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GC V8C243

(243) World Expansion

Translator: Tseirp

Of course, making such a major decision with just Neete and I would not be fair toward her senior Pionia so we discussed it with Pionia as well.

“I think it is a good suggestion. Let’s expand.”

She gave her approval succinctly.

“Is it really okay?”

“Affirmative. This star has become a little crowded. I was thinking of constructing a house for us as well.”

“I-I see.”

Now that I think about it, Pionia and the other girls didn’t have a home. I was sure they were sleeping inside the log house when we weren’t around but so they were camping outside ― no, they don’t even need sleep in the first place.

In that case, I guess I’ll start expanding the world.

I was merely inputting my magical power after all.

“So, master. Please give me magical power.”

“Yeah, all right ― wait, why are you suddenly undressing!”

Neete suddenly started taking off her maid outfit.

I hurriedly covered my eyes with my hands.

“Why? Does master prefer to kiss?”

“No ― Bu-but, you should face your back to me before you take off your top.”

“Isn’t it fine, I won’t lose anything even if you see. Or rather, there’s nothing interesting to see with this flat chest.”

Neete laughed cheerfully.

Even though I have explained to her before that she didn’t need to take off her clothes and that I could just place my hand below her clothes.

I glanced at Pionia beside me.


” … I was thinking that I’m glad Pionia was my first homunculus.”

She does get carried away sometimes but not to the extent of Neete.

They were sisters but their personalities were so different.

“Does master prefer bob-cut hair girls?”

“You’re completely wrong.”

Ah, the flow of conversation saddens me when all I wanted was some peace.

After that, Pionia left to finish cleaning the hot springs where she left off.

“Here, master, magical power please.”

“All right.”

Apart from my first job that was Copycat, I changed the other jobs to Fire Magician, Water Magician, Wind Magician, and Earth Magician.

Currently, I could easily spare MP500.

However, considering the scale of an ocean, this state probably could only barely cut it.


Neete released an erotic sound when I channeled magical power.

“What’s wrong? Is it painful?”

“No, it feels good. It feels different from before. It feels as if I am receiving nutrition from my mother through the umbilical cord while inside the womb.”

“You were inside a test tube before you were born.”

I thought about why it was different compared to the last time while I answered her.

Perhaps the magical power attribute was different depending on the job.

If that was the case, my current magical power was a mix of the four major elements. Perhaps that was good.

“Ah … that’s good. Master, faster and stronger please.”

“You request too much!”

I put more effort to channel magical power stronger.

“Master’s hard and large is flowing into me. My small hole will break if you do it that much.”

“Don’t say it in such a misleading manner! Your small hole is your sweat gland!”

“I’m fine even if it’s the actual thing. Want to massage my breast?”

“I’m not going to!”

“Isn’t it fine? I heard that they would become larger by massaging.”

“That is something guys say to girls who are reluctant to do it! You shouldn’t be saying it!”

Was this girl a sexual harassment father her previous life?

Seriously, if another girl saw this, it would definitely cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

“But master. Don’t you think it is rude to be so angry when a girl is trying so hard to seduce you?”

“Sorry. But I am already reserved.”

I said I won’t touch Carol until she grew older.

If I succumbed to desire and put my hand on Neete despite that, I felt that it would be dishonorable toward Carol.

“I understand master’s feelings. Since master definitely can’t extend your hand, it is all right if I just initiate it myself.”

“You are completely wrong.”

“Ahhhh, master, you’re too hard, wai-wait.”

In order to silence Neete, I channeled my magical power with full strength.

Because of that, I finished replenishing her magical power far quicker than planned. I was at the verge of magical power depletion so I sat on the spot.

“Master, you’re all limp.”

“Yeah … I’m a little tired.”

“Post-coital clarity?”

” .. No. Don’t make me retort your words when I’m in this condition.”

Sheesh, when I was in a condition where I wanted to sleep in bed right at that moment.

For the time being, I ate medicine to hasten my magical power recovery.

I did not have much medicine that could instantly recover magical power so I retained those for when I needed them.

“Ah, I’m spent. I don’t even have the strength to dig my ears.”

I collapsed on the spot while parodying the phrase of a famous comic.

“Master, you can’t move?”

“Hn, for a while. I should be able to move after about three minutes.”

“I see, in other words, master is completely defenseless at the moment. If I am to kill master, now is the chance.”

Neete said as she wore her maid outfit.

” ……. !? You!”

She’s lying, right?

Weren’t homunculi supposed to display absolute obedience?

Wait, this girl doesn’t display absolute obedience at all. She does what I told her not to again and again.

All her mischievous tricks until now were all acts and perhaps she ―

“No way right?”

“Yeah, I won’t attack master when you are fallen and eat you up because of your charm.”

“So you meant that ‘kill’ ― what’s with this knee pillow?”

“Haurvatat taught me that master likes knee pillows.”

Haurvatat, even you too?

I could understand Brutus’ feeling when he was betrayed by Caesar.

Well, Haru is tolerant of cheating or rather, she finds it natural that a strong man would have multiple wives so I was only just experiencing it now.

