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SL Chapter 100

Chapter 100: April Fools Extra: The story of the False World

Translator: Tseirp

This story is not possible in neither parallel universes nor any possible universes, it is just a fake story that exists. Even if it repeats a million times, as long as Ruti remains as Ruti and Gideon remains as Gideon, this story will remain as just fiction.


Led by the Demon Lord of Fury, Satan, who controls the Dark Continent, the invasion of the Avalon Continent began three years ago.

In just three years, four countries have been annihilated and half of the continent had fallen into the hands of the Demon Lord.

Humanity was at a loss for what to do … but, God did not abandon humanity.

There was a prophecy of the birth of a Hero.

Then, there was a girl who repelled a vanguard team of the Demon Lord Army by taking command of local forces in a place where there was close to no defensive strength.

Hero Ruti‧Lugnason appeared in the Imperial Capital, possessing the 『Divine Protection of the Hero』, proof that everyone understood.

She annihilated the underground thieves who were making trouble in the Imperial Capital and now, she left for the Ancient-Elf ruins to obtain the ‘Hero’s Proof’, a famed legacy of the previous generation hero mentioned in legends.

Ancient-Elf ruins.

Although it was located in the vicinity of the Imperial Capital Avalonia, its doors were firmly shut by unknown magic so nobody had ever set foot inside that ruins.

Written on the door in Ancient-Elf language was ‘When the Demon Lord appears, a hero will appear as well. I only wish for a hero and can only bestow power to the hero.’.

Then, when Hero Ruti reached the doors to the ruins, the door that nobody could pass through for hundreds of years opened.


The huge Clockwork Knight over three meters tall raised its ancient sword and shield and came attacking with thunderous footsteps.

“Everyone! Be careful!”

Standing at the forefront, Hero Ruti (Hero Lv16) shouted and readied her sword.

Sage Ares (Sage Lv14), Prince of Avalonia Kifa (Weapon Master Lv14), High-Elf Florist Yarandorara (Tree Singer Lv12), and Frontier Adventurer Gideon (Guide Lv32).

The hero companions stood united as they faced the Clockwork Knight.

“Martial Art! Continuous Sword!”

Ruti sent in two quick rounds of attacks.


Ares made a seal and caused an explosion of fire to break out.

“Martial Art! Continuous Sword!”

Kifa added in two quick rounds of attacks.

“Leaf Cutter!”

Yarandorara made a seal and tree leaves became knives and attacked her opponent.


Gideon attacked the opponent with his sword.

After a fierce battle, the Clockwork Knight fell to its knees and stopped moving.

“It’s a problem that our Divine Protection levels are not going up after defeating a Clockwork Knight.”

“It is not alive so it can’t be helped.”

Ares and Kifa looked at the Clockwork and complained.

“But it acts as a source of income. The parts and metal that constitute the Clockwork are not producible in the current age. Even my sword is cut out from a Clockwork’s armor.”

Gideon said. He approached the Clockwork wreckage and stuffed the parts that seemed useful into his item box.

“As expected of the adventurer who made a name for himself at the frontier.”

Ares seemed impressed as he looked at Gideon skillfully sort out the Clockwork parts.

Gideon‧Lugnason. Hero Ruti’s brother and an adventurer known as the best swordsman in the frontier.

As a person who was part of the party since the Hero began her journey, his wealth of knowledge and experience as an adventurer made him a well-respected existence in the party.

“Ruti, the Hero’s proof should be behind here.”

Yarandorara said to Ruti. Their goal for searching this ruin, the Hero’s proof, was right in front of their eyes.

“Yup, with that, even the king will believe that I am the Hero. Once I receive that recognition, I can obtain a permit to enter various countries and acquire the authority to borrow soldiers. With that, we can start the journey to defeat the Demon Lord!”

Ruti sounded lively as her journey will finally begin and the party proceeded into the depths together.


After safely acquiring the Hero’s proof, Avalonia officially recognized Ruti as the 『Hero』.

Avalonia’s King celebrated the second coming of the 『Hero』and held a grand party before they left.

The heroes forgot about the battle for a brief period and enjoyed the food and music.

“Ares, Kifa, you guys were here.”

As the party was calming down, Ruti noticed that Ares and Kifa were not in the banquet room.

After searching for them, she found the two of them at the castle terrace looking out.

“Ruti, you could have enjoyed the banquet without worrying about us. Sorry for making you worry.”

“What are you two looking at?”

“The streets.”

Ares said as he pointed at the Avalonia streets lit by the moonlight.

