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GC V8C254

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(254) Slime workshop

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·        Please choose the job you wish to switch to

(If none are selected, one will be automatically selected after five minutes)

Diver: Lv1

Apprentice Ninja: Lv1

Salary Thief: Lv1

Pimp: Lv1

Feral Child: Lv1


Another batch of terrible options. It was great that there were no criminal jobs though.

After using it four times, the only job that repeated was the Pimp job. I wonder just how many kinds of jobs are there? Diver probably meant a person who dives into the water. The job would be too pathetic if Diver referred to the soccer players who pretend to have been fouled.

Apprentice Ninja huh? If I had to choose, I would prefer to be a regular ninja.

I wanted to retort that Salary Thief can’t be considered as a job. Although it wasn’t a criminal job, I figured that I would only be able to learn skills to better slack off on my job if I chose it.

Following that, Feral Child can’t be considered a profession either.

I guess only Apprentice Ninja was useable within those five choices.

In manga depiction, ninjas were shown as professionals in assassinations and throwing weapons but they should be more adept in reconnaissance. It would be a good job to choose in order to search for Miri’s whereabouts.

【The first job has been assigned as Apprentice Ninja】

I didn’t expect too much from an apprentice job but it did raise my speed correction.

“I guess the Job Seeking skill truly doesn’t have any regular jobs.”

Perhaps it was a habit or tendency from having the Job Appraisal skill but I have seen all kinds of jobs. For example, the guard protecting the entrance to the labyrinth was an 【Apprentice Spearman】 while the stable hand I entrusted the desert runner to was a 【Whip-user】.

I have confirmed 19 types of jobs from my Job Seeking skill.

Tank, Pimp, Amazoness, Apprentice Cook, Scammer, Female Ninja, Battle Master, Opportunistic Thief, Dragon Rider, Sage, Cat-user, Cat Maid, Ghost Buster, Fake Hero, Copy Cat, Diver, Apprentice Ninja, Salary Thief, and Feral Child.

Among them, I have only actually seen one of the jobs before.

The job called Cat-user. And I have only seen one person with it.

If I recall correctly, in order to become a Cat-user, one has to be recognized by the Cat Sith leader. Perhaps the other unique jobs require the approval of special people? For example, my Knight job was unlocked after Earl Paul conferred me. They are related so perhaps ― it is something like the recognition of a Sous Chef is required to become an Apprentice Chef?

“Hey, Master. It’s about time we go!”

I was caught up in my thoughts so Neete complained after growing impatient.

“Sorry sorry. Right, this labyrinth apparently has a training monster so we will be looking for it. I heard that it will give a skill that would be useful in crossing deserts so it would serve us well when we travel through the South Continent.”

“Master, I was the one who acquired that information, you know?”

Oh, right.

I guess I was preaching to the choir.

“All right, let’s go.”

I replied and we advanced through the town of Gagaria’s labyrinth.

“Master! There’s a treasure box!”

Neete discovered a wooden treasure box in the center of the room.

“Ah, that’s a mimic.”

“You can tell?”

“Since my Presence Detection skill picked it up. I thought it might have been something inside the treasure box but I was sensing the presence from the treasure box itself so it is a mimic. Slash.”

I drew my sword and destroyed the treasure chest.

The material that seemed like wood was actually the mimic’s skin so the interior of the pieces of wood was actually quite grotesque.

“Are mimic edible?”

“Labyrinth-born monsters can’t be eaten anyway.”

Monsters spawned by the labyrinth would disappear once they are defeated.

In exchange, they would leave items.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Apprentice Ninja skill: 「Throw Shuriken」acquired】

【Apprentice Ninja skill: 「Equip Kunai」acquired】

【Apprentice Ninja skill: 「Jump Correction」acquired】

My level suddenly rose to Lv8.

I didn’t have shuriken and kunai so the skills were unnecessary but Jump Correction seemed useful.

Jump Correction: Status Up skill 【Apprentice Ninja: Lv5】

Raises jumping distance and speed.

When jumping, reduces the deviation between the target and actual landing point.

It was categorized as a Status Up skill but it didn’t seem as though it would have an impact on status.

