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SL Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Dark Continent

Translator: Tseirp

Geyserik’s ship was a sailing ship with three mast called a carack. The Veronian army ships were galley ships so I was slightly surprised.

“That man’s ship during his pirating days was called Mother‧Elvir. It was a ship that experienced the Storm King and saw the end of the Silent Blue ocean. That man did not remain in a single location and went around the world whenever he heard talks about treasure.”

“Storm King as in the nest of storms on the West trade route? No way, did you guy enter the Dark Continent?”

“Yes, we were there for about five months. We and the Fairy Pirate Ririnrara led a fleet of seven vessels into the Dark Continent. We attacked a harbor on the Dark Continent and obtained various treasures that would be impossible to find on the Avalon Continent.”

The illusion crossed the stormy sea and projected a gray stretch of land.

Geyserik and party attacked the harbor where bearded dwarves and orcs with protruding tusks lived. From the projection, I saw many weapons, armors, and monsters that I had never seen before.

Thin-bladed swords that looked like whips, clockwork-style hammers built with alchemical explosives meant to fire an anchor, and a strange weapon with a chain attached to the skull of a giant.

The dwarves pulled the trigger on their mechanical bow and a hail of arrows was shot at the pirates.

The Orc 『Drake Riders』 controlled their eerie scale-less drakes to descend on the deck and swallowed the unfortunate seafarers.

“Bastard! I’m not afraid!”

Geyserik cried out.

He raised the saber he snatched from an Orc Warrior and took the lead to cut down the Dark Continent drakes.

“So this is the Dark Continent.”

Beyond the stormy sea where storms rage all year round, feared as the Storm King.

Similar to the Great Mountain range of the eastern boundary called the Wall at the End of the World, it was a boundary that blocked brave explorers from entering further west. Beyond that sea was the world where the Demon Lord lived and we were able to see it through Mistome-shi’s memories.

” … Onii-chan.”

Ruti gripped my arm.

That was the world where Ruti was meant to travel to and it was her fate to fight there since birth.

I hugged Ruti’s shoulders and brought her body close to me.

The vast wilderness spread across the entirety of the Dark Continent. It was not a thick forest where all kinds of trees grew like on the Avalon Continent. The land was covered with wilderness and mountains and below the Dark Continent Great Capital, there lied a huge cavern called the Under Deep.

Ruti was meant to venture alone into the depth of the barren earth where light could not reach.

“Full starboard!! Full speed!!!!”

Geyserik shouted.

Countless number of wyvern cavalry flew through the sky.

“Captain! It was a bad idea to touch the Demon Lord Army’s supplied!”

“Idiot! How can you call yourself a pirate if you are afraid of something like the Demon Lord!”

A fiery flash and bang rang out from behind.


The pirates screamed. One of the ship from the fleet was struck by a spear of lightning that coalesced a storm and it sunk after being split cleanly into two.

“Gargantua Storm Javelin! Who did it!!”

“It was me.”

A white-haired demon with lightning crackling on both his hands said while looking down at the pirates as he straddled a wyvern.

“That’s the Four Heavenly King of Wind, Gandol.”

Ruti muttered to me. Tise seemed a little shocked as well as her lips were slightly bent.

He was the Demon Lord Army Four Heavenly King that Ruti and party fought after I left the party. The Wind Demon that leads a squadron of unbeatable wyvern air cavalry.

As the front-line commander for the invasion of the Avalon Continent, it was his wind wyvern cavalry that burnt the capital of the now extinct Kingdom of Franberg.

Gandol once again created a huge storm spear.

“You guys are riding on quite an old ship, did you steal it from a museum? Outcast of the wilderness people … what made you lose your mind to attack our warehouse.”

“Shut up! No man can become a pirate if he flees from fear even though there is treasure in front of him!”

Geyserik shouted. It seemed that he was angry that the demon insulted his ship.

However, it seemed that Gandol was not fazed as he tilted his head with a frown.

“A pirate with that ship? I don’t get it even more now. Oh well, either way, you all will die here.”

“Da-damn it! Stop flying in the sky and fight me!”

Geyserik swung his saber while cursing but it did not bother Gandol and he threw his storm spear.

That moment.

“Control Wind!”

Misufia made a seal and cast her magic.

Gandol’s Gargantua Storm Javelin was wrapped in winds and the unnatural expansion of wind became a powerful tailwind for the ship’s sails.


Gandol’s expression changed for the first time.

Gargantua Storm Javelin could track its target to some extent. In order to evade that storm spear, the target had to dodge it directly before contact. However, the storm spear was charged with lightning energy so even if a direct hit is avoided, the target would suffer burns to the body from the lightning.

It was a powerful magic suitable to be an advance magic.

I recalled Lit collapsing from Ares’ magic and the fear and anger from that time surfaced.

Misufia used the intermediate magic Control Wind to counter that ultimate killing magic.

Of course, controlling the wind would not stop the Gargantua Storm Javelin. However, the winds from the storm spear become a driving force to move the ship.

The ship would accelerate and get away the nearer the storm spear approached it. The pirate ship left Gandol along with the storm spear.


Geyserik cheered. However, the mast creaked worryingly from the excessive pressure placed on it from the strong tailwind.

“Captain! The mast will break at this rate!!”

A pirate said with an expression that looked like he was about to cry. However, Geyserik grinned and kicked the mast.

Geyserik shouted loudly after laughing off the pirates’ worries which made them turn pale.

“It will not break! Show some backbone if you are my ship!”

“That’s unreasonable.”

Misufia said with exasperation.

“Pirates experience everyday unreasonably! Kuhahahaha!!”

” … That’s certainly true.”

Even though they were in a dangerous situation, Misufia laughed along with Geyserik.

“You were supposed to teach me how to behave like a king but … you ended up behaving like a pirate first!”

“That’s all your fault, Geyserik! … Please take responsibility.”

Misufia’s latter half of the sentence was lost with the wind and did not seem to reach Geyserik yet at that moment.

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