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Comicalization commemoration side story: Comicalized-version novelized prologue

Translator: Tseirp

Author: This chapter was written after the release of the current work’s comicalized prologue.

The comicalized version was serialized in Shonen Ace and is on the market on Comic Walker and Nico Nico Seikei as well!

Disclaimer: All images on this page belong to the publishing company, author, and illustrator and are available online for free at Nico Nico Seikei.

Tseirp: On a side note, hope you guys will enjoy this chapter! It’s almost two times longer than usual and I added a few screens of the manga it was adapted from. 🙂

It has been three years since the invasion of the Avalon Continent by the Taraxon, the Demon Lord of Fury, who controls the Dark Continent.

In just three years, four countries were destroyed and half of the continent fell into the hands of the Demon Lord.

A town of people was surrounded by fire. The sky looming over the town was red from the reflection of the fire burning the town.

The Demon Lord Army air cavalry led by Gandol of the Wind hovered in that red sky.

Demons riding wyverns one-sidedly killed the human warriors.

Humanity was at their wit’s end … but God did not forsake humanity.

Imperial Capital. In front of the throne.

The two rows of knights on both sides raised their swords together.

The king stared at the young girl in front of him with a mix of expectation and anxiety.

However, the red pupils of the young girl kneeling in front of the king did not waver the slightest as she looked straight back at the king.

The prophecy of the birth of a Hero.

And a young girl who commanded a local unit with almost no defensive strength to repulse a Demon Lord Army advance party.

The Hero Ruti‧Lugason appeared in the Imperial Capital with the 『Divine Protection of the Hero』 as proof which everyone could understand.


At a checkpoint of a highway.

It was normally a peaceful gate where peddlers traveling from the Imperial Capital enter and exit from.

However, today …

“Sh-shit! There are too many enemies!”

The Imperial soldier guarding the checkpoint shouted. They managed to barely hold on by using the wooden fence but the number of enemies from the Demon Lord Army was clearly larger compared to the Imperial soldiers. With their single-handed swords and round shields, the Imperial soldiers could hold back the orc soldiers, which had developed muscles and fangs protruding from their beast-like faces, but a sense of hopelessness was beginning to spread.

Sensing the falling morale of the Imperial soldiers, the orc platoon leader raised his saber to order his unit to charge.

However, his vision suddenly spun.


The orcs stopped in surprise after seeing their orc platoon leader’s head separate from his torso.

A young girl with blue hair and red pupils stood in their way.

“Everyone, you must not give up.”


“If this checkpoint is broken through, the towns and villages beyond this will suffer great damage.”

Ruti‧Lugason : Lv14

Job : Hero

Unique Skill : Intermediate Battle Technique, Complete Immunity to Fear

Hero Ruti held a replica of the Holy Sword held by heroes with both her hands and pointed it at the orcs.

Even though it is called a replica, the King ordered for the reproduction of the Holy Sword so they were excellent swords forged by a gathering of 『Blacksmith』, 『Magic-user』 and 『Alchemist』. It should easily slice through monsters such as orcs.

“Don’t worry. If we can hold on, Onii-chan will arrive with reinforcements.”

Ruti said with a calm tone but those words and her sweet back had the power to inspire the Imperial soldiers.

“We do not fear orcs if Hero-sama is with us!”

The young soldiers lined up beside the Hero. Their faces were filled with courage and hope and their swords shined under the sunlight as if reflecting the soldiers’ willpower.



The next instant, two of the soldiers standing beside Ruti flew into the air. Their swords fell to the ground which was splattered with their owner’s blood.

As if in retaliation to what Ruti had done, their heads were separated from their torsos just like how Ruti slew the orc just now.

However, there was a stark difference in their condition compared to what Ruti did using her sword. Rather than a cut using a blade, the soldiers were in tragic condition as if they were torn by force.

“Wha …”

The Imperial soldiers were at a loss for words after seeing the huge sword that killed the two courageous soldiers in an instant.

The blade of that sword alone was over three meters long. The blade was thick and the cutting edge was blunt. It was a sword that relied on its weight and destructive power compared to its sharpness. Compared to the Imperial soldier’s refined swords, it was an extremely boorish and rough barbaric sword.

“Kuhahaha, I see. Even though you are a 『Hero』, you are only at this strength at the moment.”

And even more terrifying was the figure of the monster with the face of a horned demon exhaling fire as it held the giant barbaric sword easily with a single hand.

It was probably over seven meters tall. Covering its enormous frame was an armor of abnormally developed muscle which made the orc muscles pale in comparison. Squaring off against it would leave one with a sense of hopelessness.

