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(264) A flurry of Pico Pico Hammer

Translator: Tseirp

It was a combined skill between Sword Creation and Pico Pico Hammer.

After confirming that the general had fainted, I took off my mask.

“Sorry but I’m not a Dark-Elf. You won’t achieve anything even if you obtain my head.”

I guess it was fine now.

I thought so but it wasn’t that simple.

“Ichinojo, bad news.”

Rarael came over.

“What’s wrong!?”

“A large force is coming from the desert to the northwest of the forest. I fear they are the main force meant to attack the Dark-Elves fleeing from the fire.”

I see, the army wanted to capture the Dark-Elves alive as far as possible.

The fire was only meant to smoke them out.

“Won’t they retreat once they know that the plan to set the fire was thwarted?”

“We won’t know unless we ask the enemy.”

I guess that’s true.

There’s no choice then, I’ll have to head over to that side.

We had Ririane return to the settlement ahead of us and Rarael and I headed to the northwest of the forest together.

“That’s an amazing number of people — ”

It seemed to me that there were about 50,000 soldiers?

Wasn’t there rumors that there was a lack of soldiers — eh?

That’s a cross?

Soldiers from the Church?

(Oi oi, wasn’t the Church at war with this country? — Did they sign an agreement behind the scenes?)

In that case, the Shiraraki Kingdom Army might be mixed in there as well.

I was a Quasi-noble of the Shiraraki Kingdom so it would be bad if I fought against the soldiers from the same country.

Well, I should be able to do something if I was just trying to buy time?

“All things aside, I’m amazed they could cross the desert with such a large army. Won’t they come across something like Sand Wyrms?”

“They probably have people with the skill to avoid monsters. I heard that there were people among the Church who possess the unique skill to keep monsters away as long as there was sunlight.”

“Keeping monsters away with sunlight — so there are such skills too.”

It was the exact opposite of Carol.

I was originally thinking if they could be distracted by causing monsters to appear.

What about threatening them by releasing magic into the air like with the pirates — that’s impossible. It would be a waste of magical power.

The opponent was an army with a proper command chain.

It might be somehow manageable if I at least let them feel some pain — I’ll give it a try.

“Physical Body Boost!”

With that, my physical attack power would be significantly increased for a certain period of time.

With that —

“Tornado Slash!”

I released the skill with my steel sword.

A towering 50-meter tornado appeared and traveled toward the direction of the army.

The tornado picked up sand and became a sand storm.

“Hey, what is that crazily huge tornado — did you make it?”

“Yeah — I created the tornado to cut through the opponent. I actually wanted to create a much smaller tornado but it became that large due to my strength. The winds look like it is a vacuum cutter.”

“Countless people will die if you use something like that!”

Rarael was so kind.

She was actually worried about the death of her opponents.

“But, it’s all right.”

The soldiers began to withdraw before the tornado but they were too late and was caught by the tornado.

Immediately after the tornado collided with the army, that sound could be heard.

— Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico Pico …..

Amazing, the sounds were overlapping until it could be heard this far away.

I overlapped the effect of Pico Pico Hammer in the Tornado Slash.

It would inflict damage on hit but the opponent will definitely not die. But after receiving a certain amount of damage, they will fall unconscious. And when they receive damage, a 「Pico」 sound would be heard.

“A tornado that will inflict damage and cause them to faint — but nobody will die! In addition, it is extremely noisy so the commanding officers’ voices can’t be heard resulting in the army command falling into chaos. It’s perfect for buying time.”

“Wha … what strength — ”

“All right, one more —”

I used Tornado Slash two more times.

And when I wanted to release the fourth Tornado Slash —

The steel sword broke with a snap.

“Ach … it broke?”

I kind of liked it though.

I guess I’ll make one personally the next time.

Now then, I probably earned plenty of time.

I didn’t kill anybody and the soldiers were just unconscious. Nevertheless, it was probably impossible for them to advance.

From my experience, it would take a couple of hours before they regain consciousness.

I hope we would be able to transfer the Golden Tree within that time.

When we arrived at the Golden Tree, I saw the Dark-Elves digging up the roots at a feverous pace.

“We were successful in hindering the army. Dig quickly.”

Under Rarael’s command, the Dark-Elves dug even further.

I opened the door to My World next to the digging site.

I tried opening the largest door I could and was able to create a door about 10 meters tall.

That was when Neete appeared.

Everyone was wary of the girl who suddenly appeared but Rarael,

“Don’t worry, she is the manager of the new world we will be heading to.”

And everyone calmed down after she said that.

“Master, the preparations to receive the Golden Tree has been completed! I came to help on this end.”

Neete said as she transformed her hands into shovels.

The digging speed became even faster.

Digging the earth …? Oh, I could use that.

I placed my hand on the surface and,


I cast the skill. The earth blew away all at once. However, the tree roots under the soil were untouched.

All right, the dig was proceeding at a good pace.

Everyone dug with vigor with the newfound gain in speed.

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