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The False World Setting

The False World Setting: The Hero and her dependable companions

Translator: Tseirp

Author’s note: Since I have finished writing the updates for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I wrote this setting to refer to when I’m troubled.

This unnecessary setting introduces the characters who are supposed to be Ruti’s companions in the False World in a game-capture manner.

I might delete it or move it to the end of volume 2 as a bonus.

Ruti 『Hero』

The only protagonist and her parameters have grown rapidly.

In a condition where it might be all right even if Ruti continued on her own in the final stages.

Ruti did not leave the party so her level inevitably rose higher and raising her level is the shortcut to her conquest!

Gideon 『Guide』

Hero’s Onii-chan. Do not be fooled by his high level from the start.

He will not see significant growth or unique skills even if his level increases. People with good intuition would remove him from the party during the early stages.

Do not make the mistake of using ability increasing items on him.

Tap 『Cavalry』

Childhood friend of the hero that joined as her companion from the very beginning and a brave pig rider.

The image of him swinging his spear on his beloved pig is very awe-inspiring but both his defensive and offensive strengths grow very poorly.

But he would find mushrooms after battles so he functions well to earn money at the early stages.

So please stop picking him without thinking about the events during the final stages.

Ares 『Sage』

Able to use all kinds of magic, a top candidate to be one of the final members.

He is capable of using many offensive magic but it is better to use him to resolve the issue of not having a healer in the beginning.

An excellent companion useable from the beginning stages to the middle stages and until the final stages.

He should be the first companion you aim to meet when you reach the Imperial Capital of Avalonia.

Yarandorara 『Tree Singer』

Big breasted Elf. She is only capable of using Spirit Magic skills but she can easily acquire a wide repertoire of offensive, support and healing spells.

In addition, she is able to fight upfront well until about the middle stages.

Her drawback is that she is unable to use metal equipment so she would lack defensive strength at the final stages.

She will be forcefully added into the party at Logavia so you will struggle if you don’t invest in her.

If you don’t invite her into the party at the Imperial Capital, she would match your party’s level when she reappears at the later stage so some people who do not wish to use Yarandorara choose not to add her at the Imperial Capital.

Kifa 『Weapon Master』

Finally, a powerful frontline attacker who can be invited as a party member.

Unlike disappointing shock troopers who can’t defeat most monsters with a single attack, he will rapidly defeat his foes.

Just his ability to fire continuous sword strikes from the beginning makes him a strong and reliable handsome prince.

It is efficient to train him to replace Gideon who would quickly retire from the party.

Danan 『Martial Artist』

A muscle for brains with exceptional status capable of enduring an attack with enough firepower to kill with one shot without relying on any skill.

If he uses his ultimate combo of getting ready, gathering power and then using Riding Dragon Cannon, he would turn into a balance breaker capable of ignoring defense and inflicting a maximum of roughly 12 times of his ordinary attack.

However, his weakness is that his equipment restrictions are very strict so it is very difficult to raise his resistance.

If you plan to have both Kifa and Danan as the final party members, do train Ruti along the route of a magic-user.

Baba 『Winter Queen』

The former legendary witch from the previous generation hero party who had the majority of her divine protection level and age reduced by a Wild-Elf curse. Now she is just a loli.

「Recall」 is her omikuji skill that will inflict a random offensive spell. Low-level spells are included but the MP consumption is significant so her usability is questionable.

Even Ares can’t learn her strongest offensive spell End of the World so Baba wins in terms of ultimate destructive power.

She has the worst endurance among all the characters so she might still die at any time even if placed at the very rear.

A glass cannon specialized in offensive magic. Try to be careful if you plan to use her.

Theodora 『Crusader』

Choose between her and Clemens. A healer that can also function as an attacker.

She can be used to beat down small fry and healers are usually targeted first so her defensive endurance is useful.

Her starting weapon is a two-handed spear but swapping it for a defensive-oriented one-handed spear and shield would be safer.

Clemens 『Hierophant』

Choose between him and Theodora. An aggressive Father who would shout Divine Punishment! Divine Punishment! during every battle.

He is the strongest healer and has skills to halve Healing Magic consumption and halve magic cast time so you can safely and freely cast continuous Healing Magic.

But between a female knight that focuses on strength and an old man who loves to hurl divine punishments, the old man is probably at the disadvantage.

Lit 『Spirit Scout』

Hidden character. A temporary companion if you advance through the story normally but if you do not invite Yarandorara into the party at the Imperial Capital and refuse Yarandorara’s entry into the party again at Logavia, you can have her as your companion forever.

At first glance, she has half-baked ability but her strength lies in her dual-wielding skill and their derived skills which allow her to increase her number of attacks.

If you apply a buff to raise her attack power, all her increased number of attacks will be buffed as well so she is a damage-dealing Princess that can deal damage which would cause even Kifa to turn green from envy.

Some people choose Lit as they feel Yarandorara would be difficult to use in the final stages.

However, in that case, you would fail to acquire the convenient 「Gideon’s Memento」 which is useful in filling in gaps in resistance.

Tise 『Assassin』

Loli assassin and flying ship pilot.

Her specialty is her skill to cause additional damage by reducing her foe’s defense or flee.

Also a bombing assassin who can assist with support fire from the flying ship. The merit in strengthening the flying ship is for this child’s sake.

Her fundamental use would be the combo of using Hiding in Leaves to make her next attack unavoidable and attacking with continuous sword strike.

Her shadow concealment sword attacks halves flee on its own so she can easily inflict additional damage.

She is useful for finishing small fry in one turn.

She is only available as a companion at the later stages so raising her level would be troublesome but worth the hardship.

??? 『Divine Beast』

The last companion that will join at the final stages.

It will be forcefully included as the last member but its strength is comparable to final stage Ruti!

You will have to sacrifice one companion during its addition to the party but ability raising items will be inherited by this character so don’t worry (?).

Author’s (Zappon) note:

How was it? This Zappon’s strategy guide book?

I would probably write it with a probability below that of a decimal point to give rise to a Gideon survival route.


I ended up writing a pointlessly detailed setting for the False World (Laughs)

Pretty much all the characters would exist and be mentioned somewhere in the actual novel except for the final ??? character.

I hope you enjoyed this small side story!


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  5. SoulWarfare

    Some foreshadowing of future characters maybe?

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    A Loki Baba mage! I hope she will be encountered later on in the story and that she will have a grudge against that pirate elf girl for sealing her power.

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