“Apart from that, what else did Haru tell you?”

“Let me see, Haurvatat told me about how cool master is? I heard it from Haurvatat, Carol, Malina and Norn as well.”

” … H-heeeh.”

Leaving aside Haru and Carol, even Malina and Norn-san praised me as well huh?

That was quite delightful to hear. Well, it can’t be helped that Kanon was not included. We only interacted once while we were on lookout on the watch tower after all.

“Oo, how is it, master? Your face is red. Are you getting excited from my lap pillow?”

“You should understand the subtleties of the mind more!”

She was a girl who said whatever she wanted to say.

After that, perhaps because I commented that I did not have the strength left to even dig my ears, Neete started helping to clean my ear.

It was annoying but it felt very pleasant.

I slowly stood up after I had both my ears cleaned thoroughly. I still felt a little dizzy but it wasn’t enough to cause me to collapse.

For the time being, I walked over to the root of a tree growing nearby and leaned against the trunk to rest in the shade of the tree. The light from the sky was not from the sun so it wasn’t hot and there was no reason to enter the shade but I wanted a backrest.

Neete said something stupid like ‘You could rest your back on my breast.’ but I ignored her.

“Master, thank you for the hard work. Here’s some tea.”

Pionia displayed some care and brewed green tea for me. It was made using tea leaves grown in this world.

I had various teas inside my item bag and since time was stopped inside, I had brewed tea as well but perhaps it was an issue of feelings as I was more thankful for freshly brewed tea.

“Neete, has master been good to you?”

Pionia asked Neete as I was drinking tea.

“Ou, master is my ideal master! His only drawback is that he is a late bloomer!”

“I see, that’s good. But don’t trouble master too much.”

“Ou, I am a homunculus who will serve master with whole-hearted devotion! Master shouldn’t have to feel troubled!”

I had a lot that I wanted to say but I decided to keep quiet just this once.

I was happy that she said I was her ideal master.

Although I have not done anything special.

“Now then, let’s expand the world. Neete, you know how right?”

“Ou, leave it to me!”

Neete took the Book of Creation in her hand.

Then, the earth shook with thunderous sounds and vibrations.

Of course, I knew that it was because the world was expanding so I wasn’t worried but was Fuyun all right?

I looked at Fuyun who was grazing on grass a distance away just now.

Fuyun stood firm.

Powerfully, as if saying he would not lose to an earthquake!

Somebody said that horses were creatures that were more delicate than they looked but wouldn’t they have to take back those words if they saw Fuyun now?

When I looked further ahead, the mine was there but it was moving further and further away.

The world was expanding.

The earthquake lasted for three minutes before it finally subsided.

“Fuu, it’s over huh? I wonder how many times did it increase in size?”

“About eight times.”

“Eight? In that case, the area is …”

I had pretty much forgotten how to calculate the volume and surface area of a round body. However, I recalled that volume is proportional to the cube of the radius and the surface area is proportional to the square of the radius so if the volume increased by eight times, the radius would have increased by 2 times and surface area would have increased by four times.

“A four times increase in surface area with just MP500 is amazing.”

“Hn? Master, you are mistaken?”

“Eh? Don’t tell me the surface area increased by eight times?”

“No! The roundtrip distance of this star increased by eight times.”

… Ha?

Wait, the roundtrip distance of the star or the circumference of a round body, I remember that too.

Diameter multiplied by Pi right?

If it is eight times then the diameter increased by eight times as well?

“That means, the surface area increased by 64 times!? Volume … erm, about 500 times!?”

“Ou! About there!”

“In that case, why didn’t gravity or anything else change at all … no, it’s better that it didn’t.”

Judging from the scale of this star, or rather it was abnormal that Earth and Otherworld had the same gravity.

Nevertheless, 64 times surface area huh?

It has become a tall order if I wish to jog one round around the world.

“Let’s cover one third with the ocean. Before that, we have to move the facilities and such.”

“Yes. I’ll help too Pionia-neesan. Goodbye master. Once we are done with the preparations I will create the ocean and start farming the turtles.

Farming turtles?

Ah, that’s right. Our discussion to expand the world was brought about by my desire to farm Emerald Turtles and Ruby Turtles such that I could hunt efficiently and earn experience points.

The scale became a little too amazing that I totally forgot about it.

“Whenever master have time, please pick some seaweed. And if possible, it would help if master prepares shrimps and crabs. I will use the small fishes that master prepared the other time.”

“Seaweed, shrimp and crabs?”

“Affirmative. The seaweed and shrimp are meant to cultivate the crabs. It is the main meat diet of many sea turtles.”

I see, we would need to feed them if we are to cultivate them.

So turtles eat meat too huh.

I imagined that they only ate seaweed since they looked so mild-mannered but they did eat my simulated bait. I guess they really do eat meat.

“All right, I’ll prepare them.”

I should prepare them whenever possible.

Once we reach land, I shall collect whatever I was told to from the coast.

Since it would take some time before the egg hatches into turtles.

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