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GC V8C255

(255) Breaking through the desert dungeon

Translator: Tseirp

Five minutes after leaving the slime workshop. We arrived at the boss room without meeting any other monsters.


The scorpion made of metal sank after a single hit of my Slash.

It dropped a large magic stone and a spear and I leveled up as well.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Apprentice Ninja skill: Remain Unknown acquired】

The Remain Unknown skill was similar to the Invisibility skill.

It seemed to be a skill to blend into the surroundings and make it hard to discover the user.

“You didn’t even have to enter close combat for the boss battle. Ah, Master, that spear is a rare item you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Scorpion Spear. It is a weapon that has a certain chance to inflict paralyzing poison to the enemy on attack.”

“Hn, paralyzing poison? It is good that it would paralyze a person but I have the skill called Pico Pico Hammer that can stun the enemy.”

When I tried investigating with Metal Appraisal, it seemed to be made of a magic metal called scorpion iron.

That was the first time I saw a magic metal since the goblin sword made from goblin iron.

The door to the inner room opened while I had that thought.

We finally reached the Goddess room.

Standing there was Setolance-sama’s gallant goddess statue.

“We’ve finally cleared. That’s right, should I call Pionia too? It would be good that she acquires a skill as well, right?”

“Pionia-neesan is a hikikomori so I don’t think she wants to come out?”

That’s true. I’ll be troubled if I bring the topic up and she flares up like before. Moreover, if Pionia wanted to come, she would have joined in the conversation when we were talking about going to the labyrinth.

She didn’t join the conversation so that probably indicated her intent.

I closed my eyes and prayed that was the case.

Immediately after, the familiar sensation assaulted me.

My consciousness flew to the Goddess space. The space was pure white as usual and I faced Setolance-sama that looked an exact copy of the Goddess Statue.

“It’s been a long time, Setolance-sama.”

I found it strange while I bowed.

Why was it? It seemed to have become a common occurrence to meet the Goddess-samas.

However, I believe I should only be able to meet with the Goddess-sama that bestowed me with my divine blessing.

In my case would be Koshmar-sama and Torerul-sama while Miri in her previous life would be Minerva-sama who bestowed our divine blessings but Setolance-sama bestowed her divine blessing to Suzuki and not me. That was why I assumed I was allowed to meet Setolance-sama at that time because I was with Suzuki.

“I wanted to meet you. To be clear, you did receive my divine protection so it should be fine to speak with me, Ichinosuke.”


After all this time, I was no longer surprised at having my heart read. The more surprising fact was that she called me Ichinosuke.

“Ichinosuke is your real name, right? Well, I figured that we should at least use your real name so that you won’t forget.”

“Ah, I see. I unconsciously reacted because I have not been called that name for a long time ― ― but I am happy. Although I didn’t really like that name when I was a child because it sounded old.”

Furthermore, I welcomed the chance to speak with Setolance-sama.

Torerul-sama and Minerva-sama are quite troublesome but Setolance-sama, Koshmar-sama, and Libra-sama are sensible people.

“Fufufu, it seems that you have difficulty dealing with Torerul and Minerva.”

“Ah, sorry. Erm, please keep this a secret.”

“Of course. Goddess won’t tattle on you. In either case, I don’t believe the two of them would mind even if they were told.”

“That might be true for Torerul-sama but Minerva-sama would probably try to kill herself.”

“Hahaha, well, she’s still a Goddess. Each Goddess have their own role. She will not abandon that role and kill herself. I’ll at least back them up and say not only Minerva but Torerul as well are doing their job properly.”


I was surprised.

I was thankful to Torerul-sama. In the first place, Torerul-sama bestowed to me the 【1/20 required experience points】 divine blessing without hearing about my circumstances. If not for that, I would not have obtained the ability to grow at 400 times the normal speed and live while enjoying this world. If not for it, I might have been killed by the mountain bandit in Florence.

In addition, it was Torerul-sama who provided me with the homunculus Pionia and Neete working in My World. Without Pionia, I would have struggled to prepare a ship to escape from the uninhabited island and I would not be able to utilize My World to today’s extent without her.

In other words, Torerul-sama was my greatest benefactor ― ― rather, benefacting goddess, but even if I viewed her in a favorable light, she didn’t seem like she worked at all.

After all, Torerul-sama had the previous record of entirely tossing the role of giving out the dungeon conquering bonus to me when we reached the goddess room at the depths of the Belasra dungeon.

Now that I think about it, since then I have been in the Lifestyle Magic leveling up hell (heaven?).

In addition, she once came to My World and confessed that she was there to play truant and she defiantly declared that she was the Goddess of Procrastination.

