrings that I was satisfied with.

But if Haru used the Counterfeit Appraisal skill that she had, she would probably see that the earring I made was fake.

Copycat had plenty of interesting skills but its level was extremely hard to raise. It was likely to be an advanced job.

Nevertheless, I have the jewel turtle series to raise my level at one go.

If possible, I would love to get my hands on more of them but ―

“Tonight’s dinner will be omelet desu.”

“Ha, like I said, we’re not eating the turtles … omelet?”

There are eggs? If she’s talking about chicken eggs then I have a few in my item bag which was prepared by Miri.

Omelet huh?

I feel like eating some.

I want to have grated radish on an omelet and topped off with some soy sauce. It’s hard to give up ponzu sauce as well.

“Sheena, you know how to make omelets?”

“Yes desu. I can make rolled omelets too desu.”

“Really!? All right, please make some right now.”

“Understood desu!”

Sheena said and was about to crack the eggs ―


I whacked Sheena No.3’s head.

It was because Sheena No.3 wasn’t holding on to chicken eggs. They weren’t bird eggs either. They were a lot smaller and rounder ― they looked exactly like turtle eggs.

“Are these the Ruby Turtle’s eggs?”

“Yes, I have the Emerald Turtle’s egg here as well desu. They have already been fertilized desu. There might be a hidden jewel turtle spawning ground nearby desu.”

True, I did spot an island a slight distance away.

“Fertilized egg huh, perhaps.”

I grabbed the eggs from Sheena No.3 and brought them into My World.

“Pionia, Neete, are you there!?”

They came running when I shouted for them.

“Welcome home, Master.”

Said Neete in a maid uniform.

Who is the person putting strange knowledge into this girl? But there was no point asking. A person who would leave behind design for a maid outfit could only be ― Malina. She left such an idiotic souvenir.

“Neete, look at this egg.”

“Hn? This is a turtle egg? Understood, you want to have an omelet right? Leave it to me.”

“No. Your way of thinking is exactly the same as Sheena No.3.”

“I’ll write anything you like in ketchup for you?”

“You even heard about that detail! Also, not omelet but omelet rice … no, don’t make anything! I want to hatch it. Can you do that?”

“Hn? Ah, hatching it huh? Let me look at it for a moment.”

Neete said and nodded after she looked at the eggs.

“This egg is no good. It can no longer hatch. All the others are possible though.”

Neete selected only one from the many eggs.

I could not tell with my eyes but that egg seemed to have already died.

“I wish to increase the numbers by hatching them. Then, I can cultivate them and earn experience.”

“Ah, it will be difficult. From what I can tell, these are sea turtle eggs? This world does not have a sea.”

“Ah … that’s right.”

I won’t be able to cultivate sea turtles if there isn’t a sea.

That was certainly true.

“Can’t I make something like a fish tank?”

“Hn, you could raise one or two in a fish tank but I don’t believe master is referring to that number?”

“Yeah, putting in the effort to raise just one or two won’t give me enough experience.”

My ideal plan was not to raise them whenever I had time but to breed them optimally.

I thought of a strange idea though.

“That’s true. In that case, what about master creates a sea?”

“Create a sea? Is that possible?”

“Yes, as long as master have enough magical power ― ah but that won’t do. Pionia-oneesan has worked on the majority of this world so I can’t destroy anything ― Hn, if it has come to this point, why don’t master make this world bigger?”

“Make the world bigger? I can’t do something like that ― no, actually I can.”

There was an increase in various options after I came to this world and created a star.

I recall there was a world expansion option among them.

I could expand the world with MP500.

“Then I’ll try expanding the world.”

I agreed to expand the world with a light-hearted mood as if I was deciding to have curry for dinner.

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