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SL Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Adventurers Guild staff trust in the B-rank adventurer Ruti

Translator: Tseirp

“So, what is the matter?”

Ruti asked the Adventurers Guild staff Meguria.

Meguria’s pale face tensed and she answered Ruti.

“Veronia’s Prince Sarius came to Zoltan on a warship.”


Meguria was surprised when Ruti nodded calmly.

“As expected of Ruru-san, you already know about it.”

“I only saw the warship yesterday, I did not know that Prince Sarius came … If I remember correctly, Prince Sarius is the eldest son but he is the son between the previous Veronia King’s first princess and King Geyserik so when the first princess went missing, his order of inheritance was lowered and his succession to the throne is the lowest among King Geyserik’s sons?”

“Yes, I heard about that. I do not know about the details though … ”

Meguria answered uncertainly as she was just an Adventurer’s Guild staff after all. Even though Veronia was a large country, there was no way she would know exact details about a country that was so geographically distant. That should have been knowledge that was unnecessary in Zoltan … until yesterday.

“And so, what was the request from the prince that came?”

“To handover Zoltan’s and the neighboring villages and settlement’s church register.”

“Church register …”

The church register is the record kept by the Holy Church which details the resident’s birth and death, marriage, and migration as well as their divine protections and the Holy Church uses it to levy a poll tax in the place of the kings and lord and will receive a percentage of it as a donation.

The church register is used whenever the church presides over ceremonial occasions such as marriage or death. In addition, residents who are unhappy with the taxes will not be able to complain and can only obey since it is the church that collects the taxes.

Also, depending on the lord, there are some who keep a ledger separate from the church register that documents the size of land and assets. The church register is purely to manage people so it may allow tax collection depending on the number of people in a household but it will not be able to adjust taxes depending on the assets of the household. Occasionally within the Holy Church, there are voices calling for the improvement of the church register but since the church register is not meant for taxes but to list the believers and aid the faith, there has not been any changes to it until today.

“The church register is under the management of the church. Since even divine protection information is contained within. Zoltan’s Holy Church resent Prince Sarius’ request.”

Even though it is used for tax collection, the Holy Church’s policy was not to hand it over even to kings. Sarius’ request this time could be said to be an affront to the church.

“Veronia has the Holy Church as well, I’m surprised he could say such bullish words.”

Tise walked to Ruti’s side and commented.

To the Assassins Guild, the Holy Church was a troublesome foe. The church’s information network that stretches across countries was a deadly obstacle to assassins.

“It’s because Zoltan and Veronia are quite a distance away. Perhaps he’s thinking that any protests by the church in Zoltan will not reach his home country Veronia.”

Tise was unconvinced by Meguria’s words and tilted her head. Even Tise, humanity’s strongest assassin, recognized the power of the Holy Church organization.

Unlike the various countries who fail to reach an agreement for the front against the Demon Lord Army, the church was united with faith as their pillar. Even though the church was at the remote border, would the church forgive Sarius’ act of trampling on their dominion?

Tise felt doubtful.

“And so why would a Veronia Prince want Zoltan’s church register?”

“That … he wishes to find someone.”

“Find someone? What kind of person is he looking for?”

“That … he said he has no need to explain to us. Just hand over the church register.”

Ruti’s eyebrows moved just slightly.

“I see. He’s telling Zoltan to not get involved.”


“Then, if we refuse?”

” …  He won’t do anything. However, in that case, he will be anchoring off Zoltan’s shore until he finds the person he is looking for. And that they will find their own supplies and we don’t have to bother about them.”

“They will find their own supplies huh. As expected of the son of Pirate Geyserik.”

In other words, he was threatening to perform piracy along the coast of Zoltan if they do not hand over the church register.

With such a threat of violence, he won’t even be able to complain if Zoltan declares war on him …

“Needless to say, Zoltan’s navy can’t compete with him.”

Zoltan only possessed three small sailboats as war vessels. They were caravel sailboats where 20 men could ride on. In terms of combat ability, they won’t be able to compete against the Veronia military galley ships capable of carrying up to 300 men.

Furthermore, even if they won, there was sadly a vast difference in national strength between the large country of Veronia and the small Republic of Zoltan.

Ruti could not imagine the possibility of Veronia seriously waging war against Zoltan from such a distance away but if war does break out, Zoltan had no chance of winning at all.

Even if they requested aid from Avalonia or other large nations, those nations had their hands full with the war against the Demon Lord Army. They shouldn’t have any room to spare to war against Veronia.

In other words, Zoltan had no other choice but to swallow Veronia’s demands.


Meguria cried when she looked at Ruti.

Ruti quickly calmed her feelings.

“Eh, ah, so-sorry.”

For a moment, Meguria felt as if she was being stared at by a huge monster. However, the next moment, it was just the two reliable B-rank adventurers, Ruti‧Ruru and Tifa‧Johnson.

Meguria placed her hand on her chest and suppressed her violently beating heart and exhaled loudly.

” ….. ”

Ruti was shocked by how much of a bad mood she was put into by Meguria’s explanation.

She wanted to board the Veronia warship that very moment and sink it in two halves. That thought went through Ruti’s mind.

“And so, what do you need me for?”

She calmed herself down for now. Ruti told herself and asked Meguria what did the Adventurers Guild want from her.

“First, we request and hope that Ruru-san could attend the meeting where Zoltan’s leaders will attend.”


“Ruru-san is currently Zoltan’s strongest fighting strength in individual terms. As long as the army does not enter the fight, Zoltan will be relying on Ruru-san’s individual strength … and so, we hope that Ruru-san could attend the meeting where we decide on our direction and contribute your opinions.”


Ruti answered immediately. Meguria showed a surprised expression.

“Th-thank you very much. There are many adventurers who hate such meetings so I didn’t expect you would come to a decision immediately.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

During her time as the hero, Ruti had always attended army meetings so it was commonplace to her.


“Zoltan’s Congress.”


“Within the Congress, the church, centered around Bishop Cien, oppose to the demands. The Adventurers Guild executive Garadin and his faction support Bishop Cien. Guard Captain Moen is prepared to fight if the need arises and supports Bishop Cien. On the other hand, Mayor Tonedo and Zoltan army’s top brass General William both have the opinion that fighting is not a realistic option.”

“Bishop Cien, Adventurers Guild executive Garadin and Guard Captain Moen. The previous B-rank adventurer party huh?”

“Yes. They are all strong individually so perhaps that is why they hold that opinion.”

“Thank you, I will first listen to every member’s opinion. Let’s go.”

Walking behind Ruti who was walking in a stately manner, the fear toward the large country of Veronia disappeared from Meguria’s expression.

Her pale complexion had become rosy and she felt a mysterious uplifting feeling.

(What a mysterious person.)

This new B-rank adventurer was reticent, had poor facial expression and it was hard to understand her thoughts. Only her strength was the real deal as she would resolve any outrageous situation with just her companion Tifa.

Compared to Hero Lit, Albert and Byuui, she looked unreliable at first glance but her strength was incomparable to the B-rank adventurers to date.

However, for some reason, Meguria did not find it eerie or terrifying. Strangely, by seeing her figure, she ended up thinking that … she would somehow do something about the matter.

“It will be great if the B-rank adventurer this time … Ruru-san stays in Zoltan forever.”

Meguria realized that she had inadvertently voiced her own feelings out softly and her face turned red.

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