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SL Chapter 113

Chapter 113: The Princess became a pirate

Translator: Tseirp

Divine protection of the 『Emperor』. As Geyserik mentioned, it was recorded as the divine protection that the first Avalonian king had.

In terms of rarity, it would be even rarer than the 『Hero』.

In the region belonging to Veronia, hundreds of years before the establishment of the Kingdom of Avalonia. The nobles banished from the Kingdom of Gaiapolis, the country of heroes, and their followers were the ancestors of the Avalonian people.

During that time, the region was the furthest frontier for Veronia and there was not a single settlement. The great hero gathered people there, developed the untouched land, occasionally fought against monster attacks and eventually built the Kingdom of Avalonia.

“In history, the Avalonian king was the only person to have the divine protection of the 『Emperor』. Did Geyserik actually possess the divine protection of the 『Emperor』?”

“No idea, I didn’t have any skill that could ‘appraise’ him. The Veronian 『Sage』 testified that he possessed the divine protection of the 『Emperor』but he might have been threatened into saying that … but I believed Geyserik.

The scene changed.

We were at some palace. It was probably the Veronian Kingdom palace.

“This was a short while before I met Geyserik.”

Mistome-shi said. The young Mistome wearing a beautiful dress was dancing in the middle of a hall. A blonde young man was her partner. His gorgeous noble clothes and elegant gestures gathered the attention in the hall.

“He looks a little similar to Prince Kifa of the Avalonia Kingdom.”

“He was the successor of the Duke of Zaki house, Pietro. The current Avalonia Queen Mother’s mother was Pietro’s sister so Pietro would be Prince Kifa’s great uncle.”

“The blood relations of nobles is so complicated.”

Lit commented like it was the other people’s affair. But Lit was from a royal family as well.

The phantom Pietro and Mistome looked in Lit’s direction as if reacting to her words. Lit was slightly surprised as well but that was not the case as a man that carried himself like a butler overlapped with Lit and called for Pietro.

Pietro passed by Lit and disappeared.

“Eh, elder sister.”

After Pietro left, another girl spoke to Mistome.

She looked similar to Mistome but her eyes were soft and in contrast to Mistome’s renown beauty, she was as though a beautiful flower that anybody could love.


“Isn’t Pietro a good dancer? It felt very good when I danced with him.”

“That’s correct. But he’s a little indecisive. Pietro-sama comes from a branch family of the Veronian royal family so I want him to be more dignified when dealing with other nobles.”

“Elder sister is still the same until this day. The women are supposed to support the men.”

“Pietro-sama will inherit the throne if father does not sire an heir. Veronia needs a strong king now. Is it not good for a wife to support and guide their husband for that goal?”

“Kya! Now you talk of your husband becoming the king! Elder sister is so ambitious.”

Leonor said with a slightly louder voice. Several of the surrounding noble phantoms glanced at Mistome.

“Ara, sorry.”

Leonor apologized brazenly. Her expression was distorted with malicious intent.

“Such a vulgar person.”

Ruti muttered under her breath. Mistome smiled wryly when she heard that.

“Leonor is my younger sister. As you could see, she was cute, loved by everyone and even more ambitious than I was.”

Mistome-shi gazed at her phantom younger sister with squinted eyes and a look of nostalgia but the young Mistome and Leonor were glaring at each other with sharp looks.

“As expected of 『Archmage』-sama. So different from a person such as myself who possess the divine protection of 『Fighter』 … but I am glad I have the divine protection of 『Fighter』. After all, flowers are meant to be loved, right? The unique skills of the 『Fighter』are purely ability strengthening skills. There are not many impulses and there are not many divine protections that concentrate on beautifying the user’s body.”

“I wish to be a medicinal herb that can cure diseases rather than a flower to be loved.”

Mistome replied resolutely. Leonor hid her mouth behind a fan and let leak a laugh.

“Truly splendid. It is extremely enjoyable speaking with elder sister. I will not miss elder sister after you leave the royal palace.”

“I still have a mountain of things to tell you as well.”

“Ku-ku ku … a person like elder sister … ”

The king of Veronia climbed onto the stage. He seemed about to announce something.

Beside him was Pietro. The surrounding nobles applauded.

