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GC V8C246

(246) Pionia’s hidden constitution

Translator: Tseirp

For now, I’ll gather some information.

That said, they didn’t know anything outside the sea. Perhaps I could get more information at the nearby town called Hanmuno.

It wouldn’t make them reflect on their actions if I just left without punishing them so I had all the members travel to the nearby beach to gather small crabs, shrimps, and seaweeds with fish roe on them and while they were at it, various shellfish such as turban shell snails and abalone as well.

I threatened the pirates that if I ever heard any word that they were committing evil again, I would destroy them along with their hideout with magic. It seemed that they would be earning money by selling the oil the young boy creates with his Oil Create skill. It was pitiful that the pirates had to rely on a child.

I confiscated half of the treasures that the pirates surrendered and left the pirate’s hideout.

Then, when there was nobody around, I pasted the permission seal on the bucket containing the shrimp, crabs, and shellfish and returned to My World.

Immediately after ―

“I am terribly sorryyyy!”

I apologized to Pionia in a prostrated position that was even more perfect than the pirates.

That was because I had lost the sailboat that Pionia painstakingly made.

Regardless of it happening because of my skill defect and Torerul-sama’s schemes, I was responsible for losing the sailboat so I did the honorable act and apologized.

“Please raise your head and explain the situation. What happened?”

Pionia said and I recounted everything that happened.

She was not surprised about the pirate attack probably because Sheena No.3 told her about it but she naturally did not know about me leaving the boat unattended after getting forcefully transferred.

“I understand. That is not master’s fault so there is no need to apologize.”

“Really? But we wouldn’t have lost the ship if I asked Sheena No.3 to remain on the ship to guard it.”

“If you did, Sheena No.3 would be drifting on the sea alone. Master’s decision was not wrong.”

I was relieved for the broadness of Pionia’s heart.

I was certain that she would be angry when I told her that I lost the ship, which she had built so happily, in less than a month.

“Furthermore, I could just construct a new sailboat if it is lost. I’m looking forward to that.”

I correct myself. The words she said just now was not a gift of forgiveness but from her own desires.

Well, she might have said that to ease my heart instead.

Pionia quickly started sorting the seaweed, small shrimps, small crabs, and shellfish that I (or rather mostly the Pirates) collected. There were apparently parasites in up to 20% of the shellfish. They could not be used but they would be fine after grilling so they became Pionia’s snack.

At the same time, I changed into clothes meant for the desert.

I covered my head with a white veil that the pirates gave me peacefully. Apparently, all citizens in this country wore that exact veil. In addition, I swapped my short-sleeved clothes for long-sleeved clothes.

Although the clothes were made with the same design that I have worn all this time, they were Japan-made clothes that Miri brought along with her so they were smooth and comfortable. Given that it wasn’t short-sleeve as usual, it seemed that she heard from the pirates that this country had a tropical climate and that there were many deserts.

There was a danger of suffering from moderate temperature burns such as blisters on bare skin if a person walked about in the scorching heat of an arid climate and it might even be life-threatening in the worst case so most of the citizens moved about in long-sleeves. However, a portion of the nobles apply a cream to prevent sunburn so they could expose their bare skin to the sun without any issues.

I planned to ride a horse carriage to the town of Hanmuno but a serious issue cropped up. Well, I had a feeling that it would happen.

Fuyun wasn’t listening to me.

You might think it would be fine if I just have Sheena No.3 be the coach driver since she was a girl but that wouldn’t work. As expected of a horse, it seemed to have noticed that Sheena No.3 was not a regular girl.

I could just force myself onto its back and ride it since I possess the riding skill but it would go on a rampage if I tried to ride it. As if it was telling me that it would stake its pride on not letting me ride it.

Do I have to resort to walking? Even though I went out of my way to prepare fake goods (oil pots) to place in the horse carriage.

“How about I be the driver. You have no complaints then right, Fuyun?”

Neete said and soothed Fuyun. Without me noticing, she was dressed like an Arabian night princess.

Perfect for a desert country.

Fuyun calmed down as she pat his mane but Neete as the driver?”

“Hey, Neete. Are you even able to leave this world?”

“Hn? Of course?”

“Well, it’s because Pionia never said anything about leaving.”

“That is because Pionia-oneesan is pretty much a hikikomori.”


That was the first time I heard about that.

Eh, she’s a hikikomori?

If that was true, she would be a serious hikikomori. To the extent that her role as the manager of the world I created with the Hikikomori skill fit her perfectly.

“I deny, master.”

“Ach, don’t appear so suddenly. That’s bad for my heart.”

Perhaps she heard us talking about her as Pionia was standing behind me.

Oi, my Presence Detection skill didn’t sense her.

“It is not that I can’t exit to the outer world, it is because I feel there is no need to exit to the outside world. I am able to acquire most of my supplies in here and I can get master to buy whatever else that I need so there are no problems.”

“That is like ‘I can earn money without leaving home with just a computer and I can get whatever I need by mail order’ – – something a hikikomori would say? … No, it’s nothing.”


She was glaring at me with a frightful look. Eh? She could show such a frightening expression if I anger her!?

I couldn’t catch it clearly as it happened for just a split second but only the fear clearly remained because it happened so quickly. Is she a Yaksha?

“Master, as I have been entrusted with the management of this star by Torerul-sama, I must be prepared to received Torerul-sama whenever she comes over. As such, I am unable to leave this place. I am definitely not a hikikomori.”

“I-I see. Yup. That is true. That’s why you got angry.”

I pacified Pionia as she inched over intimidatingly.

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