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SL Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Ruti attends Zoltan’s conference

Translator: Tseirp

Zoltan’s Congress located in the center of Zoltan’s central district.

Zoltan’s Mayor Tonedo, General Baron Willian and Guard Captain Moen, Adventurers Guild Leader Harold and executive Garadin, Holy Church Bishop Cien, as well as other various guild leaders and executives were gathered in the room.

“Excuse me.”

Ruti and Tise entered the room under Meguria’s guidance.

There were some among the leaders capable of moving Zoltan who frowned when they saw them. That was because Ruti was still wearing the clothes she wore for farm work.

Sir William did not hide his look of contempt at Ruti and Tise. Ruti did not show any care as she sat at the spot she was guided to.

“Ruti‧Ruru and this is Tifa‧Johnson. Nice to meet you. So what is the situation?”

“Ruru-kun, thank you for coming.”

Sir William’s face became even more sullen as Ruti gave a mediocre greeting and asked about the situation but Mayor Tonedo restrained him and answered Ruti with a smile.

“We are currently discussing the attitude Zoltan should take while corresponding with the Kingdom of Veronia.”

“And the conclusion?”

“Well, it is quite a difficult issue. The fundamental rule is that countries do not invade the Church’s dominion but as the Kingdom of Veronia must find a certain person by all means and taking both country’s friendship ties into consideration, cooperating with them is nothing to be ashamed of …”


Adventurers Guild executive Garadin interrupted him.

Garadin glared at the mayor with a distorted fearsome expression which would fit a Thieves Guild executive better.

“Nobody but a boor would ask for the church register without explaining their reasons. Zoltan is being taken light of!”

A couple of the participants were startled by Garadin’s forcefulness but Tonedo maintained a cool complexion. In fact, it was the Adventurers Guild Leader sitting beside Garadin who was having cold sweats.

“Garadin, can honor defend the country?”

“That’s right. Speaking as the leader of Zoltan’s army, Zoltan has completely no chance of winning if we enter into war with Veronia. We are barely able to compete against a single warship, if another warship arrives, I would advice surrendering even without fighting.”

Tonedo and the general strongly refuted Garadin’s opinion. The other guild leaders and executives followed up with their agreement.

“However, handing over the church register is an unprecedented request. The church finds it completely unacceptable. We should inform Father Clemens at the Great Sage Fort located in the Holy Land Last Wall and request for a condemnation statement against Veronia.”

It was clear from Bishop Cien’s tone that he was adamant about his views. Mayor Tonedo wrinkled his brows and sighed loudly. Bishop Cien’s expression did not change even after seeing the mayor’s expression.

Zoltan’s leader circle seemed perplexed at Bishop Cien’s unexpected attitude despite his usual mild-mannered and tolerant personality that was matched by his gentle features.

(Last Wall huh?)

Ruti felt slightly nostalgic. They met their companion Theodora at the Great Sage Fort at the Holy Land Last Wall. At that time, because of the machinations of the Demon Lord Army, Ruti and her party were about to be captured as heretics siding with the Demon Lord Army and they were in an awkward situation where they fought against the Demis religion monks.

Among them, Theodora believed Ruti and her party, ignored Father Clemens’ order and was able to resolve the incident after it became clear that it was a conspiracy by a cardinal.

Speaking of which, at the back of the Last Wall Church, there was a secret temple where nobody was allowed entry in. They left it alone because they did not have anything to do with it. Ruti recalled the memories of the Holy Land nostalgically.

“As I just mentioned, even if the other party is the Kingdom of Veronia, the Church do not intend to hand the church register over.”

While Ruti was reminiscing on the Last Wall, Bishop Cien once again announced that the church was independent of secular powers and they do not intend to hand over the church register.

” … I see.”

Ruti nodded after listening to that point. The conflict was simple.

Mayor Tonedo and the majority of Zoltan’s leaders felt that they should hand over the church register. Opposing them, Bishop Cien insisted on the church’s policy to not hand it over and Adventurers Guild Garadin supported him.

Guard Captain Moen was on his superior, Sir General William’s, side but he seemed to support Bishop Cien judging from his expression.

Zoltan leaders versus the Holy Church + the previous B-rank adventurer party.

That seemed to be the current situation.

“I understand the situation. I wish to state my opinion as well.”

“Oo, Ruru-kun. I definitely wish to hear your opinion as the current B-rank adventurer. You are an adventurer but of course, you do not have to hold back because of the Adventurers Guild. I guarantee your standing in the guild.”

“The Adventurers Guild will never do something like that …”

The Adventurers Guild Leader Harold wiped the sweat off his face with a frown as he shook both his hands and denied it. It seemed that he had a stomachache as he took medicine out from his pocket and drank it with the water in his cup.

(Ah, that is Onii-chan’s medicine.)

Adventurers Guild Leader Harold in the north district probably did not go all the way to the south district Downtown to purchase medicine. Most probably a doctor that Red wholesales his medicine to passed it to Harold.

However, after knowing that he uses Red’s medicine, Ruti felt a slight favorable impression toward the unreliable guild leader.

“First, there is insufficient information.”


“First, his objective. Who and why is he searching for the person. Why is he hiding it? We don’t know anything.”

“Of course we asked. But he does not intend to tell us.”

Hearing Sir William’s words, Tise, who was standing behind, frowned. They don’t know because he didn’t tell them, if that was sufficient then the diplomats of the world would probably have plenty of free time.

Nevertheless, Zoltan felt that it was adequate. Zoltan’s army only faced thieves and monsters or the occasional goblin party.

Sir William and the Zoltan army was completely unfamiliar with a diplomatic war against an assumed enemy.

“I will investigate.”