The monster lightly smashed the wooden fence that was holding the orcs back with its hoofed legs. The broken fence scattered on the ground.

“Hee .. hiiiiii ….”

Dry screams escaped the mouths of the veteran Imperial soldiers who have fought countless battles against bandits and goblins who tried to break through the checkpoint. Their teeth chattered and they desperately tried to endure losing strength in their sword arm.

The monster opened its mouth lined with fangs and licked its mouth with a long, deep-red tongue.

“Hu-huge Demon! An officer-class monster from the Demon Lord Army!”

The Huge Demon looked down on the screaming Imperial soldiers with satisfaction.

Huge Demon : Lv28

Job : Huge Demon

Unique Skill : Atrocious, Advanced Arcane Magic

Ruti held her sword ready and thought of ways to buy time. Even though she had humanity’s strongest Divine Protection of the 『Hero』, her current strength was only at the level of fighting against the Demon Lord advance party.

(I have to somehow hold on until Onii-chan arrives …)

The Hero does not fear. Because she has ‘Complete Immunity to Fear’.

Ruti analyzed the overwhelming difference in combat strength on both sides and pondered on how to fight.


A voice came from behind her.


Ruti looked back toward Ares while still holding her sword ready.

Ares‧Suroa : Lv13

Job : Sage

Unique Skill : Intermediate Arcane Magic, Intermediate Convent Magic

Ares, the man with the Divine Protection of the Sage that joined her as a companion in the Imperial Capital, had a look of determination on his face decorated with a monocle glass.

“Let’s stop relying on the reinforcements. There are only small villages nearby. The small number of reinforcements will not overturn the difference here!”

Ares stood beside Ruti with his magic staff in hand.

“Instead, you and I will defeat this monster. Devoting yourself to defense will not bring you victory.”

Ares smiled with a look of confidence. He probably intended to reassure Ruti.

“Don’t worry.”

” …… ”

“If I, with the Divine Protection of the Sage, and you, with the Divine Protection of the Hero, join forces, there is nothing we should fear!”

Ruti stared at Ares with her red pupils in silence. Ares flinched a little but,

“Leave it to me, I shall begin!”

He seemed to have interpreted Ruti’s gaze as a look of trust.

With a sharp look, he held his staff with both hands.

“Here I come, Demon!”

While holding his staff, Ares made a seal, gathered magical power and released his spell at full power.

“Intermediate Magic! Fire Blast!!”

Along with a roaring blast, the flames residing in the magical power wrapped the huge Demon body in a crimson lotus of flame.

Fire Blast was the strongest offensive spell that Ares could use at the moment. The range of attack was narrow but he has killed Hill Giants with a single blow with that spell. No enemy could take that spell head-on and come out unscathed.

That was what Ares thought.

“Hahaha, lukewarm, it feels lukewarm.”

The demon ridiculed Ares while its entire body was bathed in flames.

“What is this, can it even melt butter? Do you actually plan to hurt me with something this weak? Let me show you, 『Sage』, flames are … supposed to be like this!”

Within the flames, the demon formed a seal with his left hand with an air of composure.

“Fire Storm.”

The moment the spell was cast, the flames surrounding the demon was blown away and flames a multitude times larger assaulted the Imperial Soldiers.

The Imperial Soldiers could not put up any resistance and were burned to the ground.

Looking at the soldiers writhing in pain on the ground, Ares’ became flustered.


It was ‘Advanced Arcane Magic’, a tier higher than the ‘Intermediate Arcane Magic’ that Ares used. Ares sensed that not only could he not measure up to the demon’s physical strength, he could not compare to its magic ability either.

“That demon, is strong …”

An opponent that had the physical strength to cut down the Imperial Soldiers dressed in armor and was able to use spells stronger than those used by the Sage Ares. Ruti clearly knew that there was no way of winning at that rate.

“Guhaha, 『Hero』 and 『Sage』. You may have impressive Divine Protections but your levels are too low to fight against I who have the Divine Protection of『Huge Demon』.

The demon raised its huge sword.


At that moment, a single spear flew at the demon with the force of a meteor.


The screech of metal against metal resounded across the battlefield.

The demon narrowly defended against the spear.


The demon glared at Ruti and party.

However, the person who threw the spear was not there.

“A spear? From where!?”

Ares shouted and looked back.

Facial expression showed for the first time on Ruti’s face as she looked back as well. Happiness sparkled in her red pupils.

“That is … !!”

