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SL Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: The Hero and Assassin are feeling emotional because of a small bud

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Ruti woke up every day at the same time.

It would be the same time no matter how late she stayed up the previous night or how early she went to bed.

“I slept today as well.”

Ruti would be deeply moved every morning by the human action of sleeping at night and her eyes would sparkle when she saw the morning sun shine through the window. Although probably only Red and Tise would be able to see that sparkle within Ruti’s pupils that were as deep as a lake.

Ruti rinsed her mouth with the water from the water pitcher before drinking a cup of water.

After that, she took off her clothes and did a simple wipe down of her body with a wet towel.

She would then perform some light exercise after changing her clothes. A quick round around the room while performing a handstand. One round around the room while holding onto the border of the ceiling with her toes. Finally, she would toss a ball outside the window to bounce off the tree in the garden and catch it with her hands for a light 100 times to finish confirming that her body was moving as she wished.


Ruti’s morning warm-up exercise above was performed in 15 minutes.

To Ruti whose physical body would be maintained at full optimal state due to her divine protection’s power previously, the fact that movements would become dull if they are not performed regularly or doing warm-up exercises were fresh experiences to her.

Ruti did not shed a single drop of sweat. Her cheeks were slightly flushed because her next plan was to go to Red’s place for breakfast. Thankfully, until now nobody has seen the exercise that she considered light.


Ruti and Tise walked through Downtown while bathed in the morning sun as they headed toward Red’s shop.

Tise was carrying a hidden dagger under her armpit. Ruti was not carrying anything. She kept her sword in Red’s shop.

She would go out of her way to pass by Red’s shop to grab her sword whenever she was about to go out on an adventure. It was clearly a clumsy excuse to meet Red but Red and Tise watched over her selfishness warmly.

There was a slight clamor in Zoltan’s Downtown today.

The town people were gathering around wells and side alleys and diligently gossiping with worried looks.

(I’m guessing it’s about yesterday’s ship.)

Tise muttered to herself.

The Veronia warship that they saw yesterday while fishing. It was impossible for the galley ship with low wave resistance to travel eastward. In that case, the destination of that warship could only be Zoltan.

However, what purpose does a Veronia warship have with the distant Zoltan?

(Perhaps it is related to the assassination attempt of the ex-mayor?)

Was I over thinking it?

Tise took a look at Ruti but she was only walking calmly without caring about the hustle and bustle around her.


“It was delicious.”


After the two of them finished breakfast at Red’s shop, they then moved to their medicinal grass farm in the north district.

Today’s breakfast was made using the fish they caught yesterday so it was cabbage and fish with boiled tomato, redfish with onion marinade, water with refreshing lemon and fluffy white bread.

Ruti and Tise were impressed that he could prepare that many dishes so early in the morning.


『This is the fish Ruti caught yesterday.』

Ruti naturally smiled broadly as she recalled Red say that as he ate the boiled tomato fish.

The residence Ruti and Tise stayed was toward the southwestern side of the central district. Ruti chose that location so that she could travel to Red & Lit’s Apothecary in the Downtown located in the south district while Tise chose it to talk a walk to Oparara’s oden shop located on the boundary of the harbor district in the west side to have some chikuwa.

It was located a distance away from the important farm in the north district but the two of them did not mind it that much.

They went to take a look around the state of the medicinal grass farm.

Ruti’s medicinal grass farm had a regular farm and two greenhouses.

The greenhouse was built with glass on the south side and for the ceiling and functioned to raise the temperature within.

“Ruti-sama, they are sprouting.”

“That’s true.”

Small green sprouts were peeking their heads out from the soil.

Ruti and Tise were looking at it with delicate expressions.

The two of them were excited but others probably could not tell from their expressions. However, only the two of them were there. Those two were close friends who could understand each other’s emotions.

“That’s great.”


The two of them smiled happily with smiles that only the two of them could understand.



The two of them gave a small amount of water to the sprout as instructed by Red.

Their work was pretty much done.

Once the medicinal grass grew green leaves, they would probably be busy with measures against pests and weeds.

However, Red mentioned that plants from the wild mountains were strong against pest and weeds. In fact, they had to be mindful of the medicinal grass environments and to keep the medicinal grasses that have high fertility away from the other medicinal plants to prevent erosion of their soil.

“Shall we end with this today?”

“All right.”

They packed their tools and mentioned it was about time they took a meal break.

“Excuse me!”

At that moment, they heard a loud call.

Ruti and Tise looked in the direction of the voice and saw the Adventurers Guild staff Meguria wipe the sweat off her forehead.

“Ruru-san! I have a request!”

An adventurer request?

Ruti wiped her face dirtied with soil with a towel and, without getting worked up, calmly faced the pale-faced Meguria.

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