“In-investigate? How?”

“I will assume Prince Sarius will find what he is looking for if he has the church register. The church register details the name, birth details, age, current address, job, names of both parents, divine protection and migration date. Among them, name and age can be faked and there is no need for the church register if that is all he needs. Current address, job and the names of both parents are not needed to find a person. Therefore, he plans to narrow down the candidates with migration date and divine protection.”

“I-I see.”

“Furthermore, if he can find the person with just accurate information on the migration date, he would not need the church register. He would have asked for the immigration records of the government. That would be a lot simpler compared to antagonizing the Church. In other words, Veronia only knows the rough migration date of that person. The deciding information is the divine protection.”

“But is it possible to identify a person with just divine protection? There are plenty of the same divine protections and there are some who don’t declare their divine protection to the church register.”

Ruti nodded to Sir William’s words.

“That is why it is possible for us who don’t know the situation to identify the person as well. It is not a common divine protection whereby dozens of people have it nor divine protections such as 『Manslayer』 which are not declared. It is a special divine protection that others will know and will be recorded even if the person does not declare it. 『The Champion』, 『Sword Saint』, 『Archmage』, 『Hierophant』, 『Crusader』 … they are looking for the owner of a heroic divine protection that is rare but still well known.”

“That’s true … !”

Moreover, if they limit it to migrants and not those born in Zoltan, they should be able to narrow down to quite a small number.

“Next, I will meet Prince Sarius directly and draw out piecemeal information … in addition, I doubt that Prince Saurius’s actions are actually the will of the Kingdom of Veronia.”


“The Kingdom of Veronia is currently isolated on the Avalonia Continent. No matter how much King Geyserik made Veronia a major power in one generation, he is now an old king over 90 years of age. The nobles and citizens are uneasy with their neutral policy toward the Demon Lord Army which causes their isolation and there is the possibility of large-scale riots happening if they antagonize the church. Is there a person in Zoltan with that much value to Veronia? I find it out of place that they would take such a risk and would not even let people in the frontier Zoltan know the reason.”

“It is strange once you put it that way.”

Before they knew it, Mayor Tonedo, Sir William, and the guild leaders were listening to Ruti’s words carefully.

Ruti was still a young girl and her speech was not eloquent. However, her words carried her experience of continuous battles against the Demon Lord Army. The Zoltan leaders who do not know Ruti’s true identity found Ruti’s words dependable and they did not doubt the thoughts of the young girl in front of them.

Even though her regular speech was so fragmented, her words at that meeting were more reliable than anyone else. Tise was impressed by how mysterious Ruti truly was.

“I wish to see the official letter that Prince Sarius carries. Whether the Veronia royal family seal is actually real …”

“There is no official letter.”

Ruti’s movements stopped.

“General, there is no official letter?”

“It’s exactly as I said. Prince Sarius requested for the church register verbally. Ah, but he definitely is Prince Sarius. My subordinate, originally an adventurer in another country, have seen Prince Sarius before and I have verified his appearance with him.”

Ruti furrowed her brows and seemed troubled for the first time. After thinking for a little while,

“There is value in investigating that as well. We will report our progress 10 days later so mayor please buy time by saying that you are trying to persuade the church. Bishop Cien, I will send a list of items by tomorrow on the information I wish to hear from the church. Guard Captain please be on alert against strange rumors floating around that could cause unrest in the citizens. General’s cavalry should stand by while training on how to evacuate the villagers immediately when Prince Sarius attacks a village. As the water trade route is blocked, there will be a greater need for land trade routes so each guild should prepare the infrastructure needed.”


“We can do something like that too! Leave it to us!”

The meeting where there was no conclusion was immediately set into motion by Ruti’s words. Once they knew what each of them should do, the guild leaders were no longer lost.

“Well now, I didn’t know Ruru-kun had such talents. I feel assured knowing that a person with great wisdom such as yourself will eventually become Zoltan’s leader.”

“Yes, let me know whenever you wish to enter the army. I will welcome you as a junior knight from the beginning. I can lend you soldiers so you could also reclaim the land occupied by the Hill Giant Dantak and become a noble. I will guarantee your rank as your guardian.”

Mayor Toledo and Sir William were in good moods knowing that the presence of a reliable person. However,

“I don’t need it. I have my medicinal grass farm after all.”

Ruti refused with a forced smile.

The two of them were silenced momentarily but they laughed to dispel the awkward atmosphere and told Ruti that she could contact them for not only the Prince Sarius case but anything else as well.


After the meeting ended, Ruti and Tise left the meeting venue.

“So, where shall we start?”

Ruti answered Tise’s question with strong determination.

“We set off to replenish Onii-chan energy.”


“It has been a long time since I had that much serious talk so there is not enough Onii-chan energy.”

Tise thought she was joking but Ruti’s expression was serious.

“We-well, it’s true. We have to stop by to get your sword as well.”

Tise unconsciously laughed after seeing Ruti talked about not having enough Onii-chan energy with a serious expression.

In order for the two of them to save Zoltan from the dangerous situation, they must first fulfill Ruti’s replenishment of Onii-chan energy so they set off toward Red’s shop.

Character Appearance:

Current Mayor Toledo (An unusual type of mayor in Zoltan)

General Baron William (Has a belly)

Adventurers Guild Leader Harold (Can’t let go of the stomach medicine made by Red)

Previous generation B-rank adventurer party

Bishop Cien (Acts as Garadin’s brakes. However, Moen feels that he is the most dangerous guy once he snaps.)

Adventurer Guild Executive Garadin (Was a reckless person but mellowed after meeting their companion Mistome)

Guard Captain Moen (Was the only teen when he entered the party so he had plenty of struggles)

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