The Imperial Soldiers were a stir by the appearance of the knight figure.

That knight was dressed in a jet-black full plate, a mantle that was red as the breath of a dragon draped over his shoulders and his right hand gripped the excellent long sword made by the royal family’s exclusive 『Blacksmith』 that only chosen knights were permitted to request for.

“That armor is the armor of the Imperial Capital’s elite Bahamut Knight Order!”

A young soldier exclaimed. He aspired to become a soldier because the figure of the Bahamut Knight Order marching triumphantly on their Running Drakes was burned into his heart. He would never be mistaken.

“In that case, that person is the Bahamut Knight Order’s vice captain! Hero Ruti’s brother Gideon‧Lugnason!!”

Gideon walked over to Ruti. Even when face-to-face with the Huge Demon, not a single look of fear was present on his face.

“I made you wait, Ruti.”


A bright smile appeared on Ruti’s face.

He finally came for her.

“You did well enduring. Good job.”

“Yup! What about Onii-chan?”

“Ah, that …”

Angry shouts and screams came from the orc soldiers behind.

“What …”

The demon looked back, his huge figure made it such that he could see quite a distance.



Behind him, human soldiers with swords and spears were killing one orc soldiers after the other as the orcs were struggling from the surprise attack.

“A surprise attack from behind!? Impossible!”

The demon roared in anger. However, perhaps because the demon was still a distance away from them, the soldiers that launched the surprise attack continued fighting without showing any fear.

(Because of the prospect of victory, the orcs were too far forward and the back was left with only the weaker ones? Besides, they have momentum. I don’t see any high-level soldiers but they are not afraid when facing the orc soldiers … because of his presence?)

The demon glared at Gideon with bloodshot eyes.

However, Gideon had a composed look.

“The number of troops and morale is too low for a frontal battle. I had them circle around the enemy without them noticing.”

Gideon looked at Ruti lined up beside him and smiled.

“Setting up a surprise attack would take some time but I believed that Ruti would be able to endure until we arrive.”

Ruti’s cheeks loosened after she heard that. She was overjoyed that her brother believed in her and that she met his expectations.

“In the confusion, a small force is more than enough to fight evenly. Ares-kun, please support the squad with magic!”

Ares nodded slightly when he was addressed. However, Ares had a dark look on his face as he glared at Gideon’s back.

“Ruti! We will be aiming for that huge demon!”

“Okay, Onii-chan.”

Ruti and Gideon both held their swords and charged.

The demon made a seal with its left hand once again.

If he could deal with the 『Hero』 and the knight that just appeared, the others will no longer be able to fight. Only when the hope that they saw was crushed that they would feel the greatest despair.

“Hmph! Insolent ants, I will turn you into charcoal together!”

Advanced Arcane Magic Fire Storm. The strength of the flames is impressive and the resulting intense hot air also serves to impede movement. The Huge Demon with its large frame would likely be able to resist that but it was probably impossible for the weak human body to endure.

The demon never doubted its superiority.

“I won’t let you.”

Ruti bent over and focused her energy on her foot.

“Battle Technique, Hidden Sword.”

Ruti disappeared.

The next instant, Ruti appeared from the shadows at the demon’s feet and she sliced through the demon’s heel.

The demon’s large frame swayed. Its mental concentration was broken and the magic it was trying to activate scattered.

“Nuu! You’ve done it now, little girl …”

The demon glared at the young girl at its feet. It raised its barbaric sword with the intent to smash her but,

“Great work, Ruti! Leave the rest to me!”

Gideon swung his sword at the demon from the front.

“Leave me to you?! You jest!”

The demon raged.

It received a strike from the 『Hero』 and its mental concentration was disrupted but it was only minor damage. The difference in combat ability was evident. Furthermore,『Hero’s』 battle technique connected only because it was an unexpected surprise attack.

However, at the moment, the knight waving his sword at it didn’t seem to be using any battle techniques and was just facing him head-on.

“You fool! My 『Huge Demon』 divine protection is Lv28! A totally different rank from you!”

The demon held its sword with both hands for the first time in the battle. The muscles on its arm expanded and it held its sword with herculean strength enough to crush a large elephant.

“I will send you to the afterlife while you regret angering me!”

A blow like a raging whirlwind was released toward Gideon. The thick blade closed in on Gideon with the intent of smashing his skull.


“Wha … !?”

A blow released by a demon with a huge frame of over 7 meters tall using a barbaric sword over 3 meters in length.

However, that blow was blocked by Gideon’s sword and was stopped perfectly.

