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SL Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Red gives Ruti a little help

Translator: Tseirp

“Ooo, so something like that happened.”


I placed the tomato pasta served on plates on the table while listening to Ruti.

“Sorry that it is just leftovers.”

Ruti and Tise were invited when they were just about to have their lunch break so they didn’t have their lunch. Well, if Ruti used her divine protection skill Invalidate, she could maintain her body at its best condition and be completely immune to hunger and fatigue but she was currently allowing herself to become hungry naturally.

Ruti gave a satisfied sigh after she finished the pasta I had on hand.

“Onii-chan’s cooking is delicious as always.”

I smiled as well when I saw Ruti’s happy expression.

“Onii-chan, do you think this matter is related to Mistome-shi’s assassination?”

“I can’t say for certain at this stage. However … but I believe Mistome-shi migrated to Zoltan about 40 to 50 years ago.”

“Where did she live before that?”

“I have no idea. She apparently does not speak about her past experiences. I did not actually investigate in-depth but before Albert came to Zoltan, she was the hero that supported Zoltan so a lot of people should know if she wasn’t hiding it.”

“But it has been more than 40 years.”

Tise tilted her head.

“Would people bring up something from such a distant past? Did Mistome-shi leave Zoltan recently?”

“I did not hear about that either. Nevertheless, Mistome-shi has been living alone somewhere outside Zoltan since her retirement. So even Zoltan citizens do not know much details about her whereabouts.”

Mistome-shi used to be Zoltan’s hero and served as the mayor as well. Despite that, there was surprisingly few information about her in public.

There were many runaways who flee to Zoltan. It was the same for me who was expulsed from the hero party, Ruti who quit being the hero, and Lit who drifted here because of family dispute.

That was why there was an unspoken understanding in Zoltan to not inquire about a person’s past before Zoltan. The only immigrant among the previous generation B-rank adventurers. And the most successful woman who made it to the top of Zoltan. She possessed the magnificent divine protection 『Archmage』 and she had real strength that corresponded to her divine protection.

“Is Mistome-shi still being protected by the guards?”

“I have no idea … That’s right, I’ve gotten acquainted with Moen due to the last disturbance so maybe I could give him a visit and ask him.”

“I’m happy that Onii-chan would help but … are you sure?”

“Rather than helping, I’m just going over to have a chat. It’s been a long time since I’ve met Ademi so I want to see how he is doing too.”

The youngster Ademi who was kidnapped during the previous Devil’s Divine Protection incident. Guard Captain Moen’s son and the talented owner of the rare 『Bar Brawler』 divine protection.

Previously, he was swayed by his 『Bar Brawler』 impulses but I wonder how was he doing now? I heard that he regained his presence of mind.

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll just try investigating after I close shop.”

“Okay. Thank you Onii-chan.”

“Well then, I’ll return to the shop. Please make yourselves at home.”

“No, I’ll come along. Onii-chan is helping me after all … I’ll do my best as well.”

“Is that so? Well, I’ll cook for you anytime. Drop by the shop whenever you feel like it.”

“Mmm, I will.”

Ruti nodded and replied to my invite.


Lit and I were walking through congress street in the central district.

Guard Captain Moen’s mansion was to the north.

“Lit, you could have rested at home you know?”

“There’s nothing to do at home without Red.”

“You could read a book or something. I heard that the book rental shop brought in new manuscripts that are popular in the central region.”

“I prefer to read books while using Red’s stomach as a pillow.”

” … I see.”

Lit wasn’t joking, she was serious. I don’t know what was so enjoyable about using a man’s stomach or thigh as a pillow but Lit would come to my side and place her head on my stomach whenever I lie down. She would request for a lap pillow whenever I sit down.

Well, it wasn’t as if I was on the losing end of anything so I guess that was fine.

“I can see Moen’s house.”

“Nn. I wonder if Moen is back.”

We reached the entrance to Moen’s mansion and knocked using the knocker installed on the door.

The loud knocking sound resounded in the building.

“Excuse me, this is Red from the apothecary.”

I immediately heard footsteps approach and the door opened.

A plump middle-aged female servant appeared.

“My apologies Red-san but master has not returned home.”

“He’s still at work?”

“Most probably … he has not returned at all since yesterday.”

“Since yesterday?”

That was unusual for Moen who was devoted to both wife and family.


I heard a voice from above as I was in the midst of thinking.

Looking up, I saw Ademi hanging his body out from the window and waving his hand.

“Ademi! How are you feeling!”

“Hn, I still can’t control my impulses well but it’s a lot better than before!”

“I see, you’ve been working hard!”


Ademi withdrew his face from the window. I could hear noisy footsteps coming from within the mansion as he ran down the stairs and the female servant angrily scolded ‘Ademi! Don’t run inside the house!’.

The servant showed a troubled but affectionate smile.

“Red-san, since you’ve come all the way here, would you mind meeting young master for a while?”

“Yeah, I originally came to see how Ademi was doing so shall I intrude for a little while?”

“Yes please come in!”


I could not detect any shadow of the devil’s divine protection incident from Ademi’s cheerful figure. I guess it was true that he could control the impulses from his divine protection.

I’m glad he was well and lively.

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