“You don’t really believe it but it is true. An existence called a Goddess have to complete the minimum amount of work as Goddess if not their existence itself would disappear. Torerul completes her work even faster than the other goddesses in order to slack off.”

“Just like … a person who hates to be troubled with the thought of summer homework completing it all on the first day of the summer holiday in order to slack for the remaining duration?”

“Ah, that is an easily understood example. In a sense, the Goddess’s work can be said to be homework from this world.”

Setolance-sama laughed in a friendly manner.

This Goddess-sama was truly a friendly being. If I recall correctly, she even calls Suzuki ‘Kota’ in a friendly manner.

Perhaps she would tell me something about Miri?

The Goddess-sama’s expression clouded over when that thought crossed my mind.

“Sorry, Ichinosuke. Goddesses are not omnipotent and there are many restrictions. We have matters we are allowed to say and some that we are not allowed to say.”

“Ah … no, I see. Thank you very much.”

I seemed to have troubled her.

“Your plan to head for Mallegory is not a bad idea. Aim for the labyrinth there. You will be able to meet the Goddess at the very end. She might …”

Setolance-sama spoke to that point before her expression changed.

“Let’s end this conversation here. Lastly, I will give you the labyrinth conquer bonus. How about it? What do you want?”

“I can choose?”

“Choosing something definite is impossible but I can let you choose to either receive a skill or an item.”

I thought that the labyrinth conquer bonus was chosen either through roulette, lottery or darts. Well, certainly for a master at Setolance-sama’s level, she would be able to easily aim wherever she wants in a game of darts.

“Then … skill please.”

“Apart from Lifestyle Magic?’

“No, there’s no need to exclude it. Ah, please bestow a skill as well to the girl called Neete who came with me.”

“Understood, I will strive to bestow upon you a skill you need.”

She replied and my consciousness returned to reality.

【Title: Labyrinth conqueror V has ranked up to Labyrinth conqueror VI】

【Clear reward skill: Strategist Magic acquired】

Hn? Strategist Magic?

It was magic that I have never heard of before, just what kind of effect does it have?

I’ll try investigating it.

Strategist Magic: Magic-system skill 【Labyrinth conquer bonus】

Unique skill‧Able to exert the magic effect of Strategist Magic on all subordinates on the battlefield.

The effect can only be activated when subordinates number more than 30.

Useable skill and magic type can be displayed using 【Tactics List】.

You may browse through the 【Tactics List】 by saying ‘Tactics List Open’.


“I don’t need it! I don’t plan to have more than 30 subordinates. Setolance-sama, aren’t you overestimating me too much if you aimed to bestow this skill to me?

I tried saying to Setolance-sama’s goddess statue but naturally, there was no reply.

Haa … well, it’s better than getting a scourer.

“Tactics List Open”

Large Ail: MP50

Large Ail II: MP75

Large Petite Heal: MP100

Large Heal: MP150

Large Cure Heal: MP150

Large Mega Heal: MP300

Large Anti-paralyze: MP150

Large Petite Shield: MP150

Large Shield: MP300

Large Big Shield: MP450

Large 「Clear and Serene」: MP300

I have 11 on the list now.

Even the lowest cost MP50 and the highest cost MP450 so it consumed quite a significant amount of MP.

I found it useless for me as I don’t plan to command over 30 subordinates but isn’t it convenient when I want to heal a group?

For example, if there were more than a hundred people in a group inflicted with food poisoning, I could explain to everyone and have them fall under my command. In that case, I should be able to heal everyone at once using Cure Heal.

“Master, I don’t wish to burst your bubble but I received a skill as well.”

“Oh, really? What spell is it?”

“Space-time Magic! A spell that can return us to the vicinity of the labyrinth exit immediately.”

“The magic Miri possessed huh? Your magic is a lot more useful. Swap with me ― ― Rather, I could always copy it with Fake Magic.

“In the case of Fake Magic, I should warn you that you can only use Transfer Magic on yourself.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Well, Torerul-sama did bestow a part of her knowledge to me. I at least know the effect of skills. Although I naturally do not know anything about the skills from Master’s Jobless.”

“I see ― In that case, try using it now.”

“Okay, 《Escape》”

Once Neete cast her spell, the scenery changed in an instant and we had been transported to the vicinity of the labyrinth exit.

It was an amazingly useful skill, our return only took an instant.

I guess I’ll register it in my Fake Magic.

“Now then, Master. I will be returning to My World. Master entered the labyrinth alone, right? It would be bad if I exited with you. Furthermore, I left the task Pionia-neesan assigned to me.”

“That’s true ― I will be staying here today so I leave My World to you.”

“Ou, leave it to me!”

I opened the door to My World, sent Neete off and left the labyrinth on my own.

It was a lively labyrinth crawl thanks to Neete.

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