“Under this moonlight, there are many people living their lives. I find it very precious. That is why I wish to protect this city.”

“Ares … yup, I feel the same way. I will not let the Demon Lord or anything have their way with our world!”

Kifa gazed at them with sparkling eyes after seeing their determination.

“If possible, I would have wanted to continue on the journey with you guys. But I have to get married soon to Duke Danich’s daughter, Princess Serena. She is already in this city and is participating in the party as well.”

“Ah, that kind-looking person!”

“That’s right, I thought of ignoring the marriage and continuing on the journey with you guys if I didn’t like the other party but … she’s an extremely good girl. I want to protect her by her side.”

“I think that is a lovely thing, Prince. Don’t worry about us. It has only been a short time but I enjoyed adventuring with you.”

“Me too! I am delighted that my sword was useful to you guys.”

Prince Kifa laughed cheerfully. Ruti and Ares laughed along with him. Prince Kifa was a man who laughed a lot. Ares found it a pity that he was leaving as he would probably brighten the party up whenever he was around.



Yarandorara’s silver hair fluttered as it was illuminated by the moonlight. Yarandorara walked toward Ruti and the others with a slightly angry look.

“Sheesh Ruti, even you left the party, you guys are terrible. Gideon was looking for you.”

“Sorry sorry.”

“Try not to trouble Gideon that much.”

Ares inclined his head after he heard Yarandorara’s comment.

“Yarandorara defends Gideon quite a lot huh.”

“Wha-what are you talking about?”

Ruti’s eyes shined.

“Perhaps Yarandorara … toward Onii-san …”

“N-no such thing! I am just a little worried …”

“Heeeh~! I see!”

Ruti gleefully said and teased Yarandorara.

Ares occasionally suspected that perhaps Ruti does not possess her own feelings and goals and merely reacts in a manner that the other party expects but seeing her talk with glittering eyes about love with another girl in the same age group made him smile wryly and find that he was thinking too much.


At that moment, they heard the voice of a young girl from behind them.

When Ares turned around, a young girl of about 10 years of age was holding a bouquet and looking in their direction.

“This is for Hero-sama.”

“For me? Thank you!”

Ruti smiled and approached the young girl.

“Are you the daughter of one of the waiters?”

Ares casually used ‘Appraisal’.

“No divine protection? Don’t tell me! Ruti! Please step back!”


Ruti flew backward with a leap upon hearing Ares.

The next instant, the bouquet that the young girl was holding exploded. She avoided it at a hair’s breadth.

When the blast cleared, the girl’s clothes were torn and her body reflected the moonlight.

“That’s a golem!?”

The young girl’s body was artificial. She moved her spherical joint limbs and, with a cute smile, opened her mouth wide to show sharp teeth.

“You dodged it huh …”

Three demons appeared from the shadows.

“Marionetter Demon! How did demons infiltrate into the palace!”

The heroes grabbed their weapons.

“I don’t know if you are real or fake but if I am to hold the title of Hero, I will not overlook you, you shall die here!”

The Marionetter Demons manipulated their personally-made doll golems and attacked the heroes!


“What strong foes.”

Ares groaned as he pressed down on his right hand which was bitten by the golem.


Ruti activated ‘Healing Hands’ on Ares. The wound immediately closed.

“There might be others. We must warn the soldiers immediately!”

Prince Kifa had a serious expression on his face as well.

Yarandorara was deep in thought as she looked down at the demon corpses.

“Why did these guys come out at this timing … no way!”

At that moment,


There was a loud scream followed by the sound of countless dishes breaking.

“The hall!!”

Ruti and the other quickly rushed to the hall.

They could hear the sounds of somebody fighting on the other side of the door.

“Onii-san … !”

Gideon was definitely fighting. Ruti reached for the door.



They heard Gideon’s cry from the other side of the door. And then there was silence.

Yarandorara pushed Ruti aside and rushed into the hall.

Ruti and the others followed closely behind.

There was a sound of the stained glass breaking the same moment Ruti and the others entered the hall.

They saw a large shadow fly away into the night sky.

“Everyone! Gideon!!”

Yarandorara held the collapsed Gideon and screamed.

The banquet hall had become a place of slaughter. Nobody was moving.


It was the same with King Avalonia. Kifa rushed over to the bleeding King Avalonia.

“It’s no good, he’s dead!”

Kifa, after seeing King Avalonia’s altered appearance from up close, said with a trembling voice.

“Uu … everyone.”

“Gideon! Thank god you’re alive!”

“So-sorry … I could not protect King Avalonia.”

