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GC V8C263

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(263) Relax, it’s a harmless strike

Translator: Tseirp

I showed Rarael the planting destination of the Golden Tree.

Of course, Rarael could not believe the landscape she saw at first.

It was certainly something even more astounding than people born from tree seeds.

“Where is this?”

“My World — born from a skill and a world where only people I allow or Goddesses can enter.”

Others would definitely not see the tree if it was located there.

Since only the people I allowed were able to enter that place.

“I only have one condition. Do not leave My World unless you have my permission. If you can promise that, you will be able to nurture the Golden Tree in this world without anyone noticing you.”

Goddess-sama told me to not let anyone know about the existence of the world as much as possible. I broke that promise by bringing Shumei and Rarael there.

It would be inexcusable to Goddess-sama if I did not at least set that condition.

“I have never heard of such ability — are you perhaps a God?”

“Nope, I’m just Jobless. Just that I received a little cheat.”

As I was speaking, Rarael noticed the three girls looking at us.

Pionia, Neete and Sheena No.3.

“Those girls are?”

“That’s Pionia and Neete, this world’s caretaker and Homunculi that I was given to by Goddess Torerul-sama.”

“Homunculus — I see, so you were referring to them when you said you knew others with an even more unique way of birth.”

And then, Rarael’s gaze shifted to Sheena No.3.

“Is she a Homunculus as well?”

“I’ll be troubled if you lump me together with Homunculus desu! I am the great Automata created by Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei, Sheena No.3 desu!”

That girl spoke a little too much.

“Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei’s Automata? You are acquaintances with the Demon Lord?”

“No … rather than acquaintances … Famiris’ reincarnation … is my younger sister.”

Since we had already reached this stage, I decided to just speak truthfully.

Rarael would probably meet Famiris‧Raritei directly so telling her would be fine.

Anyway, the first impression Miri gave people wasn’t that bad compared to Famiris‧Raritei.

“Hahahahaha, unbelievable. I see, you are the Demon Lord’s brother huh? I see — All right. I will trust you fully.”

“Are you sure? Are you able to make that decision on your own?”

“Of course. I am the chief of the Dark-Elves after all.”

— Eh?

Wait a minute, that doesn’t seem right.

“Rarael, you said you were the chief’s daughter!”

“That was a lie.”

Please just leave it to the nobles to fake their identities!

Although I have not told anyone that I am a Quasi-noble of the Shiraraki Kingdom as well, I wanted to shelve that.

“I’m happy that you trust me completely but are you sure? It’s a small world with nothing much interesting.”

“I do not mind. Our greatest wish is only to be with the Golden Tree.”

“I see, then let’s go back and tell everyone. I will leave the door open so please paste these seals on the Dark-Elves coming to my world.”

I passed Rarael the approval seals that I had Pionia consume MP to create. I did not pass her any extra.

Then, we returned to the meeting place once more.

This time, only the five Dark-Elves had their discussion.

Shumei and I waited outside the meeting place.

During that time, I told Shumei that the Dark-Elves would migrate to My World. Shumei was overjoyed when she heard about it.

Rarael asked me to keep quiet about the Golden Tree for a while so although I felt bad for Shumei, I kept it a secret from her.

They came over after their discussion which only took a short five minutes.

The result was that they would trust me and have decided to relocate the Golden Tree.

“That was awfully quick.”

“Sorry, it still took some time. I had a hard time explaining the existence of that world called My World.”

“Of course it would be tough explaining it. Perhaps it would have been faster if I just showed it to them.”

Just as I had that thought,

“Bad news, Rarael-sama.”

A young Dark Elf girl came over.

“What’s the matter?”

“The Hume soldiers have sprinkled oil on the forest and started a fire!”

“No way, they plan to burn down the forest!?”

Rarael raised her voice in shock.

I see, so the army bought up all the oil for the sake of burning the forest.

I failed to link the two together.

“At this rate, this place will be engulfed in flame in a couple of hours.”

“Tch, Shumei! You should return to My World!”

“But —”

“It would become a troublesome issue if His Highness the Prince finds out that you were here. Okay? Once you enter my Wolrd, go to the Log House and don’t come out. My World will become a little bustling for a short while.”

” … All right.”

Shumei nodded.

“Rarael, how long will it take to transfer the Golden Tree to My World?”

” … At least five hours. It will be faster if we cut the roots but —”

“You don’t have to cut the roots. I will stop them. Lend me the mask you used just now. Also, until the Golden Tree is relocated, place everyone under my command.”

“All right — I have the commanding rights to the Dark Elves. I’ll hand it to you. What do you plan to do with it?”


I activated the skill.

“「Large Ail II」”

Ail was a skill that Commoners could learn to strengthen their allies.

Casting that army spell will apply it to all members under your command.

The range of the effect was limited but it was able to cover the area within the forest.

“Amazing, I feel strength welling up within me. This should shorten the time needed to dig up the surroundings of the Golden Tree.”

“I leave that to you! I will head to the idiots trying to burn this forest. You, lead the way.”

“Understood, this way.”

The young Dark Elf girl — Ririana led the way as we headed to the scene of the fire.

When we arrived at the entrance to the forest, there was black smoke billowing in.

There I saw soldiers who were burning the trees and Magicians spreading the fire with Wind Magic.

I requested Ririana to remain at a distance as I put on the mask and walked toward the soldiers. Then, I used the Voice Mimic skill to imitate a dignified man’s voice.

“Humans, this is Dark-Elf territory! Leave this place immediately!”

Soldiers who noticed the voice shot arrows all at once.

I struck down all the arrows with my sword.

No need for words huh — in that case,

“Boost Flood!”

The large volume of water released by the Water Magic IV skill further strengthened by the Boost Magic skill washed away the burning trees along with the soldiers.

I lost magical power accordingly so I drank magic recovery medicine through the gap of the mask.

“Maybe I overdid it.”

I succeeded in suppressing the fire but most of the trees were washed away with the army.

Well, they probably won’t be able to light a fire anymore even with oil since it was that wet now.

While I had that thought, I noticed that one soldier at the prime of his life remained.

He seemed to have thrust his sword into the ground to endure the flow.

【General: Lv52】

… Amazing, his job was amazing by itself even though it was the first time I’ve seen one and furthermore, his level was high.

“Dark-Elf, do you plan to pay back our favor of protecting you all this time with animosity!”

The General drew his sword and shouted at me.

“So we should let you kill us because of that favor?”

“We will not kill you! I promise. We will negotiate with the church to make all of you slaves. Our country will purchase all of you as slaves and plan to allow you to live lives that will not be inconvenienced in any way.”

“Out of the question ― if you plan to do so, we will leave this forest. You are free to burn this forest down if you wish after that. However, I wonder how many who rely on the blessings of the forest will die?”

The General who thought that the negotiations had fallen through turned his sword at me.

“At least you neck ―”

He kicked the ground and tried to attack but I kicked the ground at the same time.

” ― Sword Creation.”

The materialized sword cut the belly of the General.

His armor crumbled into pieces.

It was normally a fatal strike but ―

― Pico

“Relax, it was a strike with the back of my sword.”

“Pico … Hammer …”

The probably famous general collapsed to the ground accompanied by the cute sound effect.

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GC V8C262


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