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GC V8C253

(253) Homunculus status

Translator: Tseirp

After entering the labyrinth, I finally didn’t have to worry that somebody would spot me and I transferred to My World. After all, I was supposed to return to My World every night but I have not returned since I started traveling with Shumei.

“I’m hom ― oh my god!”

I was shocked the moment I entered My World.

That was because I was supposed to appear in the center of a grass plain but I was now looking at an open sea.

I thought for a moment if I had entered another world but I could see Pionia’s shipyard at the corner of my eye so I was most likely in My World.

Right, I asked them to create a sea, I had totally forgotten about it.

Then, where would Pionia be?

I thought to myself when she suddenly surfaced from the sea.

Sheena No. 3 was dressed as a traditional women diver.

“What are you doing?”

“I am planting seaweed desu!”


“Yes desu. Pionia-sama ordered me to desu.”


They seemed to have established a hierarchical relationship while I was gone.

“Then where are Pionia and Neete?”

“They are creating a turtle farm there desu.”

“I see, I’ll go over there so work hard.”

“I will desu.”

Sheena No.3 replied with a salute.

I was confident that the traditional woman diver getup was prepared by Malina as well. Just how many kinds of costumes did she prepare? That cosplay maniac.

“Ah, Sheena. Were Pionia and Neete worried about me while I was gone?”

“They commented that you were perhaps caught up in something troublesome yet again desu.”

They understand me well.

Sheena No.3 dived into the sea once again and I walked toward the placed I was directed to.

Nevertheless, it was a vast expanse of sea. There was a white sandy beach ahead.

There was no tide as well since there wasn’t a moon.

There wasn’t any wind either. Thanks to that, the waves were calm and the sea seemed easy to swim in.

However, the sea felt unsatisfactory due to the lack of waves rushing onto the sand.

I wondered if I could create a moon.

Then, I noticed Pionia and Neete in maid uniforms on the beach.

“Hey~ Pionia, Neete!”

When I waved my hand at them, Pionia bowed respectfully while Neete waved back energetically.

“I am glad you are safe, Master.”

“Master was probably occupied with a girl, right?”

Pionia and Neete said. It was painful because Neete’s guess was spot on.

I started telling them what happened from the point where I returned Neete to My World.

“So you got to know a Princess. It’s your chance to gain money and status through marriage. Once Master becomes king, you’ll make me your concubine, right?”

“She’s an illegitimate child so I won’t become king even if I marry her. Leaving that aside, how is the turtle farm going?”

“Oh, they just hatched.”


She was speaking the truth. Little turtles crawled out from the eggshells and they tried to crawl into the sea but there was a net stretched across the beach. They desperately tried to climb over the net but the little turtles did not have the strength to climb over it.

Even from young their shells seemed to be made of gems so they could be made into rings or brooch even when young.

“Monster hatch very quickly.”

“Is that so? ― They’re cute.”

They reminded me of the green turtles sold at the turtle fishing festival.

I stretched my hand out to pick one up but,

“They’ll bite your finger off, you know?”

Neete warned me and I unconsciously withdrew my hand.

They were monsters after all even if they were still small.

I asked if they would let them enter the sea but they said that they would nurture them in the tank until a certain size in order to be sure that they would definitely grow up big.

Defeating them at this stage would probably not give me much experience points.

“In that case, I’ll return to the labyrinth then.”

I only came by to let them know that I was safe after all.

“Ah, could I come along as well?”

“It’s fine but your level won’t go up, you know?”

I could not see Pionia and Neete’s jobs even with Job Appraisal.

“It’s not as if you guys are Jobless, right?”

“Of course not. Erm, wait a moment, let me check. Status open.”

Eh, you guys have status?

Neete nodded while muttering “Fufu, I see.”

“Hey, Neete. What’s written there?”

“Can’t Master see it yourself?”

“No, you’re not my party member so I naturally can’t see it.”

“Really? I think you are able to. You have that title after all.”


I couldn’t really understand but I just went along and tried to see.

“Status Open, Neete.”

Job:God’s Doll Lv0
Phy Atk:10
Phy Def:5000
Mag Atk:0
Mag Def:5000
Moe Maid UniformHeadbandEnamel-style Shoe
【Unique Skills】
「Fixed Level」「Job Change Impossible」「Automatic Recovery」「Body Transformation」「Ignore Enemy Defense」「MP Recovery Invalid」「MP Transfer」「Immortal」「Abnormal Status Immunity」「Instant Death Immunity」
【Acquired Titles】
Torerul’s Doll, Ichinojo’s Kin
【Possible Job Changes】
Impossible to change jobs due to skill effect

Amazing. In particular, her defense was stronger than mine. However, she could be said to have no attack power at all. Such extreme status. And her maximum MP was seriously infinite.

The thing that I was most curious about was her job.

Putting aside the God’s Doll job, her level was actually 0.

I won’t say anything more about her equipment but I was curious about her unique skill.

Unique skills are skills exclusive to a job such as Carol’s Captivating Scent of the Moon skill from her Temptress job.

Fixed level and Job Change Impossible meant that Neete’s status will not grow any further.

In Carol’s case, I could prevent the activation of her unique skill by changing her job but I won’t be able to raise Neete’s level if I can’t change her job.

“What is this Ignore Enemy Defense skill?”

“It is a skill that allows my attacks to pass through no matter how tough the opponent’s defense may be!”

“That alone seems very useful.”

However, with just 10 physical attack, her damage might not be noticeable even if she ignores her opponent’s physical defense.

Nevertheless, with Automatic Recovery or, in other words, abnormally high regenerative strength, Neete should be able to endure quite some damage without dying unless it is extraordinarily high due to her defensive strength and Automatic Recovery.

Abnormal Status Immunity and Instant Death Immunity huh?

… Eh? This is a world with instant death attacks?

I have to obtain that Instant Death Immunity skill.

Leaving that aside ―

” …….. Hn ―”

“What is the matter, master?”

“Well, I was thinking that Pionia and Neete can alter your physical body, have unlimited maximum MP and can absorb MP due to the special characteristics of a homunculus and are skills that originate from your job. In other words, I was wondering if you two would turn into actual humans if I changed your jobs?”

“Oo, Master is sharp! I have been thinking if that was the case.”

“We have an adult physique from birth so I feel that we are already different from ordinary people.”

Neete agreed enthusiastically while Pionia analyzed it calmly.

That was precisely why they felt human to me.

After all, although Pionia and Neete were both homunculi, they had completely different personalities. At first, I found Pionia very machine-like but the more I interacted with her, the more I felt that she was completely different from a machine. Well, Sheena No.3 is actually a machine but she completely doesn’t act like a machine either.

“By the way, why do you want to enter the labyrinth?”

“As you can see, my status can’t grow any stronger. But I was wondering if I could acquire skills.”

“Skills? Ah, I see.”

The labyrinth clear bonus.

It’s true that even if she can’t level up, she might be able to acquire skills through the labyrinth clear bonus.

“Why do you wish to become stronger?’

“Well, everything is an experience. And I might get a skill that would be useful in managing this world.”

“I was thinking it would be lonely to explore the labyrinth alone so yup come along then.”

Oh right, since I probably won’t get my hands on a people finding skill this time, I’ll try the Job Seeking skill once more. Restricting myself to only leveling up one job would be tough but I might acquire interesting skills. Copy Cat had many interesting skills after all.

Well then, I wonder what would come out this time?

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