Gideon grinned when he saw the astonished demon and he jumped.

Before the demon could raise its barbaric sword once again, Gideons’s sword sunk into the demon’s head.

“Level 28 huh?”

Gideon pressed harder with both his hands on his sword.

“Sorry but I had already surpassed you since birth.”

Gideon‧Lugnason: Level 46

Divine Protection: Guide

Unique skill: Initial Level +30

With a single motion, Gideon slashed with the sword that was thrust into the demon.

The demon’s body was sliced perfectly into two accompanied by a splatter of blood.

The demon with monster-like huge frame screamed its final death throes as it collapsed into two halves.

The Orc soldiers wavered after they saw that spectacle. They never imagined that the officer-class Huge Demon would be defeated.


One of the orcs threw its spear down and fled. That sparked the start of the orcs striving to be the first to flee.

“They did it! They did it! The enemy is pulling back!”

The Imperial soldiers shouted. The hopeless losing battle had transformed into a brilliant victory.

Gideons exchanged looks with Ruti and smiled lightly.

Gideon raised his sword straight up into the air. His armor made clinking sounds.

“It is our victory! Raise your victory cries!”

Ruti and the Imperial Soldiers defending the checkpoint mimicked Gideon and raised their swords in sync.


The Imperial soldiers raised a grand victory cry.

The cheers reverberated through the highway. The battle was nothing more than a small victory to defend a checkpoint but that victory cry ran through the highway to cheer on the other soldiers fighting against the Demon Lord army.

The Imperial soldiers couldn’t help themselves from thinking that way.

“We’ve won, Ruti.”


The 『Hero』 and knight stared at each other. The Imperial soldiers felt hot rising courage and hope from looking at the two heroic existences.

” … Tch.”

Among them all, there was just one person. Only the Sage Ares glared at Gideon’s back with a loathsome gaze …


That was just a brief introduction to the Hero’s story.

The inexperienced Hero Ruti and the Knight  Gideon who supported her.

The two were called Humanity’s Twin Wings of Hope. They stood at the frontline in the battle against the Demon Lord army and brought many victories to humanity.


And then, three years later …

Even now, the Hero’s journey continued and her battle against the Demon Lord army was still ongoing. But.

“Henbane grass 3 kilograms, Wolfberry leaves 2 kilograms, 1 bag of white berries …”

The Adventurers Guild’s receptionist lady was kind. Even when dealing with a wandering D-rank Adventurer like myself, she responded to me with a radiant business smile.

“Total will be 130 peryl. Thank you for your hard work as usual, Red-san.”

“Haha, this wasn’t that hard …”

There were other receptionist ladies who clearly had a worse attitude when dealing with D-ranks. Although there would not be any difference in reward received, being told that I worked hard felt nice after all.

“Please come again.”

“Yeah, I will.”

I replied to the bowing receptionist lady with a heartfelt smile and subsequently left Zoltan’s Adventurers Guild.

Three years had passed since then.

I, who was once called Humanity’s Twin Wings of Hope, had changed my name to Red and was currently living in the remote region of Zoltan gathering medicinal grass.


I possess the divine protection of 『Guide』. Its unique skill is ‘Initial Level +30.’

I was level 31 since birth. That was close to the level of a retired knight who spent his life in battles.

However, my strong point was also a weak point.

I had no other merit other than having a higher level from the beginning.

I could not use battle techniques or magic. Once others caught up to my level, it was a divine protection with nothing, below that of a 『Warrior』.

I could no longer keep up with the battles and was eventually … kicked out.

“Not a true companion … huh.”

That was unbearable.

I sighed loudly after recalling the time when I was kicked out.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I will live in peace from now! I will open an apothecary here in Zoltan and have a quiet and comfortable retirement slow life! I will leave the Demon Lord to those people and live not as a knight but as an adventurer for my own sake.

I muttered with modest determination as I walked under the blue sky spread above Zoltan.


A girl wrapped in a robe walked past Red on the street.

There was some distance between the two of them and the girl’s face was covered by the hood on her robe so they did not see each other’s faces.

The girl reached her own mansion and placed her luggage down with a sigh.

“There were no results from today’s adventurer as well huh?”

The girl removed the robe she was wearing and revealed her blonde hair and blue pupils that seemed to reflect the sky. The red bandana wrapped around her neck was a top quality item and the shotel hanging from her waist was decorated with griffon feathers.

They were both luxury goods.

“But I will not give up … I will definitely find you, Gideon!”

The girl muttered on her own with strong determination as well.

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