“Master, it dropped a magic stone! Could I have it?”

“Hn? What would you use it for?”

“I’ll crush it and mix it with the turtle feed. It would raise the growth speed of monsters.”

“Something like Rare Medal?”

Rare Medal could strengthen monsters by feeding it to them.

Centaur, the donkey that Jofre and Elize are rearing (?), ate a couple of Rare Medals so it has grown to the point where it can one-sidedly defeat the monster called a Green Giant which regular soldiers are not able to subjugate.

“It is different from Rare Medals. It only raises their growth rate. Feeding them to adult monsters will only cause them to become more feral but it will not cause them to grow stronger.

“Eh, we should take it then. Do you need a bag?”

“I’ll put it in my pocket.”

Neete said and kept the magic stone inside her pocket.

She was just like an elementary school kid who puts everything in their pocket.

Well, it doesn’t really matter.

“There aren’t many monsters.”

“The war is on the horizon. Perhaps they were used to level the soldiers up?”

“That sounds plausible — — this time we aren’t in a hurry so let’s descend while leveling up.”


Thus, we took our time to slowly conquer the dungeon.

Or rather, I had no choice but to spend more time.

When I was at the labyrinths in Florence, Belasra and Gomaki Mountain, I relied on Haru’s olfactory sense to find the correct path. In Dakyat’s labyrinth, the place where the monsters were surging out from acted as a signpost, whereas Stella and Miri guided me through the Cat Sith dungeon and the Deijima dungeon respectively.

This time, I did not have a guide nor signpost so we had to brute force our way through by searching through all possibilities.

Although the labyrinth was near the desert, there were not many monsters associated with the desert.

Instead, there were many material-type monsters like golems.

The experience points they gave was decent.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Apprentice Ninja Skill: Invisibility acquired】

【Apprentice Ninja skill: Night Vision acquired】

【Apprentice Ninja skill: Knife equip leveled up to Knife Equip II】

Apprentice Ninja had already reached Lv18.

I obtained useful skills such as the Invisibility and Night Vision skills but I still did not acquire any people searching skills.

“Master, isn’t this the place?”

“What place?”

“The whereabouts of the training monster. See, it’s written here?’

Neete pointed at the signboard hung on the door.

『Slime Workplace』

Slime huh? Speaking of slimes, I met them at Florence. If I recalled correctly, they were monsters that were resistant to physical attacks but weak to magic. I defeated two types of slimes at Florence. One type was the regular slime that I defeated with Slash. The other was a golden slime that I defeated with Petite Fire and was where I obtained a Rare Medal and the Rare Hunter title.

According to Haru, attacking slimes directly with a sword will cause it to corrode so ranged attacks were required.

But there was no need to fight this time.

I opened the door.


I was surprised upon opening the door.

Even though it was only a room, it was a wide space filled with sand.

A single slime was absorbing sand into its body and spitting it out to create sand buildings.

“Is it the one making sand art?”

“I guess so. Those are amazing statues. But why is Torerul-sama’s goddess statue like that?”

The slime was creating a Torerul-sama goddess statue that was lying down on her side using sand.

That slime stared in our direction.

“Master, I think it wants you to close the door? The wind is destroying the statues.”

“Ah … Sorry.”

I closed the door.

Why was I giving way to a slime?

“Master, there is an explanation written here.”

Just as Neete said, there were words carved into the walls of the room.

  • Slime Workshop

Create pure water from the seawater in the pots found in the room and give it to the slime.

However, magic water is toxic to the slime so you must not give it magic water.

You may bring water from outside but even well water has plenty of impurities and is unsuitable.

So I just have to give the slime water.

“Master, the pot with seawater is here. Can’t we just filter it?”

“Filter … let’s give it a try.”

I activated the Filtration skill.

It was the skill that I once used to make sake from unrefined sake in Deijima.

Ten seconds after activating the skill, I scooped the surface of the water with my hand and licked it.

“It doesn’t work after all. According to the skill description, the Filtration skill is a skill that removes all impurities. However, it does not remove matter that has completely dissolved in the target. It is possible to remove dirt from muddy water but it can’t remove salt and sugar from salt water or syrup.”

