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SL Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Propose

Translator: Tseirp


Lit breathed a deep sigh and sat down.

“Are you okay?”

I passed Lit a High Cure Potion.

Lit’s thigh and her left upper arm were bleeding.


Lit downed the contents of the potion in one go. Lit frowned from the peculiar pain when subjected to cure as it would cause one to feel, in an instant, all the pain that one would otherwise feel as the wound heals normally over time but her wound closed perfectly the next moment.

“That was the first time I fought such strong orcs.”

“We encounter them once in a while. The Demon Lord Army has been fighting for all this time. Among their ranks are those who had defeated many foes consecutively and became stronger. Even if they are the same orcs, those under the command of the Demon Lord Army main army have higher divine protection levels and are stronger.”

“Have you people been fighting such fights all this time?”

“We do not lead a unit after all. We can only rely on pushing ourselves slightly if we wish to fight the Demon Lord Army equally.”

Thinking about it logically, challenging an orc army of over a hundred orcs with just two people was insane. However, no sane strategy would allow just five people to contend with the Demon Lord Army.

Nevertheless, if I had to be honest, it was scary. When I have to face a troop of dozens of orcs and demon while only depending on my sword and armor as I charge into them, I still wish to escape no matter how many times I experience it.

I would charge into the perfectly coordinated Soldier Demons with their line of spears held ready, evade the beating of spears coming down from all directions and push myself over my limits to swing my sword even as my entire body heat up. The only thing that awaited me if I put down the sword was death.

Unknowingly, I changed such that I would be uneasy unless a sword was within reach. Before sleeping, I had to place a sword beside my bed, otherwise, I would not be able to sleep. As long as I had a sword, I could sleep in the middle of the wilderness whereas if I did not have a sword, I would not even be able to sleep in a city defended by hundreds of soldiers.

“What’s wrong, you’re making a scary face …”

“Ah, sorry. I was lost in thought.”

“In the midst of fighting right now?”

“Well if you want to point that out, Lit, you’re sitting down too.”

When I stretched out my hand, Lit grabbed my hand with a red face to stand up.

“I just relaxed a little after defeating strong foes.”

“There might be others of that level too.”

“It’s fine, we just have to defeat them if we meet them.”

Lit snorted. After seeing her confident look, I somehow felt I was able to relax and let the tension out of my shoulders in a good way.

For some reason, when I looked at Lit’s face, I felt a peace of mind.

“Will we continue fighting cooperatively?”

“N-no! The next time, I will be enough on my own!”

After saying that, Lit mumbled unintelligently to herself before she looked down and added.

“We-well, if it is another opponent that would be tough fighting against alone, I don’t mind fighting together once more. You believed in me after all. At least during the time we fight, I will believe in you too.”

“Well, that was because Lit believed in me just now. Thank you for protecting me.”

“I find it amazing how you can face another person directly and thank them smoothly without feeling embarrassed. I respect you just a little.”

“I think Lit is just a very shy person though.”

“Wh-who’s a very shy person! Who!”

I laughed.

Thinking back, that was probably when I started liking Lit.

Because at that brief moment, I forgot all about the fight, my responsibilities and the weight of the sword on my waist.

Only the words of Lit standing in front of me reached me.

I wanted to talk more. I wanted to see her more.

Lit’s blue eyes that appear to reflect the skies, her flowing golden hair, her figure that draws a beautiful curve, her face that shows a strong will, those lips that often displayed anger and laughter, those thin and delicate but strong fingers, her healthy thighs that extend out from her red skirt, and her personality to always stand on her own feet without relying on anyone else …


“All those made me fall in love with you and I had been looking forward to seeing Lit ever since that time.”


While holding the ring in my right hand, I faced the surge of emotions within me.

But, if I liked her that much, then why did I not look for her first in Zoltan?

Ares chasing me out of the party hurt me more than I had imagined. The fear of Lit rejecting me as well made me unable to bring myself to proactively seek her out.

For that reason, even though I silently left without telling my companions, I was unable to leave Zoltan where Lit was at.

Even though I was aiming for a slow life without any fighting, I still could not put down the sword and always carried a copper sword with me. I was stuck in half-measures.

Lit came to me just as I was in that situation. She offered to live with me.

“I had liked you since long before, from when we met in Logavia.”

The feelings in me flowed out from my mouth.

Lit’s face turned red. However, I could not stop myself and the words came out one after the other.

“I did not even realize how much I liked you. I love you. I really love you.”

Sorry, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t write down any words to say and could only continue that way.

I stretched the ring in my right hand out to Lit.

“Red … ”

Lit’s eyes sparkled and swam.

“If you don’t mind, marry me … no, that’s not it. Lit, please marry me. I want to marry you. I am no longer a hero. I may not be a suitable candidate for a princess. But I promise to give you happiness as much as possible. Furthermore, I promise to make breakfast for you every morning.”

“Yes … I want it too. Please marry me. I might discard my royalty status and become just regular Lit. But I promise to love you. Even if we become wrinkled old men and women, I will be by your side all my life.”

Lit accepted my ring and placed it over her left ring finger.

The small diamond on the silver ring sparkled in the candlelight.

“I’m so happy … it’s like a dream.”

Lit couldn’t resist it any longer as her eyes wavered. Droplets of tears fell down.

I couldn’t resist it either. I hugged Lit and felt her warm body heat.

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