“Don’t speak! I’ll treat you now …”

“No, I am beyond help … Ya-Yarandorara, call Prince Kifa over, I can only speak with a hoarse voice now.”

Yarandorara quickly called her companions over.

“Prince Kifa, Pr-Princess Serena, was also in this hall.”

“Wh-what! Then …”

“Princess Serena was taken by the demon … she is still alive.”


“This, when I was fighting the demon, the demon dropped it.

Gideon offered a dagger.

“This is the emblem of Desmond of the Sand!”

“Princess was probably taken to the Sand King of the Four Heavenly Kings … Guh …”

“Understood! Thank you for telling me, it’s all right now, you don’t have to speak anymore.”

“Sorry .. Ruti.”

“Onii-san …”

“I am sorry for not accompanying you to the end … but you must not be saddened by this … Ruti is the Hero who shall save the world after all.”

“But … all right, so please don’t push yourself anymore.”

“Ha … ha … lastly, Yarandorara.”

“Gideon, no, don’t show such an expression.”

“Sorry, I can’t keep the promise to go to Kiramin with you … this.”

Gideon took out from his pocket a pair of magical earrings made from tortoise shells which could resist poison and disease and showed them to Yarandorara.

“I thought it would fit your beautiful ears …”

“No, no … please, don’t speak.”

“So … rry … Gufu ….”

Finally, after coughing blood, Gideon’s arms went limp and the earrings fell to the floor.

“Noooooo !!!”

Yarandorara cried as she hugged Gideon’s lifeless body.


After an hour passed, Hero Ruti and Sage Ares hurriedly prepared for a journey to chase after the demon.

“We have to hurry.”

“Yeah, we have to catch up before it escapes into Desmond of the Sand’s castle.”

After they finished packing, they heard knocking on their door.

“Can I enter?”

“Prince Kifa?”

Kifa and Yarandorara entered after opening the door.

“Why are you two here? It doesn’t look like you two are here to send us off?”

Kifa struck the handle of his gladius which he wore on his waist. He was carrying a round shield on his back.

Yarandorara was gripping her quarterstaff tightly.

The two of them were in traveling gear.

“It is my job to rescue Serena. Hero, please allow me to travel with you.”

“I will be closing my shop until I get revenge for Gideon. I will not forgive the Demon Lord Army for robbing me of my love.”

“Thank you, the two of you … this is reassuring!”

Thus, the 『Weapon Master』 Kifa and 『Tree Singer』 Yarandorara officially entered the party and along with 『Hero』 Ruti and 『Sage』 Ares, finally departed the Imperial Capital.

This was just an introduction to the Hero’s story.

The Hero who lost her brother held back her tears and moved forward without stopping.

Without fear of the tragedy awaiting her, the Hero who carried with her humanity’s hope, would embody justice and not look back until the day she defeats Demon Lord Satan.


Back to reality.


I drew my Knight sword to face the flying demon that entered the hall.

“There will be casualties if I let it go on a rampage.”

I channeled strength into both my arms. Ruti ran next to me.

“Let’s decide it in a single strike, we will take it down at the same time.”


We swung our swords from the left and right at the same time. We crossed paths with the demon.

“Guaaaaa !!!”

The demon was torn apart vertically and horizontally.

“Today’s demon was quite strong, about Lv35?”

It might have been dangerous if I did not become a Knight and underwent training.

“Ooo!! As expected of the two wings of humanity’s hope! Hero Ruti and Knight Gideon!”

The hall which was silenced from the fear of the infiltrating demon exploded with cheers.

“Are you all right!”

Ares came rushing through the door soon after we were surrounded by Avalonia’s nobles.

I did my best to follow up while Ruti smiled dryly with an expression that she found it troublesome and commented that it was about time we started preparing on how to deal with the nobles.

I heard Ares click his tongue from afar but I didn’t have time to be bothered by Ares at that moment.

Author’s note:

This was an April Fool’s extra story.

In this false world, Ruti succumbed to the Hero’s divine protection and became an existence that only responded according to how the Hero would respond instead of with her own free will. The reason for her bright tone was because people would be pleased to see a brighter personality.

Prince Kifa was a prince that supported Ruti and the others in the world where Gideon did not become a knight. In the main novel, Gideon was a knight so his role was not required and Princess Serena was not kidnapped so he did not appear at all.

As for Yarandorara, Gideon did not die so she remained in her shop. She only officially joined as a companion when they were fighting in Logavia alongside Lit.

Furthermore, I occasionally changed some details when writing about the past so it might be fun to find those details!

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