“In that case, what should we do?”

“Easy, we can just boil the water and collect the water vapor — — but.”

I took out the purified water I bought from the pharmacy from my item bag.

I poured it over the slime’s head.

That was purified water close to the level of pure water made using full use of Japanese technology so if that was not good enough then condensation would not work either.

【Job: Sand Artist acquired】

All right, I cleared.

The slime became energetic after getting water and started working. It spat viscous liquid and started remaking Torerul-sama’s goddess statue.

I have acquired the job so it would be fine to defeat the slime now but I decided to watch it for a while.

“Amazing, Master! It reproduced her perfectly down to her panties.”

“No, I am more impressed by how well it reproduced her no good trait of reading a book while lying on her back. It’s amazing, this lazy posture, it is truly as if Torerul-sama is here. Moreover, it completed it at such remarkable speed.”

Perhaps — — I took out my smartphone. I saved photos from Japan and this world after I had completely charged my smartphone. I showed the photos inside it to the slime.

Miri and Carol’s photos.

The slime stared at Miri and Carol’s photo before proceeding to excitedly take in the sand and spit it out.

Along the way, its work slowed down as it exhausted its water but I poured purified water and mineral water over it and it became healthy once more and resumed its work.

Then, it completed its work in just 30 minutes.

Sand statues of Miri and Carol.

I showed it photos of Haru and Malina but there weren’t statues of them.

“As I had guessed, this slime is a lolicon.”

That explained why it was creating Torerul-sama’s statue even though the goddess statue in this labyrinth was meant to be Setolance-sama. I had no idea how it got to know Torerul-sama’s image though. Perhaps she showed the slime Torerul-sama’s portrait in order to determine the slime’s disposition.

“Master, you waited 30 minutes just to ascertain that fact?”

“It’s fine — — we’re not in a rush anyway.”

While I was thinking, the slime tapped my feet with its tentacle.

What is it?

The slime stuck to the wall and entered it.

“The slime melted?”

“It entered into the gaps in the wall.”

What does it want to show me?

I thought to myself as I destroyed the wall.

Behind the wall was — — a room?

It was a room filled with grass. In the center of the room was a stone monument.

“It’s a medicinal grass field. Is it okay for me to harvest them?”

The slime nodded.

“I see, it seemed to have recognized Master as its fellow.”

“Fellow …  are these grass good?”

“Yes, they are rare medicinal grass. It might be possible to create a medicinal grass field in My World if we bring them back.”

Neete carefully harvested the medicinal grass.

I helped as well.

We did not harvest all the medicinal grass but only the amount we needed.

“It’s a good slime.”

“I agree. So, Master, is this all right?”

“All right? What are you referring to?’

“That slime will continue to create sand statues of Carol and Miri, Master’s younger sister? They would probably be angry if they found out?’

“ —- !?”

I didn’t think that far.

I wonder if they would get angry?

I don’t think Miri or Carol would be that angry if it’s just having statues of them made.

However, if they knew that it was creating statues of them because it considered them as loli … they would probably be angry.

Having said that, we have received medicinal grass so it wouldn’t feel good to kill that slime to seal its mouth now.

“ … Neete, this matter — — “

“Understood, I will keep it a secret. You owe me one.”

In contrast to my anxious emotions, Neete seemed somewhat happy.

Was she that happy to make me owe her one? I asked her but she apparently wasn’t happy because of that.

“No, I am glad that Slime did not consider me to be a loli. I am an adult lady.”

“Ah, so you’re happy for that.”

“Of course, I am happy you owe me one too? That’s right, I plan to use that favor to obtain the privilege of washing Master’s back.”

“And I don’t owe you anymore after that?”

“Yes, after I wash Master’s back with my breast. Master, you definitely won’t run away in embarrassment from getting washed with my breast right?”

… An adult lady wouldn’t consecutively say breast.

I really can’t shake her off.

In the first place, with your size, it shouldn’t be possible to wash my back with your breast — — I muttered to myself silently but Neete chopped my head from behind.

How did she read my thoughts!?

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