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SL Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Ruti anguishes in silence

Translator: Tseirp

When Ruti and I stepped out, an old couple armed with weapons were chatting beside the well.

“Has young lady finished her story?”

The old man asked after noticing us. The spear he held was old but well taken care of.

“No, not yet. We are having a break at the moment and Mistome-shi is brewing tea.”

“I see, the tea young lady brew has always been delicious. In the middle of a chilly night, when I was acting as a lookout on the mast, the young lady made the effort to climb up the rope to give me a cup. I was truly grateful.”

The old man wanted to continue but,

“Miguel, are you someone who would talk about memories to people who came for a break from talking about memories?”

The old woman beside him stopped him. The old man called Miguel hit his bald forehead and laughed as he bowed.

“Sorry sorry. It has been decades since we had visiters.”

We smiled back at the elderly couple and left the place, moving to a small sunny plaza.

There was nobody there. A single old table stood in the center.

“Gold Scale table? It’s a table from the south.”

That rare material known for its extreme resistance to corrosion was a special tree found in the southern part of the Avalon continent such as in the Kingdom of Veronia. It was probably something they loaded onto their ship when they came to Zoltan. It was unimaginable that it has been exposed to the elements for 50 years so it was probably placed there after it couldn’t be used inside one of the houses.


I heard Ruti’s voice from behind just as I was touching the table. Her tone was a little lower in pitch, a subtle change that only I could detect.

“Let’s take a seat.”


We sat next to each other at the table.

“So, what’s up?”

“Un … About Mistome-shi.”

It seemed that Ruti was somewhat dispirited after all.

“Is there something on your mind?”

“Up to the point we heard, Mistome, no, Misufia seem to be in very good terms with Geyserik.”

“That is true. The romance of a princess and a pirate. Later, that pirate would take over a country and become king, a dramatic story.”

“But Misufia left Geyserik’s side, abandoned her name and lived here in Zoltan for over 40 years … why?”

Ruti’s eyes were serious. Misufia’s circumstances seem to be on Ruti’s mind.

“In the history books in the Avalonia Imperial Capital, Princess Misufia who supported Geyserik despaired of her mistake after Geyserik killed the previous ruler, her father, as well as the majority of the royal family and she left the castle. There were theories that she committed suicide at that time but Geyserik concealed the fact.”

“But I do not get such an impression from the present Misufia.”

“Yup. It seemed that Misufia was in despair after she was sold to the duke. In addition to her willingness to convert to piracy, she should have understood that the previous ruler was a hindrance in order for Geyserik to achieve his goal to become king.”

“Then why?”

“I can think of a few possibilities but … now we should just listen to the story directly from Mistome-shi.”

Ruti clung onto my arm with both her hands and pressed it against her chest as she rested her forehead on my shoulder.


I felt uneasy. I couldn’t understand why Ruti was so depressed.

I couldn’t tell what was causing Ruti so much pain.

My chest ached and I was angry with myself for not understanding Ruti’s anguish.

Was there something within Mistome-shi’s story?

“Sorry, Onii-chan.”

“Why do you apologize … rather, I am sorry for not understanding your feelings. But could you tell me what is on your mind?”

“Onii-chan …”

“Red~! Ruti!”

Lit called for us.

Ruti stood up before I could answer.


“I love Onii-chan.”

“Yup, I love Ruti too.”

At that moment, I saw a look of sorrow that I had never seen on Ruti’s face. I was involuntarily at a loss for words.

“Let’s go, Onii-chan.”

Ruti took my hand and we walked back to Mistime-shi’s home while hand-in-hand.

Perhaps the answer to Ruti’s anguish was within Mistome-shi’s memories.

I must find it.


She was originally pulling Red’s hand but before she knew it, he had overtaken Ruti and stood in front of Ruti as he guided her.

(The role of the 『Guide』 is to guide the 『Hero』 …)

Ruti suffered from the swirling thoughts within her heart.

(Onii-chan is the 『Guide』, and I am …)

Red’s back turned into Geyserik’s back and her own hand that was being led turned into that of Princess Misufia.

Geyserik’s divine protection was 『Emperor』. His role was to become a 「King」.

For that reason, Princess Misufia …


Red stopped and looked at Ruti with a face of worry so Ruti shook her head to drive away her doubts.

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  1. Joseph Nguyen

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    ah, she finally has doubts that maybe her brother’s love might be only the result of his divine protection and not his own genuine feelings

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    • StealthAria

      I think she’s worried about the relation between people’s DP and their emotions, those last few lines suggest as such.
      Were her feelings for Red just because he was her [Guide]? Are his feelings for her just because she was the [Hero}? What’s going to happen to their relationship now that she is no longer the [Hero}?

      Furthermore, she loves Red not as a sibling but as a member of the opposite sex, but Red seems to only love her a a sister and seems to only have eyes for Lit.

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    Or is this about the role of DP not the actual deeds?

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