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SL Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Tise and Ugeuge-san takes a bath

Translator: Tseirp

I am an Assassin belonging to the Assassin Guild working as a medicinal grass farmer in Zoltan. Tise‧Garland.

My position no longer made sense but I was having fun everyday so it wasn’t an issue.

Today was the winter solstice festival. Zoltan’s festival was extremely fun.

Most importantly, the oden was delicious. Obarara’s oden is always delicious. I might buy it as midnight snack tomorrow as well.

“Tise, I’ve gotten out of the bath.”

“Okay, I’ll enter too.”

Because there was a slight disturbance after the festival, today, I was entering the bath a lot later than usual.

If this was the residential area of the Avalonia Capital, just by entering the bath at this time, the neighbors would complain about the sound but currently we were living in a mansion in Zoltan with a large courtyard and our neighbor was quite a distance away so I could even sing in the bath.

Late night bath time. What a luscious treat!

Well, I’ll refrain from singing so loud that Ruti-sama would be able to hear every word clearly though.

I quickly tidied up the weapon that I was maintaining. My hands were dirty from the oil I applied on the blade to prevent rust so the timing was just right as I was going to the bath now.

“Ugeuge-san, what about you?”

Ugeuge-san tilted its head and raised its right arm.

Although it won’t dive into the bath tub, it seemed to want to clean its body with the water droplets.

“All right.”

I extended my right hand and Ugeuge-sa leaped to the back of my hand with a bounce.

Then, it smoothly ran up my arm and moved to my shoulder.

All right, we’re good to go. Ugeuge-san vigorously swung its right arm forward to indicate its agreement.


When I stood up, Ruti-sama peeked her head out from the door.

“You’re done with your equipment maintenance?”

Ruti-sama asked after seeing the maintained weapons placed on the floor.

“Yes. I am done.”

Now that I think about it, Ruti-sama has continued to use the goblin sword she obtained from defeating the goblins when we arrived in Zoltan. Even though the Sacred Avenger was broken by Shisandan, Ruti-sama’s item box should have the weapons we discovered in the Demon Lord Army camps or ruins.

Since we have already displayed ability of around B-rank adventurer level, I feel that Ruti-sama should choose a suitable weapon from her inventory.

“Ruti-sama, are you sure you wish to continue to use the goblin sword.”

“Yup, it doesn’t particularly inconvenience me.”

I guess that was true too. As the Avalon Continent’s strongest even with her bare hands, a single goblin sword was more than sufficient for any opponents she may face in Zoltan.

However …

“Is it because of Red-san’s influence?”

” … Yes.”

Just like Red-san who purposely re-purchased a copper sword, Ruti-sama’s choice to hold a poor weapon was her way of getting closer to Red-san.

“I also wish to live peacefully just like Onii-chan.”

“I see. I am sure you will be able to.”

Ugeuge-san on my shoulder raised both its arms in support of Ruti-sama.

Ruti-sama laughed a little shyly.



I inadvertently sighed when I entered the bath. I started thinking why I would release a sigh but my thought process was melted by the bath and I relaxed my entire body.

White steam floated out through the window. Ugeuge-san stood near the window and dexterously scooped up small water droplets with its arm and washed its body.

While absent mindedly starting at Ugeuge-san, I recalled the final event that happened today with a blank mind.

Stray assassins and the ex-mayor Mistome-shi.

I didn’t expect to see stray assassins in Zoltan. However, as Zoltan was a frontier town with no Assassin Guild branch, the possibility of the Assassin Guild discovering their actions was low and they probably could make a living as assassins.

But why were they aiming for Mistome-shi? Of course, as assassins, they were probably aiming for Mistome-shi’s life because of a request from somebody who wanted her dead.

However, Mistome-shi has retired from her position as a politician and as an adventurer. Zoltan residents don’t even know where Mistome-shi currently resides.

She shouldn’t have much influence left in the municipal government. There didn’t seem to be any meaning in killing Mistome-shi now.

“If there is no meaning then it can only be for a grudge.”

But even if that was the case, why aim for her life now?

If the grudge was born during their careers, they probably would have aimed for her life then. Was it possible to be resented enough after retirement that somebody would aim for your life?

Maybe I’ll try investigating when I am free. I stopped my thoughts and lowered my arm into the bath tub.

Looking toward the window, I saw Ugeuge-san leap up. It seemed to have caught an insect that tried to enter from the window.

“You’ll get fat if you eat too much.”

When I called out to it, Ugeuge-san quietly averted its eyes.




My companions raised their fishing poles and answered when I shouted.

The members were myself, Lit, Ruti, Tise and the Half-Elf Tanta.

“Eh? Where’s Gonz?”

“Uncle Gonz apparently drank too much rare alcohol in the festival yesterday. He’s having a hangover and is currently sleeping.”

“Sigh, that guy, he was the one who wanted to come.”

“He said he would probably recover by noon after he drink’s Red-oniichan’s medicine?”

Good grief.

“There’s no helping it, we’ll go ahead then.”


Tanta nodded happily. Perhaps he was afraid that I would postpone it.

I patted Tanta’s head to reassure him and he laughed because it was ticklish.

“We have everyone’s share of bento as well.”

Lit showed the large basket that she was holding. There were all kinds of bento placed inside.

Of course, I was the one who made them.

“So where will we be going today?”

“I was thinking of going to the seaside. Maybe we can rent horses.”

“In that case, Lit and I can just summon spirit beasts with magic.”

“Really? Lit, are you okay with that too?”


It was decided.

We exited the town gates. Lit summoned two Spirit Dire Wolves while Ruti summoned two Spirit Mounts.

Lit’s spirit beasts were huge wolves as large as brown bears. Ruti’s spirit beasts were horses with pure white coats with accompanying saddles and reins.

Tanta was initially afraid of the dire wolves which bared their fangs but he quickly adapted and was hugging their fluffy necks.

The dire wolf grabbed Tanta’s clothes with its mouth and tossed him onto its back.


Tanta seemed to have taken a liking for the dire wolf as he stroked the dire wolf’s neck.

“I guess Tanta prefers this. I’ll ride together then.”

I rode behind Tanta.

“Are you sure? Don’t you think the horses there are better since they have saddles?”

“It’s fine.”

The dire wolf snorted as if to indicate to leave it to him in response to Lit’s worry.

That gesture caused Tanta to be even more excited and he hugged the wolf’s neck tightly with sparkling eyes.

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SL Chapter 98


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