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Happy Chinese New Year~

Hi guys!

Just posting to let you guys know that I will be away travelling back to my hometown for Chinese New Year so I will not be able to post any chapters from 02/02/19 – 10/02/19. I’ll try to return to schedule after I’m back but until then, I hope everyone enjoy the holidays and stay healthy! :D


SL Chapter 96


GC V8C240


  1. kirindas

    Take care and have a great Chinese New Year!

  2. Have funny and… Happy Chinese New Year? I honestly don’t know the greeting for the Chinese New Year, but I hope you enjoy the year of the pig.

  3. R2D2TS

    Safe travels and enjoy yourself this Chinese New Year.

  4. Ascending Flame

    So, me and my American format of dates, tripped out for a while with the dates posted.

    For a minute, I thought it was from February 2nd, to October 2nd that you wouldn’t post chapters.

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