“I am glad to celebrate this prosperous day with everyone here as the King of Veronia and your lord.”

Another round of applause. The young Mistome looked up at the stage with a curious expression from a mix of joy and melancholy. The aged Mistome-shi watched over her past with a look of fondness.

Most probably … I could imagine something was about to happen.

“My beloved Veronian subjects, today, here, I wish you will be the witness of the marriage vows between my beloved daughter Leonor‧of‧Veronia and my beloved loyal retainer Pietro‧Zaki‧Aller.”

The venue turned silent. Then, the people started whispering between each other with puzzled expressions.

“Yo-Your Majesty … Leonor-sama? Don’t you mean Misufia-sama?”

“Yes. I did not say it wrong, it will be Leonor and Pietro.”

Misufia. Mistome-shi’s original name was probably Misufia‧of‧Veronia.

Misufia stared at the two people on the stage with disbelief and upon seeing the grin on the man’s face, she understood something and clenched both fists with a pale face.


Seeing the figure of Duke of Oslo walk up the stage, the Veronian nobles understood something was about to happen and averted their gaze.

“My … My, most trusted subject … Duke of Oslo views highly of my daughter Misufia’s talents.”

The king’s trembling voice failed to hide his mortification. Sweat trickled down his face and his eyes were bloodshot.

“But that was all the resistance my father could put up.”

Said Mistome-shi. Compliments toward the Duke of Oslo came out one after another from the king’s mouth.

“I wished to share with everyone my joy of marrying off my daughter to Duke of Oslo. Today is an auspicious day.”

“Bu-but Your Majesty, Duke of Oslo already has a wife.”

An old noble said fearfully. The surrounding nobles nodded as well.

The Duke of Oslo grinned and answered in place of the king. His darkened teeth filled with caries could be seen when he grinned.

“I will welcome Misufia-sama as a concubine.”


The military nobles couldn’t endure it any longer and cried out.

“Sir Duran.”

“Misufia is the first princess of the Veronian Royal Family! Even, even if it is you, Duke, you can’t do something so preposterous …”

“What is the issue?”

The nobles were speechless. The Duke of Oslo nodded with satisfaction after seeing their reactions.

“So he won’t make any excuse.”

Lit muttered.

What an outrageous act. The Kingdom of Veronia recognized by everyone today was so weak in just 50 years ago. I knew about the history but it was painful seeing it so vividly in the illusion.

“During that time, the only place the Veronian Royal Family could act with freedom was the Veronian Capital. A land the size of Zoltan … but I did not despair because of that.”

The phantom nobles disappeared as if blown by the wind. Only Misufia, Pietro and Leonor remained.

“This …”

Pietro and Leonor stared at each other. Then, they laughed.

“Do you enjoy this situation?”

The two of them were innocently pleased with the situation. The smiles on their faces told that perhaps one of them fanned the Duke of Oslo’s interest in this incident.

Leonor looked back and looked at Misufia with triumphant eyes.

“Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you happiness … bitter bitter medicinal herb-san.”

Misufia crumbled under Leonor’s words.

“That was when the sense of defeat as a woman, disappointment toward Pietro who could become king and despair for the future of the Kingdom of Veronia, all kinds of thoughts swirled in my head.”

Mistome-shi said with a sigh.

“If I did not meet Geyserik, I probably would have lived my life as the Duke of Oslo’s plaything.”

The illusion formed from Mistome-shi’s memory changed scenes one after another.

“We’ll distribute everything properly so don’t pocket anything yourselves!”

“Yes, young lady!”

Mistome switched from a dress and skirt to shirt and trousers which were easier to move in and gave instructions to pirates while holding a wand that raised magic power. The wand was refined with metal so it could probably also be used as a piercing sword such as an Epee rapier. She even had a sheath for it on her belt.

The pirates carried their spoils from the enemy ship under Misufia’s instructions.

“You’ve gotten used to the pirate business.”

Geyserik and the long-eared High-Elf, Ririnrara, said with a laugh. There was hardly any change in the High-Elf’s appearance despite the scene being 50 years ago.


“Stop it with the -sama. You can call me Ririnrara.”

Perhaps drawn in by the smiles on their faces, the sun-tanned Misufia broke into a smile as well.

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