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GC V8C265

(265) The situation that Miri feared

Translator: Tseirp

After the Golden Tree’s roots were exposed — as expected, we could not extract the roots that had grown into the bedrock and had to cut them off so I treated the Golden Tree with the Plant Healing skill before everyone tied a rope around it and made it lay on its side before we pushed about half of it into My World.

All right, we were done on this side.

“Everyone, we’ll be moving over!”

Everyone entered My World.

The Golden Tree was safely loaded onto the cart specially built by Pionia.

It was amazing how it wouldn’t break even after such a large tree was loaded onto it.

“This is our new land — My World huh?”

“So beautiful — As if it is meant for Gods to live in.”

The Dark-Elves were all praising My World after seeing it but Rarael rebuked them.

“Everyone, we are not done yet! We still have to replant the Golden Tree. Everyone, pull the cart.”


After that, not only the Dark-Elves but I, Pionia, Neete, Sheena No.3, as well as Fuyun and desert runner, literally everybody pulled the cart with the Golden Tree to the chosen replanting site.

I should have opened the door where we planned to plant the Golden Tree.

But everyone was overjoyed when we reached the chosen site, pulled the Golden Tree upright with the rope and finished replanting it.

“Are you really sure about this, Master?”

“It’s all right. As long as the Dark-Elves do not leave this place, the secret about my Jobless skill will not be leaked to the outside world.”

“That’s not my point, the Dark-Elf is a race that lives to protect the Golden Tree, right? Don’t they now have a definite way of protecting the Golden Tree?”

“A definite way to protect the Golden Tree?”

“By killing Master. As long as Master is no longer alive, nobody else will be able to connect this world to the outside world. Doing so will promise the eternal well-being of the Golden Tree and this world.”

” ……… No, that isn’t likely to happen.”

“You didn’t think about it, right?”

Well, it’ll probably be fine.

The Dark-Elves all lined up in front of me as I thought that.

Seeing close to 50 beautiful women line up together was refreshing but recalling what Pionia said caused a slight tinge of fear.

Then, all the Dark-Elves knelt to the ground on one knee and lowered their heads.

” — We 47 Dark-Elves offer our lives and bodies along with the Golden Tree to Ichinojo-sama.”

【Title: Dark Elf Leader acquired】

【Title Job: Elf Archer unlocked】

Was it all right for me to receive the Elf Archer job even though I was neither a Dark-Elf nor an Elf?

Well, in either case, it meant that I didn’t have to worry about the Dark-Elves revolting.

I didn’t plan to rule them but the title won’t lie.

I entrusted Pionia to the development of the area around the Golden Tree and the construction of tree houses before Rarael and I went to the log house where Shumei was waiting.

Even though I asked her to wait inside, she was waiting outside the log house.


“Shumei, does this satisfy the completion of the mission to save the Dark-Elves?”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

It was a mission complete.

The chain of event was tiring but now that there were Dark-Elf residents in this world, on the off-chance that I am no longer around, Pionia and Neete won’t have to experience not being able to move due to a lack of magical power.

Nevertheless, Neete commented that my magical power was delicious so I probably still won’t be able to avoid providing MP to them.

“By the way, Shumei and Rarael. I would like to ask you two about the Demon Lord. Do the both of you know Famiris‧Raritei?”

“I’ll start. Do you know the story about the Dark-Elves signing an agreement with the Demon Lord?”

I nodded without a word.

I heard about it from the pirates.

“The Demon Lord visited the Great Forest 15 years ago. Her request was not for the Dark-Elves to join her side. She wanted us to keep a certain treasure in the unlikely event that she dies. She offered to create the barrier to obstruct the surroundings of the cave where the Golden Tree grew from view on the condition that we help her with that.”

“So the Demon Lord created that barrier. By the way, what was the treasure?”

“It’s this ―”

Rarael took out a tiny bead.

It was about the size of a BB pellet.

“Is this ― perhaps a medicine?”

“Yes, it seems to be a kind of knowledge medicine. Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei seemed to have sealed certain knowledge within this medicine and entrusted it to us.”

“You don’t know what knowledge it is?”

Rarael shook her head to my question.

A sealed memory of Famiris. I’m curious.

“Then how about Shumei? Was this what you were about to talk about regarding Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei?”

“I do not know much. She suddenly appeared before my father. And claimed that she was the reincarnation of the Demon Lord.”

“Reincarnation of the Demon Lord!? What did she look like!?”

“She looked like a girl. She was wearing unusually-colored clothes and her hair was tied up to the left and right in such a fashion.”

She made a twin-tail shape with both her hands.

That was definitely Miri.

So Miri visited this country?

“What did she say!?”

“To not let the Dark-Elves be destroyed. She said that if the Golden Tree was lost from this world, a terrifying monster will resurrect from the desert.”

“Terrifying monster? What kind of terrifying monster? Does Rarael know?”

Rarael shook her head to my query.

” ― Master, may I have a word?”

“What is it?”

“There is an earth cleansing effect surrounding the Golden Tree. It is possible that the Golden Tree was used to seal an evil being.”

“I see. In other words, it’s good that we protected the Golden Tree ― Eh?”

Wait a minute.

If the Golden Tree is lost from the world?

In other words ―

“Doesn’t that mean it is problematic since the Golden Tree was moved to My World?”

Neete ran over just as I was speaking.

“Master, the situation outside is strange.”

” ― !?”

I had left the door to My World open.

I closed the door that was currently open and opened the door from our location.

Then, I looked outside the door.

“The Forest is burning ― no way? Even though the water had washed away all the oil. Furthermore, the forest caught fire in such a short time span ― ”

The Dark-Elves were saddened but they said that they would give up on the Great Forest since the Golden Tree has been moved.

But it was sad to see a forest on fire.

“Master, isn’t it weird?”


“If they had such an easy method of burning the forest, why would they need to gather oil?”

That was true.

” ― Or perhaps!?”

I carried Neete on my back and jumped.

It was too late to douse the fire with Water Magic so I secured the minimum amount of space I needed to move through the forest using Petite Water and exited the forest.

“The army is fighting!”

They were fighting against a small fireball in the air.

Just what kind of fireball would float in the air during the day?

Would Light Magic be effective if it was a ghost? I should have trained the Ghost Buster job if I knew this would happen.

“That’s a spirit.”

“Spirit!? Spirit as in those spirits?”

“Yes. A spirit that governs the natural world ― a Fire Spirit”

Neete muttered and had a look of disbelief as if she had seen a ghost.

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GC V8C264


GC V8C266


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